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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: 03 , 1859

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Description of Page: State political articles--re: Goggin and Letcher. Bottom right unreadable. Same electoral announcements in col. 6

Goggin Will Be Here!
(Column 1)
Summary: Goggin will be in Staunton to debate Letcher on March 10.
(Names in announcement: John Letcher, William Goggin)
An Old Acquaintance
(Column 1)
Summary: Reports that a local swindler has been apprehended in London.
(Names in announcement: Henry James David)
Another Question
(Column 1)
Summary: Question for Congressional candidates on the subject of slavery in the territories and Kansas.
Origin of Article: Valley Democrat
For the Spectator
(Column 2)
Summary: Thornton Berry, McCormick reaper agent for the Valley, explains that the patent will not run out for some time, thus correcting a report in some papers.
(Names in announcement: Cyrus McCormick, Thornton Berry)
For the Spectator
(Column 3)
Summary: Requests that the candidates address the questions put to them a few weeks earlier.
(Names in announcement: Skinner, Herman, Harris, Mertz, Newman)
Trailer: Many Voters
For the Spectator; To The Grand Jury of Augusta County
(Column 3)
Summary: Complains about impassable conditions on two main roads into town. Specifics included.
Trailer: Observer
(Column 6)
Summary: Married on February 22.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Daniel Brower, Peter Winn, Mary Jane Wanger)
List of Delinquent Taxpayers
(Column 7)
Summary: List of delinquent taxpayers, returned by deputy William A. Grills. Two columns--Name and Why Returned. Abbreviations: p=no property found, n=not found, r=removed, K=not known: Bushy, Jasper-r; Bragg, Theodore-not known; Bunch, David P.-r; Boles, Barney-p; Boles, David-p; Busford, Thomas-p; Bueford, John-p; Brown, William, sr.-p; Bartlett, Woodson-n; Bradley, William-not known; Bennett, Douglas, Sr.-p; Cook, Benjamin-r; Croft, John M.-r; Caster, Charles H.-r; Childress, John R.-p; Childress, Patrick-p; Demasiere, James Sr.-p; Davis, William, sr-p; Davis, Joseph-p; Diddle, John, Sr-dead and p; Doom, Jacob, Jr.-p; Donelson, Harvey-not known; Eakridge, Thomas P.-p; Elick. Jacob-p; Fauver, John sr.-r; Frederick, Dabney-p; Fertig, James-p; Granger, Samuel-not known; Griffin, George-p; Harris, Joseph-p; Harris, John-p; Hill, David-not known; Houser, Frederick-r; Kerby, James-k; Kesterton, Benjamin; Kelly, John-r; Kerby, Henry-p; Larguy, Jeremiah-r; Lawrence, Thomas-p; McDaniel, James-r; McGowan, Daniel-r; Mosby, Daniel-p; O'Connel, John-k; Pannel, John-p; Pannel, Zachariah-p; Pleasants, Marcus-k; Pleasants, John-k; Quintland, Thomas-k; Quisenberry, Francis-p; Quinland, Thomas-k; Risk, John-p; Robinson, John-k; Savage, George; Steele, John H.-r; Taylor, Robert-k; Trainer, G. W.-k; Tesbo, John-p; Terrill, Grenberry-p; Terrill, Richard-p; Vines, Major D.-p; Vines, Coleman, Sr.-p; Vines, Coleman W.-p; Vines, Anderson J.-p; Vines, Nelson, Sr.-p; Vines, William F.-p; Vines, William-p; Webb, William-p; Whitesell, George Sr.-dead and p; Wilson, John-k; Wilson, Benjamin F.; Irish at the Tunnel: Dilworth, Michael-r; Long, John-r; Leary, John-r; O'Brien, John-r; Quinn, John-r Sullivan, Patrick-r; Sullivan, Cornelius-r; Spilman, Daniel-r.
(Names in announcement: William Grills, R. Turk, Jasper Bushy, Theodore Bragg, David Bunch, Barney Boles, David Boles, Thomas Busford, John Bueford, William BrownSr., Woodson Bartlett, William Bradley, Douglas, BennettSr.;, Benjamin Cook, John Croft, Charles Caster, John Childress, Patrick Childress, James DemasiereSr.;, William DavisSr., Joseph Davis, John DiddleSr., Jacob DoomJr.;, Harvey Donelson, Thomas Eakridge, Jacob Elick, John FauverSr., Dabney Frederick, James Fertig, Samuel Granger, George Griffin??, Joseph Harris, John Harris, David Hill, Frederick; Houser, James Kerby, Benjamin Kesterton, John Kelly, Henry; Kerby, Jeremiah Larguy, Thomas Lawrence, James McDaniel, Daniel McGowan, Daniel Mosby, John O'Connel, John Pannel, Zachariah Pannel, Marcus Pleasants, John Pleasants, Thomas Quintland, Francis Quisenberry, Thomas Quinland, John Risk, John Robinson, George Savage, John Steele, Robert Taylor, G.W. Trainer, John Tesbo, Grenberry Terrill, Richard Terrill, Major D. Vines, Coleman VinesSr., Coleman W. Vines, Anderson Vines, Nelson VinesSr., William F. Vines, William Vines, William Webb, George WhitesellSr., John Wilson, Benjamin Wilson, Michael Dilworth, John Long, John Leary, John O'Brien, John Quinn, Patrick Sullivan, Cornelius Sullivan, Daniel Spilman)

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Description of Page: Advertisements

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Description of Page: Advertisements