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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: June 12, 1866

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-Page 01-

A Card from Hon. A. H. H. Stuart
(Column 05)
Summary: A. H. H. Stuart responds to an allegation in the National Intelligencer charging him with spearheading the persecution of those signers of the recent petition to Congress from "loyal citizens" of Augusta county.
(Names in announcement: A. H. H. Stuart, Joseph Segar, Dews)
Origin of Article: National Intelligencer
Trailer: Alex. H. H. Stuart

-Page 02-

President's Proclamation
(Column 01)
Summary: Last Wednesday the President issued a proclamation warning all citizens against taking part in, aiding, or abetting the illegal Fenian invasion of Canada.
Trial of Mr. Jeff Davis
(Column 01)
Summary: Reports that Davis's attorneys have argued that Davis is a prisoner of war rather than a State prisoner, meaning his fate is in the hands of the President. The article predicts that President Johnson will parole him soon.
Military Posts
(Column 04)
Summary: Reports that while troops are being withdrawn from neighboring areas, some local residents continue to circulate petitions calling for the return of federal troops. These efforts, the author contends, will be unsuccessful although those responsible will expose "themselves to the just indignation and contempt of the community."

-Page 03-

Local News--Circuit Court
(Column 01)
Summary: Proceedings of the court in the last week.
(Names in announcement: Peter Row, Robert Lewis, Henry Woodson, A. W. Greaver, Thomas Beard, David Beard, Augustus Hanger, A. W. Harman, W. W. Montgomery, John Staughan)
Local News--Strawberry Feast
(Column 01)
Summary: The ladies of the Presbyterian Congregation gave a Strawberry Feast in the Town Hall last Tuesday, raising a total of 275 dollars.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Wm. Crawford)
Local News--Work at the Cemetery
(Column 02)
Summary: Reports that a large number of men turned out last Saturday at the behest of the Ladies Cemetery Committee for the purpose of improving the graves of the Confederate dead. The ladies of the Committee issued special thanks to "colored persons for the part they performed at the Cemetery." The ladies are requesting laborers next Thursday as well.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Lawson, Rozelle)
Local News--Railroad Meeting
(Column 02)
Summary: Urges citizens to hold a railroad meeting and to "let every man who owns land agree to subscribe 5 per cent of its value" toward the construction of the Valley Railroad.
Local News--Virginia Hotel
(Column 02)
Summary: Recent guests of Staunton's Virginia Hotel praise it as perhaps the finest hotel in the state.
(Names in announcement: Samuel Paul, Jno. Towberman, J. B. Collins, Thos. S. Coalter, J. A. Desper, A. P. Sirich, Wm. Landes, Jonathan Landes, J. E. Logan, J. Beck, J. G. Swink, J. Silor, John Nunan, Jacob Kannupp)
Business Notices--Col. Chas. S. Peyton
(Column 03)
Summary: Col. Charles Peyton, who lost an arm at the second battle of Manassas and was wounded again while leading a charge at Gettysburg, is now helping manage the much-praised Virginia Hotel in Staunton.
(Names in announcement: Col. Chas. S. Peyton)
(Column 04)
Summary: Margaret Garber and Charles Gregory were married on June 7 by Rev. J. E. Armstrong.
(Names in announcement: Charles E. Gregory, Margaret R. Garber, Rev. J. E. Armstrong)
(Column 04)
Summary: Margaret Underwood, of Spottsylvania county, died at the residence of her son-in-law, M. Powel, in Staunton on April 19. She was 50 years old.
(Names in announcement: Margaret Underwood, M. Powel)
(Column 04)
Summary: Sallie Garber died on May 31. She "possessed a fine mind and was an accomplished scholar," and was "always faithful and true."
(Names in announcement: Sallie Tebbs Garber, Wm. H. Garber)

-Page 04-