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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: May 15, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Column 7 contains a letter to the editor regarding the judicial election and the issue of receivership of bonds.

For the Spectator
(Column 4)
Summary: Author argues that John G. Stover should be reelected Commissioner of the Revenue for the 2nd District of Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: John Stover)
Trailer: "Churchville"
For the Spectator
(Column 5)
Summary: Letter from "Cooney," supposedly a correspondent with the "Executors of Adoniram Countryman." This correspondence is undoubtedly written by "Z," who has previously used "Cooney" to criticize and make fun of "A Countryman" and David Fultz. "Cooney" writes to refute accusations about receivership of bonds leveled by "A Countryman" and ridicules "A Countryman" personally.
(Names in announcement: David Fultz, Kinney)
Trailer: "Zekiel Flint," "Ebenezer Stone," "Cooney"
"Still harping on my Daughter"
(Column 6)
Summary: Author is highly critical of Judge Thompson and the way in which he has conducted his court. Advocates the election of David Fultz as Thompson's replacement as Circuit Court Judge.
(Names in announcement: Judge Thompson, David Fultz, Mr. Kinney)
Trailer: "A Countryman"
Public Meeting
(Column 6)
Summary: At a public meeting of voters of Parnassus and the vicinity, Samuel Whitmer was elected President of the meeting, with S.A. Burgess as Vice President and F.B. Carson as Secretary. The meeting proceeded to nominate Thomas S. Hogshead for Magistrate and John C. Rusmisell for Overseer of the Poor, in addition to the candidates nominated by the Mt. Solon convention.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Whitmer, S.A. Burgess, F.B. Carson, Thomas Hogshead, John Rusmisell)
Trailer: Samuel Whitmer, President; F.B. Carson, Secretary
To the Physicians of the County
(Column 7)
Summary: Letter from a doctor who complains about the heavy burden of taxation and who argues that doctors should force all "very ignorant pretenders, white and black" to either get a licence or be forced out of the medical profession.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Bottom left is difficult to read. Proceedings of Constitutional Union convention, columns 3-4; proceedings of Congress, column 4. Column 2 contains a notice that reads: "'Many Voters' request us to state that William Patrick will be supported for the office of Justice of the Peace in the Waynesboro and Fishersville District."

The Convention and the Ticket
(Column 1)
Summary: Spectator praises the selection of John Bell of Tennessee and Edward Everett of Massachusetts as the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees, respectively, of the Constitutional Union party, and devotes itself to working toward their victory. Expresses pride in the peacefulness and patriotism with which the party convention was conducted.
Full Text of Article:

The Convention of the constitutional Union Party, which assembled in Baltimore last week, has presented to the country, as candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States, the distinguished gentlemen whose names stand at the head of our columns. John Bell, of Tennessee, and Edward Everett, of Massachusetts, are known in all sections of the country as fit representatives of a party founded for the purpose of bringing together all national and conservative men who love the Constitution and the Union. They are statesmen of ability, integrity and enlarged patriotism, in whose hands the rights and interests of every section will be protected; and as such, will receive, we trust, the cordial support of all who desire to avoid a purely sectional issue in the approaching Presidential election. So far as our humble influence extends, we shall use it in their behalf, from the solemn conviction that nothing but the success of such men can save the country from continual discord, and perhaps dissolution.

We had the pleasure of witnessing the proceedings of the Baltimore Convention, and truly it was a refreshing scene. We breathed the atmosphere of a pure patriotism, and felt our hopes for the perpetuity of our institutions revive, when we saw men from every section of this vast confederacy uniting their hands and their hearts upon the common platform of the Constitution and the Union. No differences of opinion existed among that band of unselfish patriots, or if there were diversities of sentiment upon abstract questions, they sank into insignificance when compared with the grand objects of national importance, for which the Convention assembled. Consequently nothing occurred to interrupt the cordial communion of men who felt themselves to be brethren, and it was indeed pleasant to see them dwell together in so much harmony and peace.

Our readers will find elsewhere in this paper a synopsis of the proceedings of the Convention. The conclusion to which all parties must come is, that with such a ticket as we present to the country, selected by so large and respectable a body of able men from all sections, we need not yet despair of the Republic. Let the standard borne by John Bell and Edward Everett be the rallying point of all who love the Union and the constitution, and all will yet be well.

The Charleston Seceders
(Column 2)
Summary: Excerpted piece from the Richmond Enquirer which gives cautious approval to the Southern delegates who seceded from the Charleston convention.
Origin of Article: Richmond Enquirer
Editorial Comment: "So far as we have observed, the other Democratic papers of Virginia, with few exceptions, do not agree with the [Richmond] Enquirer, but sustain the course of the Virginia delegation and censure the Seceders."
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Daniel Harnsberger, one of the suspects in the killing of James Dever of Rockingham, has been reportedly killed in Alabama. Spectator writes that Col. J.B. Baldwin, who was assigned to defend Harnsberger, denies, contrary to rumors, urging his client to flee the country.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Harnsberger, Col. J.B. Baldwin, George Harnsberger, James Dever)
Boot and Shoe Factory
(Column 2)
Summary: Vindicator reports stockholder meeting of the Boot and Shoe Factory, which decided to limit its production to boots and shoes and not to expand to leather. R.G. Bickle, Esq., resigned as a Director, and was replaced by Col. R. Turk.
(Names in announcement: Esq. R.G. Bickle, Col. R. Turk)
Origin of Article: Staunton Vindicator
Town Affairs
(Column 2)
Summary: The Town Council of Staunton met and passed taxes for 1860 and prohibited tapping water pipes or using water without the written consent of the Water Committee. John R. Kurtz was appointed Assistant Policeman.
(Names in announcement: John Kurtz)
For the Spectator
(Column 2)
Summary: James A.G. Scott declines the nomination for Magistrate of the 3rd District.
(Names in announcement: James Scott)
To the Voters of Augusta
(Column 4)
Summary: Author supports Thomas S. Coalter for Commissioner of the Revenue for the 1st District.
(Names in announcement: Thomas Coalter)
Trailer: "Deerfield"
For the Spectator
(Column 5)
Summary: John Towberman, R.P. Eubank, J.D. Hanger and S.M. Crawford, all Deputy Sheriffs, write to state that contrary to rumors that Thomas P. Wilson will make them deputies if he is elected Sheriff, they will not serve for him if he does so.
(Names in announcement: Thomas Wilson, John Towberman, R.P. Eubank, J.D. Hanger, S.M. Crawford)
Trailer: John Towberman, R.P. Eubank, J.D. Hanger, S.M. Crawford, Dep. Sheff's
Judge Thompson, Court Docket, and Receivership
(Column 6-7)
Summary: Extremely lengthy letter critical of Judge Thompson and his performance as Circuit Court Judge, particularly the slow speed with which he proceeds and his handling of the receivership of bonds. Supports David Fultz for the position.
(Names in announcement: Judge Thompson, Nicholas Kinney, David Fultz)
Trailer: "Junius"
(Column 7)
Summary: Lucy Shumate of Augusta County died on May 6 at age 61.
(Names in announcement: Lucy Shumate, Bailey Shumate)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: A number of short articles appear in column 1 with regard to the proceedings and difficulties of the Democratic convention at Charleston. Most of the page is advertisements; bottom right is illegible.

To Song Makers
(Column 1)
Summary: Spectator lists words that rhyme with "Bell," for those who are writing songs in support of John Bell's candidacy.
Full Text of Article:

--The following list of words rhyming with Bell will be found useful by composers of political ballads: Dwell, fell, ell, quell, knell, sell, cell, hell, dispel, foretell, excel, compel, yell, well, tell, swell, spell, mell, parallel, sentinel, infidel, citadel, repel, rebel, impel, expel, etc.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements; bottom left is illegible; part of lead editorial from page 2 is repeated in column 1.