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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: January 29, 1861

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Columns 3 and 4 are Federal and State congressional records. Various articles regarding results of state conventions in Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama alleging a lack of popular support for secession despite the conventions' acts.

How It was Received
(Column 5)
Summary: Article reports that in Natchez, Mississippi the announcement of secession was greeted "with almost unanimous disapproval".
Origin of Article: Natchez Courier
Mr. Stuart's Speech
(Column 7)
Summary: Advocates a position of seeking redress for grievances within the Union as outlined in Hon. A.H. Stuart's speech to the Legislature.
(Names in announcement: Hon. Alex Stuart)

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Various articles containing news from other state conventions. Columns 4 and 5 congressional records. Numerous articles urging citizens to vote for the Union to avoid war and taxation.

The Dangers of Extremes
(Column 1)
Summary: Warns against extremists of both sides and their common cause to destroy the union.
All Should Vote--Heavy Responsibility
(Column 1)
Summary: Encourages the citizens to vote for conservative-minded men for the Convention and to vote for "referring" the action of the Convention to a popular vote.
Address of Members of Congress
(Column 2)
Summary: Reports that the congressional delegation of the secessionist states issued an address to the people of Virginia saying that there is no hope for a congressional settlement. The article accuses these congressmen of inflammatory and dishonest tactics, the same trick that "won the game in Georgia".
False Friends
(Column 2)
Summary: Points out that the Democratic papers oppose language in the Convention bill that will subject the decisions of the Convention to popular vote.
Full Text of Article:

The Democratic papers, as is well known, have heretofore prated loudly about the wisdom, patriotism and intelligence of the "dear people," and have professed great solicitude about the rights and privileges of the only true sovereigns, but now every Democratic paper we have noticed, with three exceptions only, is opposed to that clause of the Convention bill which gives the people the poor privilege of voting whether or not the action of the Convention shall be submitted to them for their ratification or rejection. These professed friends of the "dear people" are for stopping the mouths of the sovereigns when they fear they will not favor secession, civil war and grievous taxation.

Louisiana Gone
(Column 3)
Summary: Article reports the secession of Louisiana, bringing the number of seceded states to six.
Speeches on Monday
(Column 3)
Summary: Reports that speeches by convention candidates at the courthouse on Monday were received with marked interest and elicited frequent and loud applause.
(Names in announcement: Alex Stuart, Hugh Sheffey, William Harman, Col. George Baylor, Col. John Baldwin, Capt. John Imboden)
Reasons for Voting for "Reference"
(Column 3)
Summary: Asserts that the Southern Senators that remain in Congress are attempting to scuttle compromises in order to effect the outcome of state conventions by making it appear that a solution within the Union is impossible. Thus, the Spectator urges citizens to vote to refer the convention's decisions to the people in order that a grave determination shall not be made by "152 men in secret session."
Gen. Scott Burnt in Effigy
(Column 4)
Summary: On Saturday night 200 University students burnt Gen. Scott in effigy within the university enclosure. The article was printed in the Jeffersonian without a word of rebuke.
Origin of Article: Charlottesville Jeffersonian
Border Slave States
(Column 5)
Summary: An extract from a letter from Gov. Hicks of Maryland to Hon. J.L. Curry, the commissioner of Alabama. It points out that the border states suffer more from Northern interference with slavery than do the seceded states and that civil war will disproportionately devastate the border states. Gov. Hicks charges that these facts were disregarded by the "headlong action" of states that would drag all to war and ruin.
Hon. A.H.H. Stuart, Col. J.B. Baldwin and Col. Geo. Baylor
(Column 6)
Summary: Petition from Augusta voters requesting Stuart, Baldwin, and Baylor to run for office. Names appear to be largely from the Churchville Precinct.
(Names in announcement: Wm. F. Acord, Jacob Adams, J.W. Ailor, F. Alexander, J.F. Argenbright, H.C. Armstrong, Wm. Armstrong, D.W. Arnold, Andrew Baylor, Geo. Baylor, J.R. Baylor, Christian Bear, Harvey BearJr., J.H. Bear, Wm. A. Bear, J.P. Biby, John Brown, Wm. Bumbgardner, Wm. Burns, J.W. Calhoun, T.F. Chrisman, James Cochran, Robert Cochran, A. Cooke, Isaac Craven, J.R. Crosby, Alex Crosby, Amos CrosbySr., Amos CrosbyJr., Geo. Crosby, Joshna Crosby, Wm. Crosby, E.G. Curry, Jacob Dedrick, James Dedrick, E.A. Dudley, S.D. Elliott, J.T. Eubank, Wm. J. Euritt, David Fall, Jas. Farrow, J. McK. Foley, H.H. Fultz, Ephraim Geeding, R.S. Hamilton, J.A. Hanger, A.J. Harruff, James Heizer, Mat Helmes, Wm. H. Hite, Wm. Hogshead, Jacob Hoover, A. Hoover, N.H. Hotchkiss, Benjamin Houseman, Wm. Houseman, J.W. Huff, Wm. H. Jackson, George W. Johns, Jeremiah Johns, Jacob Keller, John Key, Alf King, Absalom Knowles, R. Knowles, London Kootz, B.M. Lickliter, James M. Lickliter, T.N. Lindsay, Michael Livick, Wm. Mann, J.A. MartinJr., John MartinSr., S.J. McCord, John McNairSr., Andrew Miller, Henry Myers, Isaac Myers, Jackson Myers, Samuel Myers, Wm. Newman, Geo. Perry, Wm. Perry, Wm. K. Piper, J.B. Quidor, J. Ramsbottom, Wm. A. Reed, Martin Rohr, John Roudabush, Jacob Ruff, R.R. Ruff, John Sanderson, Frank Seba, David Shaver, Jacob Shaver, George Sherman, Wm. Shirley, Geo. Shuey, David Sieg, S.S. Sieg, David Sieg, Henry B. Sieg, G.R. Smith, Gid SmithSr., George Smith, Henry Sterrett, R.A. Stogdell, J.G. Stover, J.M. Taliaferro, John E. Whitmore, David Williams, James WilsonJr., James Wilson, J.B. Wilson, Joseph WilsonSr., Samuel C. Wilson, James Wooster, J.B. Wynant, J.S. Young)
To the People of Augusta
(Column 6)
Summary: A letter from George Baylor accepting the call to run for the Convention. He outlines his unionist views but opposes coercion to keep a state in the Union.
(Names in announcement: George Baylor)
Extracts from a Bill to Create a Provisional State Guard
(Column 6)
Summary: Reports the passage of a bill to raise a military force designated "The Virginia State Guard." This force shall consist of between ten and twenty thousand men raised by voluntary enlistments and, if necessary, drafting from the militia.
(Column 7)
Summary: Andrew Stuart and Sarah McClure, daughter of John McClure, were married on January 17 near Greenville, Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: Sarah McClure, Andrew Stuart, Rev. Dr. McFarland, John McClure)
(Column 7)
Summary: J.M. Price died on January 17th at age 17. He died at the residence of J.B. Evans.
(Names in announcement: J.B. Evans, J.M. Price)

-Page 03-

Description of Page: Column 1 contains three articles urging continued effort to save the Union. The remainder of page is ads.

-Page 04-

Description of Page: Advertisements