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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: July 5, 1859

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Description of Page: Other, not local, obits and weddings

Celebration of the 4th
(Column 1)
Summary: Details of Staunton's 4th of July celebration. Several military guards participated, including the Continental Morgan Guard of Winchester, Mountain Guard of Spring Hill, the West Augusta Guard, officers of the Militia, and the Monticello Guard of Charlottesville. The celebration included bands, speeches, and picnics.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Washington, Capt. Bashoug, Capt. Mallory, Gen. Harman, Col. McCune, Col. Terrell, Col. Crawford, Hugh Sheffey, H.J. Gray, N.K. Trout, Capt. Harper, John Imboden, James Cochran, Lieut. Wertembaker)
Rosin and Coal Gas
(Column 3)
Summary: Which gas is better--Rosin or Coal? Correspondence between Staunton and Norfolk Gas Companies. Staunton used rosin gas.
(Names in announcement: C.W. Newton, Tazewell Taylor, Dr. F.T. Stribling)
For the Spectator; Augusta Female Seminary
(Column 5)
Summary: Very complimentary report of a visit to the Augusta Female Seminary.
(Names in announcement: J. Brown Tinley, Miss Miller)
Full Text of Article:

Messrs. Editors:I hope you will allow me a brief space in your columns for a notice of the Augusta Female Seminary, the exercise of which for the session, closed on Thursday evening last, when a musical concert was given by the pupils, under the direction of their teachers, which for mere beginners, as they all were, in that elegant but difficult art, was in a high degree creditable, alike to the diligence of the pupils and the skill, fidelity, taste and "aptness to teach" of the accomplished ladies who preside over that department.

The examination of the other classes occupied Wednesday and Thursday, during part of which time I had the pleasure of being present. The manner of conducting the examination could not fall to be gratifying to every friend of sound education. It was manifest that there had been no special preparation for the occasion with a view to a striking and brilliant display, but the proceedings were so conducted as to exhibit the real progress and attainments of the pupils, and the kind of mental training and discipline to which they had been subjected. And in both these particulars the examination furnished gratifying evidence that eminent skill, patient diligence and a high conscentiousness characterize the teachers. This school has, for two years, been under the care of J. Brown Tinsley, Esq., and although it has not been as large as its excellent character merited. It has yet been sufficient so to satisfy the patrons and others acquainted with it, that the Trustees were very fortunate in being able to secure so competent and experienced an instructor to take charge of this institution, ultimately connected, as it is, with the educational interests of the country of Augusta. My high opinions of the merits of this school is not derived merely from an annual attendance upon its closing examinations, but chiefly from the daily progress in their studies of several pupils connected with it for the last two sessions, and which has fallen under my immediate and special observation. I therefore feel no hesitation in speaking of the school as one, the great aim of which is, to impart a thorough, useful and sound education, while at the same time ample preparations are made for these branches deemed merely ornamental.

I cannot close this communication without a passing tribute to the merits of Miss Miller, Mr. T.'s assistant in the academical department, who in addition to her accurate and thorough scholarship, combines with a firmness and decision of character, an amiable and lady-like gentleness of deportment which render her invaluable in a school for the education of girls.

This seminary is emphatically a school of the county of Augusta, it being originally established by the public spirited liberality of a portion of her citizens, when there was no other of the kind within her borders. Since its establishment it has continued to accomplish a most excellent work in promoting as well as elevating the standard of female education in this community; and there has been no time since its origin when it was more efficiently and thoroughly organized for its appropriate functions than at present.

Trailer: Amicus; July 2d, 1859
Elopement Extraordinary--A White Girl Runs Away with a Black Man
(Column 5)
Summary: Story of a white girl in Chester County, Pennsylvania eloping with a "mulatto" employed on the same farm. They eloped to save the man from being lynched.
Origin of Article: Philadelphia Inquirer
Trailer: Phil. Inquirer
(Column 7)
Summary: Maupin and Oder married on June 23.
(Names in announcement: Rev. J.M. Davis, J.H. Maupin, Kara Oder, Waller Oder)
(Column 7)
Summary: Mary Margaret Hutchison died on May 29, age 20.
(Names in announcement: Mary Margaret Hutchison, Alexander Hutchison, Mildred Hutchison)

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