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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: January 16, 1866

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[No Title]
(Column 06)
Summary: "Subscriber" offers his opinions on the ongoing controversy between Bishop Glossbrenner and Major McCue. The author suggests that Glossbrenner is trying to "explain away infamous resolutions and doctrines too much tainted with negro scent to smell well in this community."
(Names in announcement: Maj. McCue, Mauzy)
Trailer: Subscriber

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Valley Railroad--Grant the Charter
(Column 01)
Summary: Encourages state legislators to grant a debated charter to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to build a rail line from Winchester to Salem, asking "shall we remain poor, when riches are proffered us?"
Full Text of Article:

States, as well as individuals, often allow the golden opportunity to pass unimproved. There is truth in the lines of the "Bard of Avon:"

"There is a tide in the affairs of men,

Which, taken at the flood, lead on to fortune,

Omitted all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and in miseries."

For the people of this Valley there is now a "tide" which, if they act wisely, they will "take at the flood," and it will lead them on to fortune. The golden opportunity is now presented. Will they embrace it? The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company will build a Railroad from Winchester to Salem if our Legislature will but grant them the charter. Will this opportunity to have this great improvement constructed, and to have millions of dollars poured, almost immediately into the lap of Virginia be unwisely, ay, foolishly thrown away? Shall we continue to be pinched with poverty when we have the opportunity to have millions of dollars expended in our midst, and for our own benefit, by capitalists from other States? Shall we sleep like Rip Van Winkle, when others are wide awake, reaping the harvests we ought to gather, or shall we arouse ourselves from the "ignoble supineness in which we lie bound," "shake off the dew drops from our garments,' and press on with energy, combined with wisdom, in the road which leads to fortune? Shall our rich resources remain undeveloped, shall we continue to enact the part of the surly dog in the manger, shall we refuse to grant the charter for the construction of the Railroad from Winchester to Salem? We hope not -- we believe not. We believe the present Legislature will grant the charter. We hope that our delegates will look to this question, and rest not till at least a vigorous efforts be made to effect this object -- a consummation so devoutly wished. If we thought, for a moment, that either of them would hesitate about favoring this project, we would urge upon our citizens the propriety of holding a meeting at our next Court for the purpose of giving expression to their views upon this subject, yet we are satisfied, from our intimate knowledge of the men, and our confidence in their good sense, that they will all vote for granting the charter. By all means, let us have the road.

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(Column 01)
Summary: Reports that Robert E. Lee arrived in town the previous evening.
Local-Fire Company
(Column 01)
Summary: Reports that the Town Council has appropriated $1500 for the Fire Company.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Waters)
Local-Departure of Soldiers
(Column 01)
Summary: Federal soldiers left Staunton on the previous Friday, and the author suggests that the only portion of the local population who will miss them are "sable feminines of easy virtue." The piece also promises that "colored people" will receive "kind treatment from their old friends, the whites of the South."
(Column 02)
Summary: W. W. Sperry died last Saturday. He was 51.
(Names in announcement: W. W. Sperry)
(Column 02)
Summary: Sgt. M. M. Miller, 52nd Va. Infantry, died from a wound received at Petersburg in March of 1865.
(Names in announcement: Sergeant M. M. Miller)

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