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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: March 27, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Poetry, short stories, humorous quips and morality tales.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Weekly proceedings of State Legislature, column 3; of Congress, column 4.

Appointment of Delegates
(Column 1)
Summary: More Democratic District Conventions have been meeting, but it is still difficult to tell how many delegates to Charleston will be supporters of Hunter and how many supporters of Wise.
Utah Territory
(Column 3)
Summary: Report of the Mormon Wars in Utah.
Full Text of Article:

Recent letters from Utah represent that there is a complete reign of blood in that Territory.--United States soldiers are assassinated by the Mormons, whenever they go out from the camp singly or in small parties. A letter dated the 15th of February says if the army is withdrawn the Mormons will exterminate every one in the Valley who does not yield to the behests of the church. The writer continues:

"We sincerely hope that if they do remove the troops, Congress will take the matter in hand and have them replaced with additional strength in Salt Lake City, and when a murder is committed ferret it out and execute the offender. The memory of the Mountain Meadow massacre is still fresh in our minds, of whole families destroyed, of young girls violated and then murdered, and the murderers walking the streets of Salt Lake City with the garments of their victims upon their persons. These are facts that cry aloud her vengeance."

For the Spectator
(Column 4)
Summary: Snide letter asking further questions about the plans of candidates for Sheriff, such as whether their deputies will ride mules or jackasses.
(Names in announcement: Thomas Wilson, James Lilley)
Trailer: Middle River
For the Spectator
(Column 4)
Summary: Author suggests that the Exchange Hotel, run by Captain John B. Sholtz of Greenville, is an excellent and luxurious hotel.
(Names in announcement: Captain John Sholtz)
Trailer: R.S.T.
Stevens and Hazlett Sympathy
(Column 4)
Summary: Report of a sympathy meeting for Stevens and Hazlett on the day of their execution, with speeches by John Brown, Jr., Owen Brown, Edwin Coppic, and James Redpath.
For the Spectator
(Column 4)
Summary: Author calls on William Karicofe to run for District Magistrate.
(Names in announcement: William Henry Karicofe)
Trailer: Many Voters
Judicial Election
(Column 5-6)
Summary: Extremely lengthy letter describing the author's opinions on the flaws in the systems of election and tenure of Circuit Court Judges. Pontificates in favor of David Fultz' candidacy against Judge Thompson and rails against "Z," who has written anti-"Junius" letters and anti-Fultz letters.
(Names in announcement: David Fultz, Judge Thompson)
Trailer: Junius
Harper's Ferry Raid
(Column 6)
Summary: Account of the expenses of the Harper's Ferry Raid, in the amount of $287,459.10.

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Ads, land sales, etc. Bottom right is illegible.

For the Spectator
(Column 1-2)
Summary: Yet another extremely lengthy letter from "Z" regarding the election of Circuit Court Judge. Blasts "Junius" and "A Countryman," as well as David Fultz, for their reckless accusations against Judge Thompson. He ridicules Junius now that he has withdrawn his accusations. Expresses his confidence that Judge Thompson will be elected and that David Fultz and his supporters should be ashamed of their actions. Lambastes "A Countryman" in particular for insisting on criticizing Judge Thompson.
(Names in announcement: David Fultz, Judge Thompson)
Trailer: Z
Important Rumor
(Column 2)
Summary: Rumor that the Buchanan administration has advised Southern delegates to secede from the Charleston Convention should Douglas be nominated. Expresses supposition that the South will try and array the Constitutional Union Party Convention against Douglas.
Origin of Article: Fortney's Press
(Column 3)
Summary: Mr. Brown and Miss Coalter were married at the residence of David Polmer.
(Names in announcement: David Polmer, Rev. J.H. Crawford, Henry Brown, Hetty Coalter, Rev. Patterson Fletcher)
(Column 3)
Summary: Married on March 11.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Daniel Thomas, Jacob Stombock, Ruth Riddle)
(Column 3)
Summary: Married on March 22.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.C. McCarty, Joseph Shoemake, Mary Eidson)
Tribute of Respect
(Column 3)
Summary: Meeting of Mossy Creek Academy to commemorate the death of H. Jewett Smith of Harrisonburg.
(Names in announcement: James Stout, D Cannon, H. Jewett Smith)
Trailer: James R. Stout, Chairman; D.C. Cannon, Sec.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements