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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: March 1, 1859

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Charles Dickens story in column 3-6, entitled "Fauntleroy, the English Banker and Forger."

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Lots of state level political articles--especially regarding Goggin candidacy.

Organization--Meeting at March Court
(Column 1)
Summary: Call for organization of the Whig opposition in upcoming gubernatorial race; They've adopted the slogan "all agog for Goggin." A ratification meeting will be held at March court.
(Names in announcement: John Letcher, Goggin)
Augusta For a Convention
(Column 1)
Summary: Report on meeting of Augusta Democrats to decide whether to hold a convention for the Congressional nomination.
(Names in announcement: George Cochran, Mr. Kolner)
New Music--Good Music
(Column 1)
Summary: Report on a new song and a local concert.
(Names in announcement: Mildred Wheeler, Prof. A.J. Turner, Prof. Alby)
More Fires
(Column 1)
Summary: Report of two more fires, including locations.
(Names in announcement: E.M. Thompson, Thomas MichieEsq.)
The Ratification Meeting
(Column 2)
Summary: List of speakers for Whig ratification meeting at March court.
(Names in announcement: H.H. Stuart, H.W. Sheffey, Christian Bolivar, D.S. Young, R.L. DoyleEsq.)
The Canvass to Commence
(Column 3)
Summary: Announcement of address to be given by Letcher on March 10 at the courthouse. There is a possibility of a debate by Goggin.
(Names in announcement: Mr. Letcher, Mr. Goggin)
Origin of Article: The Vindicator
The 22d
(Column 3)
Summary: A fair and show was held on February 22 by the West Augusta Guard to celebrate Washington's birthday. See related letter in column 4.
(Names in announcement: James Skinner)
For The Spectator
(Column 4)
Summary: Letter of thanks from West Augusta Guard committee to ladies who organized Washington's birthday fair on February 22. Also thanks Turner's Brass Band for music. Funds raised will go to a new drill room.
(Names in announcement: H.K. Cochran, P.B. Hoge, C.S. Arnall, J.H. Water, D. Bucher)
(Column 6)
Summary: Married on February 24.
(Names in announcement: Rev. George Brooke, Jacob Steinbuck, Susan Harris)
(Column 6)
Summary: Married on February 21.
(Names in announcement: Rev. William Brown, Michael Bennet, Martha Guy, Robert GuyEsq.)
(Column 6)
Summary: Married on February 20 at Hanger's residence.
(Names in announcement: John Hanger, Rev. J.H. Crawford, John Franklin, Caroline Bushung)
(Column 6)
Summary: Married in Washington on February 17. Graves is from Staunton and Crone is from Richmond.
(Names in announcement: Rev. G.W. Samson, Porterfield Graves, Sarah Crone)
(Column 6)
Summary: Lucy Cochran died on February 15, buried in Union church.
(Names in announcement: E. Lucy Cochran, Rev. Dr. Hendron)
For the Spectator; To John J. Cupp, Esq. of Mt. Solon District
(Column 5)
Summary: Letter soliciting Cupp to run for Augusta seat in General Assembly.
Trailer: Truly yours, Conservator
List of Delinquent Tax-Payers
(Column 7)
Summary: Returned by John Hyde, Deputy for B. Turk. Two columns--Name and Why Returned. Abbreviations: p=no property found, n=not found, r=removed: Argenbright, Peter-p; Adams, William-p; Adams, John-p; Almarode, George-p; Andrew, Samuel-p; Baker, George-p; Barclay, William-p; Brown, James A.-p; Brown, Elias G.-p; Belknap, Samuel A.-n; Beasy, Samuel-p; Blakemore, William C-p; Clarke, james H-p; Curry, William W.-p; Curry, Mary-p; Cook, James-p; Collins, Isaac-p; Cox, William-n; Clarke, William-n; Carroll, John B.-n; Crone, Amos-p; Cook, Thomas-p; Curry, Richard-p; Donaho, John A.-r; Davis, John G-r; Daggy, Jacob-r; Drumbeller, James-p; Ervin, Augustine-r; Fuff, Allison-p; Fleming, James-p; Fauber, Jospeph-p; Farrar, Samuel W.-r; Forbus, John-p; Frame, Samuel-p; Gorman, Patrick-p; Garrison, Achilles-p; Gorman, Andrew-p; Garrison, John W.-p; Grady, George H.-n; Gladwell, Andrew J.-r; Houdenshell, Alexander-p; Houff, James-r; Hogshead, George-p; Harman, Benjamin F.-r; Harman, Jacob-p; Hoffman, William H.-r; Howard, Anderson-p; Horn, Benjamin F.-p; Howard , John-p; Helms, Matthew-p; Jenkins, William-p; Koogler, George F-p; Kyle, William-p; Koogler, James W.-p; Kiser, James-p; Lambert, Jacob B-p; Lambert, Abraham-p; Long, Robert S.-r; Lamb, John C.-p; Lee, Elijah-r; McDaniel, Samuel-twice charged; Marshall, William-p; McClune, Robert Jr.-r; Miley, Andrew J.-p; Michael, Daniel-p; McNair, John-p; McNair, John E.-p; Orebaugh, Andrew M.-r; O'Gerrin, Timothy-p; Palmer, William F.-p; Proffit, Fountain P.-p; Proffit, Lindsey M.-p; Riddle, James-p; Randall, Blakely-r; Shaver, Phillip-p; Shaver, John-p; Stover, Jacob M.-r; Stern, Lemuel-r; Smith, James W.-p; Shue, Daniel L.-r; Small, William P.-r; Stover, Henry-p; Shaver, William-p; Smith, William R.-p; Smith, John-p; Stoneback, David-p; Sheets, Jacob-r; Shutterly, David-r; Shutterly, Michael-r; Showalter, John-p; Shilling, James F.-p; Shult, William-p; Shult, William-p; Shiflet, B. F.-p; Shue, Joseph W.-p; Terry, William-r; Teter, Frederick C.-p; Taliaferro, John M.-p; Taylor, Alexander N.-p; Varner, Joseph-p; Wagner, George T.-p; Williams, A.J.-p; Wilhill, Reuben-p; Whitmer, Joseph M.-p; Wickle, Samuel-p; Free Negroes: Andy Strother-p; Ferdinand Viney-p; July Cochran-p; John Strother-p; James Strother-p; John Woods-p; Jeff. Hogshead-p.
(Names in announcement: John Hyde, B. Turk, Peter Argenbright, William Adams, John Adams, George Almarode, Samuel Andrew, George Baker, William Barclay, James Brown, Elias Brown, Samuel Belknap, Samuel Beasy, William Blakemore, James Clarke, William Curry, Mary Curry, James Cook, Isaac Collins, William Cox, William Clarke, John Carroll, Amos Crone, Thomas Cook, Richard Curry, John Donaho, John Davis, Jacob Daggy, James Drumbeller, Augustine Ervin, Allison Fuff, James Fleming, Joseph Fauber, Samuel Farrar, John Forbus, Samuel Frame, Patrick Gorman, Achilles Garrison, Andrew Gorman, John Garrison, George Grady, Andrew Gladwell, Alexander Houdenshell, James Houff, George Hogshead, Benjamin Harman, Jacob Harman, William Hoffman, Anderson Howard, Benjamin Horn, John Howard, Matthew Helms, William Jenkins, George Koogler, William Kyle, James Koogler, James Kiser, Jacob Lambert, Abraham Lambert, Robert Long, John Lamb, Elijah Lee, Samuel McDaniel, William Marshall, Robert McCluneJr.;, Andrew Miley, Daniel Michael, John McNair, John McNair, Andrew Orebaugh, Timothy O'Gerrin, William Palmer, Fountain Proffit, Lindsey Proffit, James Riddle, Blakely Randall, Phillip Shaver, John Shaver, Jacob Stover, Lemuel Stern, James Smith, Daniel Shue, William Small, Henry Stover, William Shaver, William Smith, John Smith, David Stoneback, Jacob Sheets, David Shutterly, Michael Shutterly, John Showalter, James Shilling, William Shult, William Shult, B.F. Shiflet, Joseph Shue, William Terry, Frederick Teter, John Taliaferro, Alexander Taylor, Joseph Varner, George Wagner, A.J. Williams, Reuben Wilhill, Joseph Whitmer, Samuel Wickle, Andy Strother, Ferdinand Viney, July Cochran, John Strother, James Strother, John Woods, Jeff Hogshead)
Trailer: March 1, 1859

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