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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: April 12, 1859

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Goggin Demonstration
(Column 2)
Summary: Details of Goggin's stay at Staunton with Imboden on his way east for the election.
(Names in announcement: Goggin, John Imboden, Letcher)
Town Officers
(Column 2)
Summary: Results of Staunton town officers' elections: Mayor: N. K. Trent; H. H. Peck, Sergeant; James F. Patterson, Clerk; W. R. Stevenson, Commissioner of Revenue; Councilmen: E. M. Taylor; H.M. Bell; M. G. Hartman; B. F. Points; George Baylor; J. D.Imboden; B. Crawford; W. G. Sterret; S. F. Taylor; A. Lishbang; G. F. Pace; Chamberlain: W. H. Harman; Chief Of Police: H. H. Peck; Assistant Chief of Police: Jas. H. Waters; Street Commissioners: W. H. Kayser; E. Price; H. Fisher; Committee of Safety: W. B. Kaysen; Judson McCoy; J. P. Scherer
(Names in announcement: N.K. Trent, H.H. Peck, James Patterson, W.R. Stevenson, E.M. Taylor, H.M. Bell, M.G. Hartman, B.F. Points, George Baylor, J.D. Imboden, B. Crawford, W.G. Sterret, S.F. Taylor, A. Lishbang, G.F. Pace, W.H. Harman, H.H. Peck, Jas. Waters, W.H. Kayser, E. Price, H. Fisher, W.B. Kaysen, Judson McCoy, J.P. Scherer)
Vigilance Committees
(Column 3)
Summary: List of the local vigilance committees that the Whigs and Americans appointed in each precinct in Augusta. Middlebrook--Jas. E. Beard, M.W.D. Hogshead, A.R. McChesney, Adam Rusmisel, Arch. A. Sproul, Jacob Bowman, Jr., Jas. R. Grove, Joseph Fix, George Miller, Addison McCutchen, George Cochran, John Wade, Robert Dunlap, Wm. R. Dunlap, Josh McCurdy, Jacob Grim, B.F. Hailman, Washington Hess, Samuel B. Bowers, Alex. B. Lightner, P.B. Hogshead, Wm. Hall, Henry Ott, Jas. C. McChesney, Jas. H. Callison, Dr. O. Hanger, Lewis Wiseman, A.L. Craig, Henry Dull, (son of George); New Port--A.W. Anderson, Jas. F. Hite, J.C. Echard, Adam Steele, Wm. Beard, (son of Jno. L.), Dr. John McChesney, Jonathan Golladay, Jas. L. Martin, Jeremiah Troxall, Isiah Wade, Adam Fix, Jas. Buchanan, W. Alex. Smiley, Archibald Reed, Jas. L. Wright, Wm. C. McChesney, David C. Areheart, Martin Miller, H.L. Williams, A.S. Fink, Saml. B. Weaver, and Michael Weaver; Greenville--Lewis Bumgardner, R.T. Wallace, A.M. Hawpe, Col. W.P. Tate, Jas. Bumgardner, A.W. McClure, E.T. McGuffin, C.G. Merritt, Dr. V.T. Churchman, Jno. P. McClure, Dr. J.M. Tate, John Newton, Jno. W. Wilson, A.G. Christian, Dr. Geo. K. Young, Capt. Jas. T.W. Wilson, Wm. Wilson, Jr., and A.A. McPheeters; Midway--Capt. James Henry; Col. A.M. Moore; J. D. McGuffin; H. A. Henry; S. P. Nelson; J. H. Carson, P.G. Steele; Stuart's Draft--H. G. Guthrie; William Guthrie; John McClanahan; J. W. Shelton; Dr. W. Watson; John P. Wilson; William L.Pallmer; B. F. Lewis; R. B. Padget; G. B. Stuart; Colton Hall; William L. Hunter; James M. Lewis; William C. Bridge; Waynesboro--Dr. G. Alexander; John H. Smith; James S. Bush; James W. Bush; Albert Bush; Peter Hanger, jr.; James McClure; Richard Freeman; Jacob Swisher; J.J. Cullen; Henry Weede, sr; Michael Coulter; William King; William Chapman; Peter Hanger; sr.; John Hanger; George A. Bruce; William M. Bush; John Surrey; Benjamin Ellis; John S. Ellis; John H. Dalhouse; William A. Hanger; Charles G. Patterson; James Patrick; John C.Patrick; Dr. Samuel Kennerly; James H. Gentry; George Pelter; Joe Pelter; Dr. L. Waddell; John N. Crouse; George G. Crouse; F. M. Finley; John C. Coiner; J. J. Bell; Hugh McClure; Mt. Meridian--Peter Fitch; James Gray; Joseph D. Craig; Benjamin Craig; Alexander F. Grouse; Daniel West; Abraham Monler; James G. Patterson; C. A. Patterson; New Hope--Thomas Walker; Jeremiah Peterfisk; Hugh J. Crawford; Charles Armentrout; James Walker; George G. Robertson; Jacob Coffman; William Croft; Col. N. Kerr; Robert Gray; George W. Mowrey; Dr. J. Addison Waddell; Thomas McClung; Samuel B. Finley; L. Stout; T. G. Stout; Dr. David Hanger; Peter Wine; David Wine; Daniel Young; Samuel Kennerly; Jacob Zirele; Fishersville--Dr. Addison Dodd; John McCue; John Brown; John Hamilton; James Hamilton; T. A. Turk; Crawford W. McCue; Franklin McCue; Wm. Hamilton; Franklin Coiner; S. H. Steele; George W. Guthrie; W.H. Grooms; John Bazzle; James Bazzle; James W. Gibson; Samuel Patterson; Samuel D. Brooks; Thomas Calbreath; D. S. Bell; Z. Calbreath; Andrew McComb; Samuel W. Patterson; William P. Cullen; Jacob Speak; G. W. Wilson; and Charles East; Swoope's Depot--W. Swoope, Jr; John Christian; Joseph B. Trimble; John Wilson; Dr. William J. Walters; Capt. W. A. Sterrett; P. H. Eidson; J. W. Calhoun; James Kincaid; Philander Herring; John H. Rippetoe; John T. Christian; Charles F. Christian; James F. Bell; George A. Wilson; B. Walters; James Gilkeson; Bailey Shumate; Craigsville--R. N. Wallace; David Kickle; R.S. Craig; John M. Wallace; William Armstrong; Dr. D. Bashaw; Robert Young; John Lockridge; A. S. Young; Jos. P. Mayo; A. H. Campbell;James Campbell, Sr.; Givens Shiflett; Robert Craig; John Stuple, Jr.; Frederick Fridley; Jacob Jackson; Alex. Crawford; Henry H. Crawford; Weston Burress; Jno. Kunkle and Jno. Glover, Sr.
(Names in announcement: Dr. G. Alexander, A.W. Anderson, David Areheart, Charles Armentrout, William Armstrong, Dr. D. Bashaw, James Bazzle, John Bazzle, Wm. Beard, Jas. Beard, D.S. Bell, J.J. Bell, James Bell, Samuel Bowers, Jacob BowmanJr., George Brace, William Bridge, Samuel Brooks, John Brown, Jas. Buchanan, Jas. Bumgardner, Lewis Bumgardner, Weston Burress, William Bush, James Bush, Albert Bush, Thomas Calbreath, Z. Calbreath, J.W. Calhoun, Jas. Callison, A.H. Campbell, James CampbellSr., J.H. Carson, William Chapman, John Christian, Charles Christian, A.G. Christian, John Christian, Dr. V.T. Churchman, George Cochran, Jacob Coffman, John Coiner, Franklin Coiner, Michael Coulter, Robert Craig, James Craig, Joseph Craig, R.S. Craig, A.L. Craig, Benjamin Craig, Henry Crawford, Hugh Crawford, Alex. Crawford, William Croft, John Crouse, George Crouse, William Cullen, J.J. Cullen, John Dalhouse, Dr. Addison Dodd, Henry Dull, Wm. Dunlap, Robert Dunlap, Charles East, J.C. Echard, P.H. Eidson, Benjamin Ellis, John Ellis, A.S. Fink, Samuel Finley, F.M. Finley, Peter Fitch, Adam Fix, Joseph Fix, Richard Freeman, Frederick Fridley, James Gentry, James Gibson, James Gilkeson, Alexander Givens, Jno. GloverSr., Jonathan Golladay, Robert Gray, Jacob Grim, W.H. Grooms, Jas. Grove, George Guthrie, H.G. Guthrie, William Guthrie, B.F. Hailman, Colton Hall, Wm. Hall, John Hamilton, William Hamilton, James Hamilton, William Hanger, Dr. David Hanger, Peter HangerSr., John Hanger, Dr. O. Hanger, Peter HangerJr., A.M. Hawpe, H.A. Henry, Capt. James Henry, Philander Herring, Washington Hess, Jas. Hite, M.W.D. Hogshead, P.B. Hogshead, William Hunter, Jacob Jackson, Samuel Kennerly, Dr. Samuel Kennerly, Col. N. Kerr, James Kincaid, William King, David Kunkle, Jno. Kunkle, B.F. Lewis, James Lewis, Alex. Lightner, John Lockridge, Jas. Martin, Jos. Mayo, Dr. John McChesney, A.R. McChesney, Jas. McChesney, Wm. McChesney, John McClanahan, Thomas McClung, James McClure, Jno. McClure, A.W. McClure, Hugh McClure, Andrew McComb, Crawford W. McCue, Franklin McCue, John McCue, John McCurdy, Addison McCutchen, J.D. McGuffin, E.T. McGuffin, A.A. McPheeters, C.G. Merritt, Martin Miller, George Miller, Abraham Mohler, Col. A.M. Moore, George Mowrey, S.P. Nelson, John Newton, Henry Ott, R.B. Padget, William Palmer, James Patrick, John Patrick, Samuel W. Patterson, Charles Patterson, James Patterson, Samuel Patterson, C.A. Patterson, George Pelter, Joe Pelter, Jeremiah Peterfisk, Archibald Reed, John Rippetoe, George Robertson, Adam Rusmisel, J.W. Shelton, Givens Shiflett, Bailey Shumate, W. Alex. Smiley, John Smith, Jacob Speck, Arch. Sproul, S.H. Steele, P.G. Steele, Adam Steele, Capt. W.A. Sterrett, L. Stout, T.G. Stout, G.B. Stuart, John StupleJr., John Surrey, Jacob Swisher, W. SwoopeJr., Col. W.P. Tate, Dr. J.M. Tate, Joseph Trimble, Jeremiah Troxall, T.A. Turk, Dr. L. Waddell, Dr. J. Addison Waddell, Isiah Wade, John Wade, Thomas Walker, James Walker, R.T. Wallace, John Wallace, R.N. Wallace, B. Walters, Dr. William Walters, Dr. W. Watson, Michael Weaver, Saml. Weaver, Henry WeedeSr., Daniel West, H.L. Williams, Capt. Jas. Wilson, John Wilson, Jno. Wilson, Wm. WilsonJr., John Wilson, G.W. Wilson, George Wilson, Peter Wine, David Wine, Lewis Wiseman, Jas. Wright, Robert Young, Dr. George Young, A.S. Young, Daniel Yount, Jacob Zirele)
Apportionment of the Capitation Tax
(Column 7)
Summary: Apportionment of capitation tax for schools. The men listed above are the school commisioners for the various districts of Augusta County. Imboden is the superintendent.
(Names in announcement: Judson McCoy, J. Page, R.W. Gamble, George Seawright, J.M. McCue, Phil AirhartJr., William Hogshead, Alex Anderson, William Smith, N. Kerr, S.H. Finley, J.G. Patterson, George Mowrey, J. McCue, William WinthrowJr., W.M. Simmons, R.M. White, Matthew Pilson, M. Coyner, William Smith, John Harris, W.P. Tate, A.A. McPhee, J. Smith, William Stanley, Ad. McCutcheon, Samuel Kerr, R.F. Brown, S.K. Taylor, John Bear, James Berry, J. Mann, G.W. Imboden)
Trailer: G. W. Imboden, Sup't S.A.C.; April 12, 1859

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Page is very light. Marriage announcement for Rockingham County.

(Column 1)
Summary: Joseph Larew died of typhoid at age 21.
(Names in announcement: Joseph >Larew, Jacob Larew)
(Column 1)
Summary: Eleanor, age 1, died on April 6.
(Names in announcement: Eleanor McCue, John McCue, Ellen McCue)
(Column 1)
Summary: Died March 19, near Greenville. Long obituary.
(Names in announcement: Henry Hawpe)

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Description of Page: Advertisements