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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: July 3, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Columns 5-6 contain published exchanges of correspondence between E. Fontaine of Central Railroad, and the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. The two railroads are able to work out their scheduling difficulties to their mutual satisfaction. Most of the page is poetry, humorous stories, household advice, etc.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Meeting and resolutions of the National Executive Committee of the Douglas branch of the Democrats, column 4. Page is scattered with short political articles about the split of the Democratic party, about the activities being undertaken by the two factions and its press organs, and favorable pieces about the Constitutional Unionists.

But One National Party--Duty of all to Sustain it
(Column 1-2)
Summary: Argues that the Democratic party, having split, can no longer be called national, but rather is sectional, as is the Republican party. If one wants to prevent the victory of the Republicans and to also see the victory of a national party, patriotism requires voting for the Constitutional Union party, the only national party in the upcoming election.
Commencement Exercises of the "Wesleyan Female Institute"
(Column 3)
Summary: Report of commencement exercises at the Wesleyan Female Institute, at which Mollie B. McCoy of Staunton graduated and read an essay entitled "Woman." Also, Mattie E. Cooke read a composition entitled "What is society? What are its benefits? What is its influence?"
(Names in announcement: Mollie McCoy, Mattie Cooke)
Officers of the Junior Blues
(Column 3)
Summary: List of the officers of the Junior Blues, a youth military company. J.D. Lilley, Captain; L. Harman, 1st Lieutenant; R.T. Phillips, 2nd Lieutenant; A.H.H. Stuart, Jr., 3rd Lieutenant; J.W. Blackburn, 4th Lieutenant; C.W. Turner, Orderly Sergeant; J.C. Lilley, 2nd Orderly Sergeant; J.H. Wayt, 3rd Orderly Sergeant; E. Berkeley, Ensign; F. Stribling, Surgeon; F. Brook, Quartermaster; J.B. Scherer, 1st Corporal; E.C. Kinney, 2nd Corporal; C. Stafford, 3rd Corporal; J. Scherer, 4th Corporal.
(Names in announcement: J.D. Lilley, L. Harman, R.T. Phillips, A.H.H. StuartJr., J.W. Blackburn, C.W. Turner, J.C. Lilley, J.H. Wayt, E. Berkeley, F. Stribling, F. Brook, J.B. Scherer, E.C. Kinney, C. Stafford, J. Scherer)
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: Joseph A. Waddell was appointed Commissioner in Chancery for the Circuit Court upon the resignation of William S.H. Saylor.
(Names in announcement: Esq. Joseph Waddell, Esq. William Saylor)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Report of a meeting of members of the Winchester Station of the M.E. Church, advocating separation from the General Conference of the M.E. Church due to the chapter on slavery in the new discipline, column 1. Report that a meeting of some Northern Methodist preachers formerly part of the Baltimore Conference voted to denounce the actions of the General Conference with regard to slavery, column 1.

Meeting of Staunton Station
(Column 1)
Summary: Meeting of the members of the M.E. Church of Staunton Station, opened with prayer by Rev. F.C. Tobbe. A.D. Trotter was named Chair, W.T. Jewell named Secretary. Rev. Joseph R. Wheeler announced the object of the meeting, upon which a committee of five (Dr. H. Anderson, G.A. Armentrout, A.M. Simpson, John R. Evans, and George W. Campbell) was selected to draft resolutions. The meeting resolved unanimously to recommend that the Baltimore Conference of the M.E. Church separate from the General Conference due to the recent chapter included in the M.E. Discipline condemning slavery as a sin against God.
(Names in announcement: Rev. F.C. Tobbe, A.D. Trotter, W.T. Jewell, Rev. Joseph Wheeler, Dr. H. Anderson, G. Armentrout, A.M. Simpson, John Evans, George Campbell)
(Column 2)
Summary: William H. Cullen married Mildred A. Jackson, both of Augusta County, on June 14.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Martin Garber, William Cullen, Mildred Jackson)
(Column 2)
Summary: John W. Plecker of Rockingham married Mary C. Whitmore of Augusta on June 14. Rev. D.W. Arnold performed the ceremony at the bride's father's home.
(Names in announcement: D.W. Arnold, John Plecker, Mary Whitmore)
(Column 2)
Summary: Eliza C. Grove, wife of John C. Grove and daughter of the late David Points, died on June 28th at age 33.
(Names in announcement: Eliza Grove, John Grove, David Points)
(Column 2)
Summary: Peter Hanger, age 6, died on June 18, and William G. Hanger, age 7, died on June 20. Both were sons of Peter and Margaret Hanger, who had previously lost their daughter, Mary B. Hanger, on June 8.
(Names in announcement: Peter Hanger, William Hanger, Peter Hanger, Margaret Hanger, Mary Hanger)
Trailer: "B."
(Column 2)
Summary: Jane B. Herring died on June 27 at the home of her brother Bethuel Herring in Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: Bethuel Herring, Jane Herring)
Trailer: "E."
Tribute of Respect
(Column 2)
Summary: Report of a tribute meeting of the Mountain Guard at Spring Hill in honor of Dr. B.H. Kibler. Resolutions in his honor were proposed by J.M. Spitler and accepted by the company, and submitted to the newspaper by R.L. Doyle, Captain.
(Names in announcement: R.L. Doyle, Dr. B.H. Kibler, J.M. Spitler)
Trailer: R.L. Doyle, Captain
[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: Obituary poem for Mary Bell Snapp, age 6 months and 18 days, who died June 15. She was the daughter of Robert B. Snapp and Mary L. Snapp.
(Names in announcement: Mary Bell Snapp, Robert Snapp, Mary Snapp)
Life Insurance
(Column 7)
Summary: Advertisement for the Virginia Life Insurance Company.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements; bottom left illegible.