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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: February 8, 1859

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Have We a Market Among Us?
(Column 2)
Summary: Editorial about unfairness of the market in foodstuffs--calls it unmitigated humbug. Complains that the food is all being sent to Richmond and not being kept for consumption in the county.
(Names in announcement: Billy Patterson, Milly McPherson, Eleazer Williams)
Elliott's Knob
(Column 2)
Summary: Height of Elliott's Knob calculated by the Virginia Central Railroad. The Spectator expresses pride that the South has mountains as tall, if not taller than those in the North.
(Names in announcement: H.D. Whitcomb)
For the Spectator; "Wait for the Wagon."
(Column 2)
Summary: 4th constabular district endorsed Morritt to replace Larew as constable.
(Names in announcement: J.J. LarewEsq., Christian Morritt)
Trailer: Voters of the District
List of Delinquent Tax-payers
(Column 7)
Summary: Hanger is deputy for Sherriff Turk. The list is printed by court order. Two columns--Name and Why Returned. Abbreviations: p=no property found, n=not found, r=removed: Allen, Jefferson-p; Allen, Joseph-p; Allheimer, Joseph-p; Allheimer, J. H.-p; Adkins, James-n; Blakely, Robert-p; Blakely, John-p; Bolton, Robert-r; Bowen, John-n; Bull, James W.-p; Carrol, Samuel-n; Collins, William-n; Dull, George W-r; Fetzer, Samuel J.-n; Foley, Samuel-p; Fisher, Martha-r; Givens, John-n; Hall, John-p; Hardwich, John-p; Hoff, D. E.-n; Hoff, David-r; Happ, B. F.-r, Johnston, Spotswood-p; Landen, William-p; Long, William R.-p; Lutshaw, Peter-r; Lutshaw, Joseph-r; Marshall, R.A.-p; May, George W.-p; Milstead, Gideon-p; Milstead, Joseph-p; Myers, Jacob H.-n; Miller, Jacob-r; Myers, George T.-n; Nair, William R.-r; Nair, H. H.-r; Proffit, S. D.-r; Patterson, G. W.-p; Parr, William-p; Painter, John A.-p; Painter, John-n; Painter, Samuel-n; Rippeloe, James-n; Reed, Holsted H.-n; Rankin, John sr.-p; Ross, J.R.-p; Sheets, Andrew-n; Sheets, Henry-n; Scott, G. W.-n; Shreckloe, John-p; Sharer, Abraham-p; Sape, John-p; Soens?, Jacob-p; Smith, Robert-p; Smith, Alfred-n; Taylor, A.H. for David Taylor's heirs-twice charged; Taylor, St. Clair-n; Thacker, Gerard-p; White, Thomas-p; Wolfey, Thomas-p; Wilson, R.K.-r; Wheeler, William-p; Wheeler, James R.-p: Second list, returned by Jno. Towberman, Deputy [same abbreviations]: Bartlett, Merriweather-p; Bartlett, John-p; Bowers, Jacob-p; Brown, Laurence C.-p; Brown, Anthony-p; Clinebell, Henry-p; Cochran, David-r; Crist, Henry sr.-p; Crosen, Franklin-in the U. S. Service; Davis-Jacob-p; Fitzgerald, Peter-not known; Hanger, James-Removed; Hanger, Peter, sr., Esq.-p; Kennedy, William R.-removed; Kyle, William-r; Lesley, Samuel-p; Leppard, John-dead and no property; Leppard, William-p; McGuffin, Thomas, sr.-p; Mines, Horatio-r, Mosby, William-p; Painter, Henry-r; Parmer, David-r; Pattington, Calvin-r; Quisenberry, Richard-p; Robertson, Andrew-removed; Ramsay, James, sr-p; Robinson, Peter-not known; Rubush, George Jr.-r; Ruple-George-p; Sarett, John-p; Shultz, Cyrus-p; Sites, John sr.-p; Spencer, John A.-r; Tapscott, James-r; Taylor, William-p; Taylor, Franklin-p; Webster, Henry-r; Whitesell, Daniel T.-r; Whitesell, Samuel-p; Whitesell, John-r; Wright, John Sr.-p; Yaney, Thomas-p; Robert Smith, Free Negro-r
(Names in announcement: J.D. Hanger, S. Turk, Jefferson Allen, Joseph Allen, Joseph Allheimer, James Adkins, Robert Blakely, John Blakely, Robert Bolton, John Bowen, James Bull, Samuel Carrol, William Collins, George Dull, Samuel Fetzer, Samuel Foley, Martha Fisher, John Givens, John Hall, John Hardwich, D.E. Hoff, David Hoff, B.F. Happ, Spotswood Johnston, William Landen, William Long, Peter Lutshaw, Joseph Lutshaw, R.A. Marshall, George May, Gideon Milstead, Joseph Milstead, Jacob Myers, Jacob Miller, George Myers, William Nair, H.H. Nair, S.D. Proffit, G.W. Patterson, William Parr, John Painter, Samuel Painter, James Rippeloe, Holsted Reed, John RankinSr., J.R. Ross, Andrew Sheets, Henry Sheets, G.W. Scott, John Shreckloe, Abraham Sharer, John Sape, Jacob Soens, Robert Smith, Alfred Smith, St. Clair Taylor, Gerard Thacker, Thomas White, Thomas Wolfey, R.K. Wilson, William Wheeler, James Wheeler, Jno. Towberman, Merriweather Bartlett, John Bartlett, Jacob Bowers, Laurence Brown, Anthony Brown, Henry Clinebell, David Cochran, Henry CristSr., Franklin Crosen, Jacob Davis, Peter Fitzgerald, James Hanger, Peter HangerSr., William Kennedy, William Kyle, Samuel Lesley, John Leppard, William Leppard, Thomas McGuffinSr., Horatio Mines, William Mosby, Henry Painter, David Parmer, Calvin Pattington, Richard Quisenberry, Andrew Robertson, James RamsaySr., Peter Robinson, George RubushJr., George Ruple, John Sarett, Cyrus Shultz, John SitesSr., John Spencer, James Tapscott, William Taylor, Franklin Taylor, Henry Webster, Daniel Whitesell, Samuel Whitesell, John Whitesell, John WrightSr., Thomas Yaney, Robert Smith)
Trailer: Feb. 8 1859

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Same announcements of candidacy (Congress, Court of Appeals, Constable) as in prior issues

(Column 1)
Summary: Married on February 3.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G.W. Statton, James Swine, Rebecca Rubush, Peter Rubush)
(Column 1)
Summary: Smith, formerly of Staunton, married Miss Shiflett in the Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville on February 2.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J. Henry Smith, Josiah Smith, Fannie Shiflett)
(Column 1)
Summary: Robert Talliferro died on February 6, age 26.
(Names in announcement: Robert Talliferro, William Talliferro, Lucy Talliferro)

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