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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: June 05, 1866

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For the County Court
(Column 05)
Summary: Denounces "discrimination against the poor, and in favor of the rich" and calls for reform in the system of taxation.
Full Text of Article:

Mr. Editor:--As the county levy will be laid at the next term of the June Court. I think it an appropriate occasion to call the attention of the Court by a subject which calls loudly for reform. The county is heavily taxed for county purposes; yet the poor, being the more numerous class, bear the heavy proportion of the tax. Should not those who have large material interests in the county bear a tax proportionate to that interest? In looking over the assessment books of this county, I find Mr. F--'s property is valued at fifty thousand dollars, and Mr. D--'s property is valued a fifty dollars. Yet strange to say, while Mr. F-- paid nine dollars. Is there any justice or reason in such discrimination against the poor, and in favor of the rich? This unequal and unjust tax is now driven many of the industrious, honest laboring men from the country, while the idle and vicious, who never pay their taxes by assessing a property tax, as well as a Capitulation tax.

In these times of high taxes, to bear the oft repeated adage, "Blessed is he that hath nothing." But the County Court (by their assessments) would seem to say "Cursed is he that hath many children."


Trailer: Reform

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Reports that 10,498 immigrants, mostly German and Irish, arrived in New York last week.
Decorating Soldiers' Graves in Richmond
(Column 02)
Summary: On two occasions last week an estimated total of 28,000 people turned out to decorate the graves of the Confederate dead in Richmond.
Full Text of Article:

On Monday of last week about 8000 persons turned out at Richmond with the proper implements to decorate the graves of the 6,000 soldiers buried in Hollywood Cemetery. On the next Thursday, about 20,000 persons turned out to dress the graves and to strew them with flowers. The Examiner of Friday last says that agreeably to the pre-arrangements of the Hollywood Memorial Association, the sacred touching ceremonies incident to the dressing and floral adornment of the graves of the Confederate dead that lie buried in Hollywood Cemetery, were carried into effect. Business was suspended, the city was deserted, and the feet of the people who revere the brave bore them forth to the quiet city of the dead, where the hand of youth and of age, of both sexes, were busied in the work of flowery decoration. The occasion was such an one as has never before been witnessed in Richmond; and it is not probable that the eyes that looked in admiration upon the deep, patriotic, heartfelt demonstration will ever look upon a like scene again -- the Mourning Festival of Flowers.

Freedmen's Bureau Bill
(Column 03)
Summary: Last Wednesday the House passed a bill extending the life of the Freedmen's Bureau for three additional years.

-Page 03-

Local News
(Column 01)
Summary: E. M. Young's smokehouse was broken into last week and eight pieces of bacon were stolen.
(Names in announcement: E. M. Young)
Local News
(Column 01)
Summary: Sarah Gooch was committed to jail last week for stealing clothing from Mrs. Thomas Bledsoe.
(Names in announcement: Sarah Gooch, Mrs. Thos. A. Bledsoe, Sarah Reid)
Local News--Try Again, Boys
(Column 01)
Summary: The Staunton Base Ball Club was beaten by the Monticello Club in a game at the University of Virginia by a score of 42 to 5.
Local News--A Call Upon The Gentlemen
(Column 01)
Summary: The Ladies Cemetery Committee requests all able-bodied men to assemble at the cemetery on Saturday to contribute their efforts to improving the graves of the Confederate dead. Ladies are requested to provide provisions.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Kunkle, Mr. Pilson)
Local News--Augusta Circuit Court
(Column 01)
Summary: An account of proceedings at the first session of the June term of the Circuit Court.
(Names in announcement: Judge Hugh W. Sheffey, Judge Lucas P. Thompson, Wm. A. Abney, Robert F. Craig, Alexander W. Greaver, George Greaver, Franklin Greaver, Henry Woodson, Peter Ransom, Robert Lewis)
Full Text of Article:

The June term of the Circuit Court commenced its session in Staunton, on Friday last, the 1st day of June -- Judge Hugh W. Sheffey , presiding. The charge to th Grand Jury was able, and contained an eloquent eulogium upon the private and official character of the late Judge Lucas P. Thompson. Wm. A. Abney was selected as foreman, and the following indictments and presentments were made: Indictment against Robert F. Craig, for grand larceny. The Judge being interested as counsel in this case, it was postponed until the July Special Term, (over which Judge Watson, of Albemarle, will preside,) and the prisoner admitted to bail in the sum of $7,000 for his appearance there. Indictment against Alexander W. Greaver, (No. 1) for grand larceny; indictment against same, for grand larceny; indictment against the same, for grand larceny, (No. 2). These cases not being ready for trial, they were postponed. Indictment against George Greaver, for petit larceny, indictment against Henry Woodson, (colored) for house-breaking, &c.; indictment against Peter Ransom, (colored) for house-breaking, &c; cases tried, and prisoners found guilty -- verdict of Jury for three years in the penitentiary; Robert Lewis, (colored) for grand larceny -- case tried, prisoner found guilty, and verdict of Jury for three years in the penitentiary. Mover for new trial. Several other presentments for minor offences.--The docket of civil causes is unusually large.

Local News--Interesting Ceremonies
(Column 02)
Summary: An account of the ceremonies at St. Francis Church last Thursday, where forty or fifty girls participated in a floral procession accompanied by song.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Father Bixio, S. McMahon, N. Collins, S. Murray, M. O'Brien, K. Hurley, M. McLaughlin, B. Kennedy, J. Sullivan, M. Crowley, M. Nelligan, B. Crowe, M. King, L. Scherer, R. Kelley, F. McLaughlin, M. Connors, M. Crimmons, N. Hurley)
(Column 04)
Summary: H. B. Dickerson, of Charlotte county, and Julia Crawford, of Augusta, were married on May 20 by Rev. J. C. Baker.
(Names in announcement: H. B. Dickerson, Julia A. Crawford, Rev. J. C. Baker)

-Page 04-