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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: April 28, 1863

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-Page 01-

Description of Page: Col. 1-3 ads and notices. Col. 4 and 5 Governor's Proclamation. Col. 6 William Smith's announces Gubernatorial candidacy.

For the Spectator
(Column 6)
Summary: C.D. McCoy of the Augusta Lee Rifles thanks Hambey and others for a donation of provisions.
(Names in announcement: James Hambey, C. D. McCoy)
Trailer: C. D. McCoy
The Confederate Tax
(Column 7)
Summary: Article outlines the provisions of the Confederate Tax Bill.

-Page 02-

Description of Page: Various battlefield reports. Announcements from candidates seeking offices, all Augusta candidates previously tagged.

Slander Refuted
(Column 1)
Summary: Article refutes rumors spread about John Baldwin's voting record. Included with the article is a letter from John Baldwin in which he denies the false charges.
(Names in announcement: John B. Baldwin)
Tenth Legion and Augusta
(Column 1)
Summary: The Spectator takes exception to letters written to the Register and the Vindicator endorsing Gov. Letcher for Congress.
Full Text of Article:

A communication in the Rockingham Register signed "Tenth Legion," and one in the Vindicator signed "Augusta," bearing marks of having been written by the same individual, urge the people to vote for Gov. Letcher for Congress on the ground that he has been denounced in extravagant and unjust terms. Will "Tenth Legion" and "Augusta" be good enough to inform the public who it was that "hounded" and "maligned," "hunted down" and "villified" him, and why they wish to visit the sins of others upon the head of Col. Baldwin. The writer in the Vindicator uses this language: "Hunted down, villified by interested political hucksters and mountebank politicians, who felt no responsibility, who had and have never given any tangible evidence of a heartfelt interest in the cause of the South, and who have not the brains to comprehend the vast difficulties which environ high official positions in such a crisis as that through which we are now passing, &c."

Why not say who these "political hucksters and mountebank politicians" are, who "have never given any evidence of a heartfelt interest in the cause of the South?" To what political household do they belong? Why not designate and visit the exposure and punishment upon the persons guilty of the offence mentioned, instead of trying to make a victim and scape-goat of Col. Baldwin? Is he to be punished for the offence of others? Is that the code of punishment approved by these advocates of the election of Gov. Letcher?

"Tenth Legion" informs the good people of Rockingham that, "A refusal to vote for him (Gov. Letcher) would be a palpable and direct condemnation of themselves." How is this? In what way would they be condemning themselves in voting for Col. Baldwin? In voting for him for Congress they would be vindicating the wisdom of their former course when they elected him a member of that body. If they vote against him, they will condemn their former conduct in electing him. The people have no reason to regret the choice they then made, and will not practice the injustice of condemning a man without a reason therefor[e].

Col. Baldwin's Speech
(Column 2)
Summary: Item reports a speech made by Baldwin in Staunton. Gov. Letcher was supposed to meet him in debate, but did not show up.
A Retired Candidate
(Column 2)
Summary: Article alleges collusion between William Skeen of Pocahontas Co., who withdrew from the canvass for Congress, and Gov. Letcher.
(Names in announcement: John B. Baldwin)
A Charge of Cowardice Made
(Column 2)
Summary: Item furiously reports a speech made in Harrisonburg made by William Skeen attacking John Baldwin.
(Names in announcement: John B. Baldwin)
Our Flag
(Column 2)
Summary: Item reports the passage of a bill in the Senate establishing the flag of the Confederacy.
To the People of Augusta
(Column 3)
Summary: Absalom Koiner announces himself as a candidate for the House of Delegates.
(Names in announcement: Absalom Koiner)
Trailer: Absalom Koiner
For the Spectator
(Column 3)
Summary: Writer urges the Government to action in order to drive the Yankees back across the Potomac.
Trailer: A Citizen
For the Spectator
(Column 3)
Summary: Writer criticizes deserters and alleges that several are "lurking" northeast of Sangersville. The writer wonders if adequate attempts at arresting them have been made.
(Names in announcement: William Flick, Ben Flick, Jesse Ray, Applegate, John Price, Charles Price, John Minnick, Elijah Minnick, James Minnick, George Miller, Thomas Taylor, Jim Taylor, James Kelley, David Shaver, Hiram Dever, Alexander Howdyshell, Blake Randall, Sager, Henry Buffer)
(Column 3)
Summary: Marriage of Eliza McComb to Samuel Coleman od Nelson Co.
(Names in announcement: Rev. C. S. M. See, Eliza Ann McComb)
[No Title]
(Column 3)
Summary: Death of brothers William A. and James Bear.
(Names in announcement: William A. Bear, James H. Bear, John H. Bear, Rachel Bear)
(Column 3)
Summary: Death of William H. Bear.
(Names in announcement: William H. Bear, Christian Bear, Margaret Bear)
Deaths in the 52nd Regiment
(Column 4 and 5)
Summary: List of commanding officers of the 52nd Regiment and those in the regiment who have died.
(Names in announcement: Col. John B. Baldwin, Lt. Col. M. G. Harman, Maj. John D. H. Ross, Col. M. G. Harman, Lt. Col. James H. Skinner, Maj. John D. H. Ross, E. Garber, John Cochran, John B. Eskridge, Charles A. Dinkle, Gideon D. Freed, Saul M. Johnston, Robert Mitchell, Robert Smith, Robert A. Stingdale, Jacob H. Misner, Leyton Morris, Henry Mesincup, Francis Dixon, John B. Johnston, Walker Broyles, Francis M. Childress, Randolph C. Yount, Capt. Robert C. Davis, William Long, Clinton M. King, William J. Harlow, William Demasters, Jeff Bridge, William C. W. Rice, Pryor Wood, Dorsey McDaniel, John Dobbs, Shifflet, Edward M. Dabney, S. Curry, William Fry, Samuel S. Palmer, George W. Fultz, John McManaway, David W. Lamb, T. H. Humphreys, Samuel Wright, A. J. Chandler, Matthew Creel, James Humphreys, William Dickle, Dabney S. Beach, William F. Palmer, Capt. James S. Byers, John A. Carson, John J. Harman, William H. Stoutamoyer, Frederick Shaver, James A. Brown, Peter Good, H. G. Samuels, George W. Ruff, George Bailey, Henry F. Richie, James Jordan, Christian Grabiel, William F. Clarke, Absalom Michael, Capt. A. Airhart, William H. Fry, Martin Bell, Newton H. Hogshead, Robert Gordon, Alfred Smith, John E. Stover, Robert G. Karicofe, George Swisher, Christian Switzer, Solomon Whitmer, John S. Myers, Simon Sanger, Samuel M. Whitmer, Jacob Craun, Josiah Plecker, Josiah Whitmer, Philip Caffry, Capt. James Bumgardner, Daniel Mullen, William Ramsey, Nelson Key, William S. Thacker, John Suiteman, Henry Cox, William Landis, Samuel C. Myers, James W. Hamilton, Myland Drain, Capt. E. Bateman, William F. Dold, Jacob S. Greaver, Joseph S. Harris, Joseph Harris, David W. Grass, William S. Hawkins, Henry D. Welch, Thomas H. Collins, John M. Ochaltree, Alexander Ingram, James A. Steele, John S. Woodward, Reuben Wise, William G. Miller, William Zimbro, Capt. John D. Lilley, Samuel A. Lambert, James J. Hanger, William H. Dull, Joseph W. Campbell, John B. Goodnight, James Clinebell, David Price, William T. Oflighter, Samuel F. Harris, Capt. John M. Humphreys)
To the Electors of the 11th Congressional District
(Column 7)
Summary: William Skeen announces his withdrawal from the congressional race.