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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: March 15, 1859

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-Page 01-

Virginia State Election--Political Revolution
(Column 3)
Summary: Sees a state and national political revolution that will culminate in the 1860 Presidential election. Traces political conflicts of 1850s. Fears that a new Presidential party is emerging.
Origin of Article: New York Herald
Trailer: New York Herald
The License Case
(Column 6)
Summary: Publication of Attorney General's opinion in a case involving Harman and Snapp, Staunton liquor distillers, and their employee Abney, charged with selling liquor without a license. Finds in Abney's favor.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Whitmore, Mr. Harman, Mr. Snapp, Capt. W.A. Abney)

-Page 02-

Description of Page: All of the articles in columns 1-3 relate to the elections, some from Augusta, some from other counties.

The Candidates For Governor at Harrisonburg and Staunton
(Column 1)
Summary: Covers Letcher's and Goggin's meetings at Harrisonburg and Staunton on March 9 and 10.
(Names in announcement: John Letcher, William Goggin, Shelton Leaks)
Candidates for Legislature
(Column 2)
Summary: Calls for unity between Whigs and Americans versus the Democrats in the election.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Baylor)
For The Spectator; To The Whigs and Americans of Augusta
(Column 4)
Summary: Rallying cry for Whigs and Americans. Call for unity.
Opposition Electors and Canvassmen
(Column 4)
Summary: Article lists electors and canvassmen for all districts. List above includes only Augusta names: 9th Congressional-A. H. H. Stuart; 36th Senatorial-Robert L. Doyle; canvassers-J. Marshall McCue; J. M. Hangar; Bolivar Christian; N. Massie; George W. Imboden; Powell Harrison
(Names in announcement: A.H.H. Stuart, Robert Doyle, J. Marshall McCue, J.M. Hangar, Bolivar Christian, N. Massie, George Imboden, Powell Harrison)
Virginia To Wit
(Column 6)
Summary: List of superintendents and officers to supervise April and May elections, by location.*=officer, otherwise, commissioners. Court-House: Joseph Smith; J. Wayt Bell; Thornton Berry; Henry Harrison; William M. Tate; George J. Armistrout*; District No. 1: William W. Donaghe; John Trimble; Albert J. Garber; Judson McCoy; William H. Shanker; E.M. Cushing*; Middlebrook: Willaim R. Dunlap; Samuel X. Kerr; William Thompson; James A. G. Scott; R. Hogshead; A. B. Lightner*; Craigsville: Jacob Kunkle; Jr; Robert Young; Luke Woodward; Robert S. Craig; John Lockridge; G. W. McCutchan*; Greenville: William F. Smith; William Howe; John Merritt; J. B. Shults; Lewis Baumgardner; John Towberman*; Stuart's Draft: Hugh G. Guthrie; John N. Hunter; John Brooks; Adam McChesney; Jacob Van Lear; William L. Hunter*; Waynesboro: John J. Bell; William Patrick; Hugh McClare; Samuel Coiner, Sr.; George A. Bruce; A. N. Dalhouse*; Fishersville: Franklin McCue; John Hamilton; John G. Guthrie; Samuel McCane; D. W. Colby; Elijah Bateman*; New Hope: George C. Robertson; Jacob Ochman; Nat. Kerr; Samuel Coiner, Jr.; William R. Roberts; J. D. Hangar*; Mt. Meridian: James W. Crawford; Benjamin Byerly; James Johnson; James A. Paterson; Abram Mobler; Benjamin Craig*; Mt Sidney: Addison Hyde; William Crawford; William Bruffey; John C. McCue; Thomas Burke; John H. Crawford*; Spring Hill: Theophilus Gamble; Jacob Crist; John Rimel; B. Herring; U. D. Poe*; Mt. Solon: Daniel Forrer; Alex. R. Bell; James T. Clarke; John J. Cupp; David Kyle; S. M. Crawford*; Churchville: James Wilson; Bailey Dunlap; Henry Sterrett; John M. Huff; Harvey Bare; R. P. Eubanks*; Swoope's Depot: Samuel H. Bell; Washington Swoope, Sr; George Shuey; Jacob Baylor; A. G. Wayland; Washington Swoope, Jr*; Midway: W. T. Rush; John H. Carson; A. M. Moore; James Henry; Jamison D. McGuffin; James Henry*; Newport: Henry Stewart; James J. Martin; Dr. John McCheney; James Berry; Thomas Steele; A. S. Turk*; Deerfield: William Guy; William W. Montgomery; Renix Hodges; J. Mann; Dr. McCutcheon; Edwin Montgomery. List will be published for three weeks.
(Names in announcement: Joseph Smith, J. Wayt Bell, Thornton Berry, Henry Harrison, William Tate, George Armistrout, William Donaghe, John Trimble, Albert Garber, Judson McCoy, William Shanker, E.M. Cushing, William Dunlap, Samuel Kerr, William Thompson, James A.G. Scott, R. Hogshead, A.B. Leghler, Jacob KunkleJr., Robert Young, Luke Woodward, Robert Craig, John Lockridge, G.W. McCutchan, William Smith, William Howe, John Merritt, J.B. Shults, Lewis Baumgardner, John Towberman, Hugh Guthrie, John Hunter, John Brooks, Adam McChesney, Jacob Van Lear, William Hunter, John Bell, William Patrick, Hugh McClare, Samuel CoinerSr., George Bruce, A.N. Dalboren, Franklin McCue, John Hamilton, John Guthrie, Samuel McCane, D.W. Colby, Elijah Bateman, George Robertson, Jacob Ochman, Nat. Kerr, Samuel CoinerJr., William Roberts, J.D. Hangar, James Crawford, Benjamin Byerly, James Johnson, James Paterson, Abram Mobler, Benjamin Craig, Addison Hyde, William Crawford, William Bruffey, John McCue, Thomas Burke, John Crawford, Theophilus Gamble, Jacob Crist, John Bimet, B. Herring, U.D. Poe, Daniel Forrer, Alex Bell, James Clarke, John Cupp, John Cupp, David Kyle, S.M. Crawford, James Wilson, Bailey Dunlap, Henry Sterrett, John Huff, Harvey Bare, R.P Eubanks, Samuel Bell, Washington SwoopeSr., George Shuey, Jacob Baylor, A.G. Wayland, Washington SwoopeJr., W.T. Rush, John Carson, A.M. Moore, James Henry, Jamison McGuffin, James Henry, Henry Stewart, James Martin, Dr. John McCheney, James Berry, Thomas Steele, A.S. Turk, William Guy, William Montgomery, Renix Hodges, J. Mann, Dr. McCutcheon, Edwin Montgomery)
List of Delinquent Tax-Payers
(Column 7)
Summary: List returned by Sherriff R. Turk. r=removed; p=no property: Bear, Dr. T.-p; Bare, Henry-p; Baily, John-p; Butt, Nathaniel-p; Byers, F. M.-r; Burns, joseph T-p; Bryan, James-p; Brootus, James R-r; Brocius, W. N-r; Bryan, Henry R.-p; Briden, John B.-r; Brady-Andrew M.-p; Boylen, Dennis-p; Bohen, Daniel-p; Boland, Dennis-r; Bickle, William O.-p; Cooper, Vincent T-r; Clarey, John-r; Christian, Charles F.-r; Cease, N. K.-p; Coulter, Matthew R.-r; Calvert, Carey B.-p; Dunkins, Andrew J.-p; Deafore, C-p; Dull, James-r; Fuller, William-p; Fuller, William-p; Fuller, Jeremiah,Jr-p; Fuller, Frank-p; Fuller, George W.-p; Freewell, William W.-p; Frank, William B.-p; Fisk, Samuel P.-runaway; Fallen, Thomas-k; Grove, William, sr-p; Gwinner, John-k; Grove, William, jr-p; Graves, A. W.-dead and e; Gregory, A. W.; George, Joseph-p; Garber, Augustus M.-p; Hunney, John-p; Hunter, William-p; Hudson, George H.-k; Houshon, John-k; Gilbert, John W.-r; Hilb, Max-r; Hudlin, P.-p; Hifflin, John M.-p; Hayburger, Jacob-p; Hall, Hessian-p; Hardy, Richard W.-p; Johnson, William-p; Johnson, JAmes-p; Jenkins, Charles-p; Kurtz, Peter I.-p; Kurtz, John E.-p; Knightly, Robert-p; Kottsman, Henry-r; Kinney, Charles N.-p; Karney, John-p; Kennedy, John-r; Kennedy, Andrew-p; Leleds, Michael R.-p; Louis, Joseph-r; Long, William-p; Lawson, E.-r; Lawrence, James-p; Lawler, Samuel-p; Myers, Samuel D.-r; Murray, John-p; Moore, James A.-k; Moran, Patrick-p; Miller, M. B.-r; Michie, Albert N.-r; McQuade, Samuel-r; McQuade, James-r; McQuade, John-r; McMath, Michael-r; Mahar, John-p; Newcomb, John-p; Newcomb, Hilt-p; Nolan, Thomas-k; O'Connel, Michael-k; O'Conner, terence-p; Pyne, Dennis-r; Purdy, B. H.-r; Perrin, William A.-e; Peer, David-e; Peer, Claudius-r; Rohr, Frederick-e; Risley, Arthur-r; Riddlemoxer, Charles-r; Riddlemoxer, Edward-r; Reeder, William-r; Sullivan, Patrick-r; Subaker, Gasper-k; Sullivan, Peter-r; Strack, Joseph-r; Staunton, G. W.-p; Smith, R. W.-e; Snyder, John B.-r; Slanker, Jacob-p; Shafer, Levi-p; Seeley, josh-p; Smith, John R.-r; Trayer, john M.-p; Teagie, William-p; Tesbo, John-p; Taylor, John R.-p; Wood, C. P.-r; Wood, James L.-p; Wright, Peter-p; Wood, T.M.-k; W??, James-p; Wise, John-dead and e; Whisman, Daniel-p; Watson, james J.-r; Edwards, Marshall (free black)-r;
(Names in announcement: R. Turk, Dr. T. Bear, Henry Bare, John Baily, Nathaniel Butt, F.M. Byers, Joseph Burns, James Bryan, James Brootus, W.N. Brocius, Henry Bryan, John Briden, Andrew Brady, Dennis Boylen, Daniel Bohen, Dennis Boland, William Bickle, Vincent Cooper, John Clarey, Charles Christian, N.K. Cease, Matthew Coulter, Carey Calvert, Andrew Dunkins, C. Deafore, James Dull, William Fuller, Jeremiah FullerJr., Frank Fuller, George Fuller, William Freewell, William Frank, Samuel Fisk, Thomas Fallen, William GroveSr., John Gwinner, William Grove, A.W. Graves, A.W. Gregory, Joseph George, Augustus Garber, John Hunney, William Hunter, George Hudson, John Houshon, John Gilbert, Max Hilb, George Heiser, P. Hudlin, John Hifflin, Jacob Hayburger, Hessian Hall, Richard Hardy, William Johnson, James Johnson, Charles Jenkins, Peter Kurtz, John Kurtz, Robert Knightly, Henry Kottsman, Charles Kinney, John Karney, John Kennedy, Andrew Kennedy, Michael Leleds, Joseph Louis, William Long, E. Lawson, James Lawrence, Samuel Lawler, Samuel Myers, John Murray, James Moore, Patrick Moran, M.B. Miller, Albert Michie, Samuel McQuade, James McQuade, John McQuade, Michael McMath, John Mahar, John Newcomb, Hilt Newcomb, Thomas Nolan, Michael O'Connel, Terence O'Conner, Dennis Pyne, B.H. Purdy, William Perrin, David Peer, Claudius Peer, Frederick Rohr, Arthur Risley, Charles Riddlemoxer, Edward Riddlemoxer, William Reeder, Patrick Sullivan, Gasper Subaker, Peter Sullivan, Joseph Strack, G.W. Staunton, R.W. Smith, John Snyder, Jacob Slanker, Levi Shafer, Josh Seeley, John Smith, John Trayer, William Teagie, John Tesbo, John Taylor, C.P. Wood, James Wood, Peter Wright, T.M. Wood, James W??, John Wise, Daniel Whisman, James Watson, Marshall Edwards)

-Page 03-

[No Title]
(Column 1)
Summary: The Presbyterian church revival in Waynesboro has achieved great success amongst both the white and black populations.
Origin of Article: Char. Advocate
Full Text of Article:

The revival in the Presbyserian [sic] Church of Waynesboro, of which we made mention a month ago, still continues in interest and accessions. On Sunday last thirty-seven were admitted to church membership, at least one-half of whom were over thirty years of age,heads of families and leading citizens of that community. As many more, it is expected, will unite themselves with the church at the next Lord's Supper. Among the colored population of the village, similar evidence of the influence of the spirit are manifest.

Trailer: --Char.[lottesville] Advocate.
(Column 3)
Summary: All of Augusta, married on March 10.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J.H. Crawford, William Fauver, Mary Anderson)

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Electoral announcements