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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: January 09, 1866

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Resolutions of Respect
(Column 05)
Summary: A series of mock resolutions from an imaginary committee, designed to disparage the ideas of women's rights, especially suffrage.
Full Text of Article:

At a meeting of the Ladies of Mt. S----- in Virginia, Mrs. Peggy was called to preside, and Miss Kit requested to act as Secretary. On motion, a committee consisting of Mrs. Jamsha, Miss Tobitha, and Miss Kit, was appointed to draft resolutions. The committee submitted the following, which were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, has kindly volunteered to act as Advocate and Champion for "Women's Rights," and whereas, the merits of his efforts demand a passing tribute, therefore.

Resolved, That we the ladies of Mt. S-----, tender the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher our most appreciative thanks for his eloquent appeal, in behalf of women's rights of suffrage, made in his "address delivered in the Hall of Representatives at Washington City, before an immense audience."

Resolved, That if he intends the right of suffrage for the black man, and black woman only, that we blot his name from our remembrance.

Resolved, That our wrath, and indignation be appeased for his bit of glittering and overpowering flattery in calling, "woman the great civilizer."

Resolved, That if his original idea becomes a fixed law, he shall be immortalized as the "Savior" of "Women's Rights."

Resolved, That he shall have all the glory, as Gen'l Washington, and our ancestors, never thought of woman's worth.

Resolved, To believe that "Time and the genius man create wonders."

Resolved, To confess that we are rather green in politics.

Resolved, That if Mr. Beecher pushes his bill of woman's right of suffrage through Congress, that we unitedly [unclear] purchase his new, and celebrated Pamphlets, on Political Instructions for Females.

Resolved, That we cheerfully give his price one cent apiece, for his "Political Instructions."

Resolved, That a striking characteristic of our nature is obstinacy.

Resolved, That we do not vote for candidates whom male friends appoint for office.

Resolved, That we nominate only the rich men.

Resolved, That we shall have no regard for intelligence, or capability.

Resolved, To bury in the graves of our ancestors all delicacy of feeling, and love of horse empire.

Resolved, To fight the men, and buy their votes with brandy on election days.

Resolved, That we attend to national affairs, leave the gentlemen at home to wash, and iron their linen, cook their meals, and take charge of the children.

Resolved, If our esteemed advocate sill continues to plead for our right of suffrage, that we will forsake our homes, husbands, and children for the prosperity and harmony of our country.

Resolved, That we nominate the richest black man in the State for our next President.

Resolved, That the photograph of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher be sent to Africa.

Resolved, That after his decease an Anatomist prepare his body for Barnum's Museum.

Resolved, That these resolutions be published in all the papers in the United States, and copies be sent to the family of our revered friend.

Peggy, Chairman

Kit, Secretary

Trailer: Peggy, Kit
Women "On the Rampage"
(Column 05)
Summary: Reports that Stanton, Anthony and other "ardent advocates of women's rights" have submitted a petition to Congress, claiming that "white women have quite as much right to be invested with the suffrage as four millions of blacks."

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(Column 02)
Summary: Fannie Cupp and John Seawright were married on Dec. 28 by Rev. E. R. Veitch.
(Names in announcement: John Seawright, Fannie Cupp, Rev. E. R. Veitch)
(Column 02)
Summary: Adele Points and W. J. Points were married last Wednesday by Rev. Nelson.
(Names in announcement: W. J. Points, Adele Points, Rev. Nelson)

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