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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: February 22, 1859

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-Page 01-

To the Citizens of Augusta County
(Column 5)
Summary: Report of the committee appointed to procure subscriptions for the establishment of a College in Staunton. Discusses financial details, links with faculty and proprietors of Reannex College, and raising of endowment. Stresses benefits of local education to the community and county.
(Names in announcement: John Imboden, Hugh Sheffey, A. D. Trotter, P. B. Hoge, William Baylor)
Trailer: February 18, 1859

-Page 02-

Description of Page: bottom right corner dark, blurry. Page includes lots of state politics, including a speech by Goggin.

The Opposition Vote of Augusta
(Column 1)
Summary: Takes issue with rumor that local Whigs and Americans will support Letcher, the Democrat. Details reasons why they should not vote for him.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Letcher, William Goggin)
For the Spectator
(Column 4)
Summary: Letter from voters posing several questions for the congressional candidates.
Editorial Comment: "The other papers of the district are requested to insert the above queries and the answers of the candidates as they shall be given."
Trailer: Many Voters
List of Delinquent Tax-Payers
(Column 7)
Summary: Two columns--Name and Why Returned. Abbreviations: p=no property found, n=not found, r=removed: Adams, John-Twice charged; Baylor, David S.-p; Blankenship, Jordan-p; Bramner, Jacob-p; Caffry, Philip; Cole, William Jr-p; Conde, Erasmus-p; Dunlap, James F-r; Eubank, Garland-p; Fox, Christopher-p; Gladwell, John W.-p; Glass, William D., Jr-not known; Gordon, Jerome-p; Johnston, Henry-r; Martin, John A.-p; Moyers, Samuel-p; Moyers, Stephen-r; McNamara, Patrick-twice charged; Ralston, Thomas-p; Ramsy, Jackson-not known; Rugh, Henry-r; Snyder, James-r; Talbert, Henry-r; Thornton, Obediah-p; Thornton, ABsalom-p; Tolley, John-p; Vanfossen, James-p; Whitman, Isaac-p; Wiseman, William-not known; Wilson, Jospeh B-not known. Free Negroes: Frank Johnston-p; Wealy Minor-p. List returned by A. N. Dalhouse, Deputy: [new abbreviations: n=not found, e=no effects] Alfred, E. P.-p; Biby, George-p; Bush, Franklin-p; Brown, Cyrus-p; Brown, John H.-r; Bragg, Thomas-e; Birth, Elise-e; Baily, George-e; Berger, James-e; Clayton, Wash-e; Curry, William-e; Curry, William M.-e; Cary, Jordan-e; Curly, Obediah-e; Curly, John-e; Crutchfield, T. J.-e; Cox, William t-r; Cook, Jason-e; Cook, Samuel-e; Cook, Valentine-e; Davis, Ambrose-e; Doerns, John-e; Dull, James-e; Davis, Calvin-e; Evans, William-e; Freed, Martin-e; Geobeneur, Samuel-r; Givens, Robert-e; GUthrie, james-e; Garland, Edward-n; Garland, Elizabeth-e; Garland, James R-e; Humphrye, Green-e; Hoy, William-e; Hoover, John-e; Herrington, Spot-e; Harshaw, Martin-dead and e; Harshaw, Jacob-e; Hall, James-e; Hall, W.J.N.-e; Heiser, Columbus-e; Hoover, Christian-e; Hoy, Thomas F.-e; Humphrey, W. W.-e; Humphrey, Edward-n; Hall, Samuel-e; Hall, Richard-e; Kennedy, William-e; Kinney, David-e; Landrow, William F.-n; Loving, J.E.-e; Lion, Archy M-e; Loving, Robert-e; Miller, Alexander-r; McCauly, Riland-e; Murry, Robert-r; Messersmith, George-e; McNutt, John-n; Mooney, Anderson-e; Mooney, William-e; Mooney, John-e; Mooney, George-e; Mooney, Joseph-e; Markwood, Rufus M.-e; McNabb, J.P.-charged twice; Morris, Riley-e; Morris, Samuel-e; Morris, William W.-e; Night, William-e; Olvis, Garland-e; O'Connel, Patrick-n; Powell, Morris-e; Pelter, James-e; Pleasants, Joseph-n; Parmer, William M.-e; Parmer, Jacob-e; Parmer, Samuel-e; Parmer, S.S.-e; Paugh, Watson-r; Reed, Richard-e; Roades, Hezekiah-r; Roades, Frank-r; Riner, D.W.-e; Rodgers, Joseph-e; Ross, Daniel-e; Simmons, J. M.-dead and e; Stritzer, Henry-e; Taylor, John-n; Tolan, Thomas-n; Weaver, William-e; Weaver, James A-e; Webb, Y.B.-n; Willson, G.W.-e; Free Negroes: Bannister, Charles-n; Goens, Sandy-n; Jackson, Melinda-e; Perton, Scott-Removed to Ohio
(Names in announcement: John Adams, David Baylor, Jordan Blankenship, Jacob Bramner, Philip Caffry, William ColeJr;, Erasmus Conde, James Dunlap, Garland Eubank, Christopher Fox, John Gladwell, William GlassJr;, Jerome Gordon, Henry Johnston, John Martin, Samuel Moyers, Stephen Moyers, Patrick McNamara, Thomas Ralston, Jackson Ramsy, Henry Rugh, James Snyder, Henry Talbert, Obediah Thornton, Absalom Thornton, John Tolley, James Vanfossen, Isaac Whitman, William Wiseman, Joseph Wilson, Frank Johnston;, Wealy Minor;, A. N. Dalhouse;, E. P. Alfred, George Biby, Franklin Bush, Cyrus Brown, John Brown, Thomas Bragg, Elise Birth, George Baily, James Berger, Wash Clayton, William Curry, William Curry, Jordan Cary, Obediah Curly, John Curly, T. J. Crutchfield, William Cox, Jason Cook, Samuel Cook, Valentine Cook, Ambrose Davis, John Doerns, James Dull, Calvin Davis, William Evans, Martin Freed, Samuel Geobeneur, Robert Givens, James Guthrie, Edward Garland, Elizabeth Garland, James Garland, Green Humphrye, William Hoy, John Hoover, Spot Herrington, Martin Harshaw, Jacob Harshaw, James Hall, W.J.N. Hall, Columbus Heiser, Christian Hoover, Thomas Hoy, W. W Humphrey, Edward Humphrey, Samuel Hall, Richard Hall, William Kennedy, David Kinney, William Landrow, J.E. Loving, Archy Lion, Robert Loving, Alexander Miller, Riland McCauly, Robert Murry, George Messersmith, John McNutt, Anderson Mooney, William Mooney, John Mooney, George Mooney, Joseph Mooney, Rufus Markwood, J.P. McNabb, Riley Morris, Samuel Morris, William Morris, William Night, Garland Olvis, Patrick O'Connel, Morris Powell, James Pelter, Joseph Pleasants, William Parmer, Jacob Parmer, Samuel Parmer, S.S. Parmer, Watson Paugh, Richard Reed, Hezekiah Roades, Frank Roades, D.W. Riner, Joseph Rodgers, Daniel Ross, J. M. Simmons, Henry Stritzer, John Taylor, Thomas Tolan, William Weaver, James Weaver, Y.B. Webb, G.W. Willson, Charles Bannister, Sandy Goens, Melinda Jackson, Scot Perton)
Trailer: Feb. 22, 1859

-Page 03-

For the Spectator; Mt. Sidney, Feb 19 '59
(Column 1)
Summary: Wright complains that he was incorrectly included on Crawford's list of delinquent taxpayers. He argues that Crawford never came to collect from him.
(Names in announcement: William Wright, Mr. Crawford)
Trailer: Wm. A. Wright
(Column 1)
Summary: Webb and Craig married on February 2. Webb is from Mt. Crawford; Craig is from Augusta.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William Brown, Dr. John Webb, Cornelia Craig, James CraigEsq.)
(Column 1)
Summary: Married on February 10 in Cherry Lane, Rockbridge County.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Horatio ThompsonD.D., John Calledon, Aschelie Carson)
(Column 1)
Summary: Married on February 10. Both Berry and Rowan are from Augusta.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Horatio ThompsonD.D., Charles Berry, Mary Rowan)

-Page 04-