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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: May 01, 1866

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Our Town
(Column 01)
Summary: Praises the "spirit of improvement" animating Staunton, as evidenced in "all sorts of improvements which promise a profitable return."
(Names in announcement: Scheffer, George Peyton, Francis Stuart, Col. William Stuart, James Points, R. J. Hope, Hotchkiss, Harman, Kline, Dr. Isaac Hall, G. B. Stuart)

-Page 03-

Local News
(Column 01)
Summary: John Marshall McCue, presiding Justice of the County Court, was unanimously reelected.
(Names in announcement: J. Marshall McCue)
Local News--To Be Hung
(Column 01)
Summary: A black man held in the local jail for some time will be transported to Richmond where he will be hung next Friday. He was found guilty of killing a man and his wife and burning their house.
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Claims that "dark, sneaking, underhanded petitions" are circulating in the area "for sinister and unworthy purposes."
(Names in announcement: Dews)
Full Text of Article:

Mr. Editor:--You will be kept busy to notice all the dark, sneaking, underhanded a petitions, which are being circulated among a certain class of our citizens, for sinister and unworthy purposes. To-day, (the 26) my attention has been called to one, said to have been prepared, by that creature, Dews, who has brought disgrace upon the worthy freedmen of our county, by being made a member of their Court.--Have not seen the petition, but learn that it has been numerously signed by the so-called Union men of Pendleton county, known as "Swamps," and is now circulating in this county. Here, it is presumed, it will be cheerfully signed by that class of our people, who, under the late monstrous and outrageous order of that martinet, at Richmond, one Gen. Terry, assembled in our Court House a few weeks since, to say under oath, whether men of their kidney, could get justice done them before our civil tribunals.--I am one, Mr. Editor, who thinks they cannot get justice, but in a view entirely different from a certain ex-Capt. of Militia, residing about four miles from your town, who said he did not believe that nay one who thought and felt as he did, during the war, could get a show of justice," at the hands of our Courts. But to the petition. It has been gotten up for, and at the instance of, a certain individual living in White Oak Lick, on the road, via North River Gap, to Pendleton county. This individual, for a short time, carried water successfully on both shoulders, in the early part of the war. For some months Gen. Ed. Johnston employed him as a guide and scout to his forces, whilst on Alleghany. Even at that time, he was aiding the enemy. Afterwards his house became the rendez-vous of deserters from our ranks, as well as those who ran off before they were placed in the army, and he piloted them thro' successfully to New Creek and other points and brought back the mail for their friends from the now numerous class of deserters within the Yankee lines. Coming under the suspicion of the authorities, his premises were on one occasion invested by some of Capt. Avis' guard, and this same individual killed one of them from his own domicil.

All familiar with his premises know that ever since he has lived there, near a quarter of a century or more, it would puzzle a dozen wayfaring sheep to survive, from year's end to year's end. This petition represents to the Congress of the United States that this most devoted and self-sacrificing Union man, had his valuable property destroyed by the rebels, and asks thousands of dollars of indemnity. For the several thousands of deserters he aided, in running thro' to Yankeedom, he asks heavy remuneration.--For the God's service he rendered in murdering one of his own countrymen perhaps; he asks at the hands of Stevens, Sumner &c., big pay.--This is a faint outline of what this infamous papers, prepared by Dews's hands and for a most unworthy individual, is being circulated for.--What next do you ask?


Trailer: We Will See
Judge Lucas P. Thompson
(Column 02)
Summary: Resolutions issued from a meeting of the Staunton Bar praising the recently deceased Judge Lucas P. Thompson.
(Names in announcement: Lucas Thompson, Thomas Michie, A. H. H. Stuart, Echols, Henderson, Christian, Baldwin)
(Column 03)
Summary: James Lawrence died on April 19 at age 67.
(Names in announcement: James Lawrence)

-Page 04-

Foreshadowed Fate of the Negro
(Column 02)
Summary: Claims that blacks in the South are "destined to extinction," a fate that will prove "a merciful deliverance, not to the South alone, nor to the North, but to the ill-starred negro himself."
Origin of Article: Richmond Examiner