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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: November 6, 1860

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Page has short morality quips, especially in columns 4-7. Poetry, columns 3 & 7. "Personal Sketch" of Winfield Scott, column 6. Sermon of Rev. William P. Lunt on "The Ship of State," column 5. Bottom right of page is illegible.

Farmers' Boys
(Column 4)
Summary: Argues that the sons of farmers are the most important people "in the wide world," as they grow up to be the noblest men. Urges farmers' sons to lead temperate and moral lives.
Origin of Article: Valley Farmer
Happy Women
(Column 5)
Summary: Sings the praises of "happy women," who are "the very sparkle and sunshine of life," always helping and optimistic, and never complaining.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Page is full (almost literally) of materials urging citizens to vote for Bell/Everett and denouncing disunion and sectionalism and sectional parties. Some of the materials/articles are taken from other newspapers, such as one from the Sandy (Ky.) Valley Advocate, column 4. There are a number of very large headlines such as "SAVE YOUR COUNTRY! BY VOTING FOR BELL AND EVERETT!," column 1, and "RING THE ALARM BELL AND VOTE FOR THE UNION BELL," column 3. Excerpted speech by Jeremiah Clemens of Alabama, column 3. Parody of "The Raven," applied to current political affairs, excerpted from the St. Louis Republican, column 5.

Tuesday, the 6th of November
(Column 1)
Summary: Spectator gives one final push for people to vote for Bell and Everett and reflects on the ultimate importance of this election for the Union.
Down With Destructives
(Column 1)
Summary: Condemns disunionists and calls on patriots to avert the dissolution of the Union that surely will occur if the Breckinridge wing of the Democratic party is victorious.
Origin of Article: Richmond Whig
Trailer: Rich. Whig.
Staunton Club
(Column 1)
Summary: Report of the meeting of the Central Bell/Everett Club.
(Names in announcement: R.L. Doyle, James Imboden)
Another Grand and Glorious Rally!! The People of Augusta Aroused!!! They will be Sure to do their Duty!!
(Column 2)
Summary: Report of the proceedings of the second Union Rally, which was held despite rainy and muddy weather.
(Names in announcement: John Parkins, Alex. Stuart, Col. John Baldwin, Col. Imboden)
Commissioners of Election
(Column 6)
Summary: List of Election Commissioners for Augusta County, listed by precinct.
(Names in announcement: A.J. Garber, Dr. T. Rennolds, James Gregory, Robert Stevenson, Elijah Hogshead, Dr. William McChesney, John Randolph, William Randolph, David Kunkle, Givens Shiflett, Lorenzo Shaw, Lewis Boswell, Lewis Bumgardner, James Supple, William Smith, John Towberman, Adam McChesney, Joseph Long, Joseph Harper, G.M. Apple, John Bell, Hugh Gallher, John Taylor, J.D. Hanger, Franklin McCue, Solomon Koiner, Col. Samuel McCune, Elijah Bateman, Capt. Robert Guy, Thomas McCue, Gideon Barnhart, John Myers, James Patterson, Dr. B.F. Walker, Benjamin Byrely, J.D. Craig, William Crawford, General Kenton Harper, Thomas Burke, D.B. Hyde, Robert Gamble, Enos Sillings, A.H. Clinedinst, Col. Isaac Bushong, D. Newton Van Lear, Dr. B.F. Hopkins, Samuel Paul, Joseph Hottle, James Wilson, John Huff, Capt. Jacob Hoover, Robert Eubank, Samuel Bell, George Hoover, George Shuey, Capt. Frank Shuey, James Henry, William Hopkins, John Rush, Peter Steele, James Martin, John Hutchins, Benjamin Hupp, St. C. Turk, William Guy, Reunix Hodge, C.A. McCutchen, Henry Greiner, Samuel Hunter, William Glass, Jonathan Balely, Robert Trevey, Chesley Kinney, John Whitmore, Hatch Clark, Washington Swink, Col. B. Turk, M.G. Harman, Jacob Baylor, H.M. Bell)
Trailer: M.G. Harman, Jacob Baylor, H.M. Bell, Commissioners at Court House
(Column 7)
Summary: Married on October 30.
(Names in announcement: Rev. George Taylor, Ulysses Asney, Melissa Bledsoe)
(Column 7)
Summary: Mr. Swatsley of Matamoras, Woodford County, Illinois, married Miss Cameron of Verseilles, Morgan County, Missouri. Both are formerly from Augusta.
(Names in announcement: John C. Swatsley, Jennie L. Cameron)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Advertisements. Bottom right is fuzzy.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements