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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: May 15, 1866

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[No Title]
(Column 06)
Summary: Three women deprecate the conduct of returned soldiers, who walk the streets with "a very ungentlemanly swagger."
(Names in announcement: Nancy Sheffey, Kizzie Long, Mary Ann Terrill)
Trailer: Nancy Sheffey, Kizzie Long, Mary Ann Terrill

-Page 02-

Celebration of the Anniversary of the Death of Stonewall Jackson
(Column 01)
Summary: The third anniversary of the death of Stonewall Jackson was celebrated in Staunton with "prayer, addresses, music, floral procession, and the decking of the graves of the soldiers with beautiful wreaths." Attendance was large, a subject of "grateful astonishment."
(Names in announcement: Col. Charles T. O'Ferrall, Capt. Jed. Hotchkiss, Lt. John L. Opie, Rev. E. L. Busey, Col. James H. Skinner, Capt. James Bumgardner, Howe Y. Peyton, Capt. Powell Harrison, Col. Bolivar Christian)
Slanderous Secret Petition and Signers Thereto
(Column 02)
Summary: Includes a copy of the petition sent to Congress by self-described loyal men, requesting the return of federal troops, an act the editor describes as "wilful slander and calumny against a peaceful, well-disposed and unoffending community."
(Names in announcement: W. J. Dews, James Todd, J. A. Reynolds, Henry Wehn, William Burnett, A. Anderson, Thomas Gilbert, Jonathon Gilbert, B. M. Lines, Jonathon Rodgers, Jas. Davis, D. F. Taylor, John Shank, John Brannaman, Jas. A. Brannaman, Jacob Myers, Rob. B. Moore, Jno. B. Hamilton, Jerehmiah Moore, Geo. W. Fauber, A. H. Masineup, Geo. O. Griever, D. D. Durboraw, Saml. J. Wampler, Rob. T. Whitlock, J. B. Wilson, A. H. Cleaveland, J. H. Benley, Jonas Wampler, David Wagan, Saml. B. Weaver, Saml. H. Weaver, Geo. W. Miller, John H. Stoutemoyer, Jno. K. Keiser, John H. Reubush, David H. Reubush, Allison Doyle, Tom. Kline Durboraw, Geo. W. Painter, John Glover, Jas. S. Hill, B. F. Little, Jno. A. Harris, And. Davis, George W. Baugram, B. F. Calbreath, Martin K. Garber, Medley Moore, Th. Calbreath, Jacob Stover, Simon P. Stover, Wm. Armstrong, Martin Bahorey, G. R. Smith, Benj. F. Taliaferro, Jas. Jordan, Chs. S. Peters, Joshua H. Stover, Wm. J. H. Stover, J. G. Jordan, Jos. M. Jordan, J. W. Sheets, John D. Sheets, James E. Landes, Wm. LinkJr., James R. Burket, David T. Burket, Leander Sheets, Lewis Hulvey, Simon P. Stover, David W. Landes, Martin Simmons, John Whiselman, J. C. Elliott, Jno. Hogshead, Geo. Hogshead, J. Snyder, Geo. Elliott, Derrick Miller, Geo. Whiselman, John Todd, Emanuel Smith, Wm. Roberts, Peter Zimmerman, Jno. P. Driver, Jos. Driver, John Driver, Saml. T. Driver, Wm. H. Showalter, Ed. H. Huffman, Andy Huffer, Jno. B. Harman, Jacob Teaford, James M. Wine, John Snider)

-Page 03-

Local News
(Column 01)
Summary: Recounts two recent sales of local houses.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Doyle, Dr. J. M. Hanger, Alex. F. Kinney, Benj. F. Bagby)
Local News--Contributions for Cemetery
(Column 01)
Summary: Lists the men delegated by the Ladies Cemetery Committee to receive contributions.
(Names in announcement: Benj. Crawford, Benj. F. Points, William H. Peyton, Byron Hoge)
Local News--A Man Drowned
(Column 01)
Summary: A man known as Sheets, who was known to have epilepsy, was found drowned in three feet of water. It is suspected that he had an attack while fishing.
(Names in announcement: Sheets, J. Wayne Spitler)
Local News--Shoe Factory Building Sold
(Column 01)
Summary: Reports that the four buildings comprising the old shoe factory were sold to two men for a total $15,050.
(Names in announcement: A. T. Maupin, R. G. Bickle)
(Column 03)
Summary: Nancy McCausland died on March 13 of "cancer on her breast." She was 57.
(Names in announcement: Nancy McCausland, John McCausland)
Trailer: N. J. W.
(Column 03)
Summary: Eliza Edmondson died at her home on May 1.
(Names in announcement: Eliza Edmondson, Dr. John Edmondson, Rev. William Calhoun)

-Page 04-