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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: February 15, 1859

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-Page 01-

For the Spectator; Waynesboro, Va. Jan 28th; An Incident in College Life
(Column 3)
Summary: Long essay on the vices of college life.
Trailer: Alumnus

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Bottom right corner dark, blurry. This page is mostly about state politics--the Democratic ticket, proceedings of the Whig and American convention in Richmond. Includes text of letter read by Alexander H. H. Stuart. Not too much local news, or even local angle on state politics

The "Convention" Question
(Column 2)
Summary: Discusses controversy over whether or not to hold a Democratic nominating convention. Most interesting because of the rivalries between Augusta and other (Rockbridge, Shenandoah) counties.
(Column 3)
Summary: A bad fire occurred in town, although damage was contained by the "Fire Association." Article is helpful for locating property in town, since it describes the relationships between people's houses, stables, and other property. Article also expresses fear that the large number of recent fires indicates "incendiaries in our midst."
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Warden, Dr. Waddell, L. Waddell, Thomas Shumate, Mr. Bell, Mr. Scherer)
Full Text of Article:

On Saturday night last between eleven and twelve o'clock the large barn on Mrs. Warden's lot, immediately in the rear of the residence of L. Waddell, jr., was consumed by fire. The building contained about a ton of Hay, and a valuable Cow perished in the flames. The new stable on Dr. Waddell's lot and the building occupied as a school-room on the lot of L. Waddell, jr., both situated within ten steps of the burning building, were in great danger, the roof of the latter being on fire in several places before the firemen arrived. By their exertions, however, it was saved, for which the owner desires to return his sincere thanks to the members of the Association. The wind was blowing briskly at the time, and large flakes of burning matter were carried to the distance of several squares, igniting the roofs of several houses. We understand that the small frame building adjoining the residence of Mrs. Warden was on fire, as was also the case with Mr. Thomas Shumate's house and Mr. Bell's stable, and even Mr. Scherer's house beyond the Presbyterian Church.--The frequent burning of old stables and other buildings within the last twelve months, indicates that there are incendiaries in our midst, and it would be well if some measure could be adopted to ferret them out. At the same time let our citizens and the town authorities lend every encouragement to the Fire Association--the best insurance Company that any property owner can have.

List of Delinquent Taxpayers
(Column 7)
Summary: List of delinquent taxpayers, same format as list in February 8, 1859. r=removed; p=no property: Argenbright, Samuel-p; Accord, Andrew B.-r; Ballheimer, Abraham-p; Barket, James R-p; Biley, James B.-p; Blankenship, John W.-r; Brooks, Robert T.-p; Beard, Abraham-p; Bryan, Reuben-p; Brown, Samuel-p; Brown, Jeremiah-p; Bradburn, Robert A.-p; Blakemore, George W-p; Brown, John-p; Cupp, Samuel J.-p; Creyton, Arthur-r; Campbell, William W.-p; Dalton, James-p; Euisler, Christian-p; Farr, Harrison-p; Foley, Samuel-p; Forbus, James-p; Fisher, John-p; Flory, Jacob S.-r; Gilkeson, High-p; Gilmer, James-p; Gardner, David-p; Howell, George-p; Howell, Alfred-p; Harlow, Joshua-p; Hanger, George-p; Hahn, Elias-p; Hashbarger, Nancy-p; James, Joseph-p; Keisler, Morgan-r; Kinney, William, r; Langford, William C.-p; Longacre, A. J.-p; Leonard, John-p; Loughey, Charles-r; Lee, James H., Landes, George W.-r; Long, Samuel M.-p; Miller, John-p; Miller, John S.-p; Miller, John S.-p; Nash, james-p; Newman, Andrew-p; Night, Harrison-r; Peterson, Joseph-p; Pullins, John-p; Root, Martin V. B.-p; Reeves, Thomas, jr.-r; Rogers, John D.-r; Read, Benjamin-p; Riddle, Charles-r; Sheets, Henry-p; Stitzer, Fielding-p; Sipe, Peter-p; Sheets, William of S. Jacob-p; Sheets, Jacob M.-p; Sheets, Jophn D.-p; Sheets, Philip-p; Showalter, John W.-p; Shoes, John-p; Sheppard, George W.-p; Sheppard, John-p; Shaver, Noah-p; Smith, Thomas-p; Smith, James F.-p; Stover, J.H.-p; Stanton, James C.-p; Smith, William F.-r; Tate, Abraham V.-r; Tutweiler, William H.-r, Thomaston, John-r; Vanpelt, William-p; Warner, George W.-p; Wright, William-p; Wright, John H.-p; White, George W.-p; Wharley, Henry-r; Wilhete, Church-p; Yates, James M.-p; Yates, Charles-p; Free Negroes: Peach Curty-r; James Teter-r
(Names in announcement: Samuel Argenbright, Andrew Accord, Abraham Ballheimer, James Barket, James Biley, John Blankenship, Robert Brooks, Abraham Beard, Reuben Bryan, Samuel Brown, Jeremiah Brown, Robert Radburn, George Blakemore, John Brown, Samuel Cupp, Arthur Creyton, William Campbell, James Dalton, Christian Euisler, Harrison Farr, Samuel Foley, James Forbus, John Fisher, Jacob Flory, High Gilkeson, James Gilmer, David Gardner, George Howell, Alfred Howell, Joshua Harlow, George Hanger, Elias Hahn, Nancy Hashbarger, Joseph James, Morgan Keisler, William Kinney, William Langford, A.J. Longacre, John Leonard, Charles Loughey, James Lee, George Landes, Samuel Long, John Miller, James Nash, Andrew Newman, Harrison Night, Joseph Peterson, John Pullins, Martin Root, Thomas ReevesJr., John Rogers, Benjamin Read, Charles Riddle, Henry Sheets, Fielding Stitzer, Peter Sipe, William Sheets, Jacob Sheets, John Sheets, Philip Sheets, John Showalter, John Shoes, George Sheppard, John Sheppard, Noah Shaver, Thomas Smith, James Smith, J.H. Stover, James Stanton, William Smith, Abraham Tate, William Tutweiler, John Thomaston, William Vanpelt, George Warner, William Wright, John Wright, George White, Henry Wharley, Church Wilhete, James Yates, Charles Yates, Curty Peach, James Teter)
Trailer: Feb. 15, 1859

-Page 03-

(Column 1)
Summary: Married on February 7.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Mr. Schreckhise, Peter LambertJr., Dianna Cobey)
(Column 1)
Summary: Burns, a 10 year old motherless orphan, died on February 4.
(Names in announcement: Capt. P.B. Rogers, Martha Jane Burns)
Trailer: W.H.G.
For Constable
(Column 1)
Summary: Apple is declaring himself a candidate for the constable's office.
(Names in announcement: John Larew, George Apple)
Trailer: Geo. M. Apple; Feb 8, 1869

-Page 04-