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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: June 04, 1867

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Register! Register!
(Column 01)
Summary: Calls for "committees of active, patriotic men" to see that every man who is able registers, explaining that "a vote is worth a thousand times as much now as ever before."
Full Text of Article:

We have frequently urged the great importance of registering. If we could speak in a piece of thunder, we would say to all our people, "register, REGISTER, that you may be qualified to vote." A vote is worth a thousand times as much no as ever before, and every one who can, should qualify himself to vote by registering as soon as the registering offices are open. We think that committees of active, patriotic men should be appointed in every neighborhood in every county of the State whose duty it should be to see that every man who can, should register. We hope that a thorough and efficient system of organization will be adopted. There should be no delay, for results transcendently important depend upon it. In the language of the Norfolk Virginian, "it is abundantly plain that no time should be lost by the people of Virginia in perfecting local organizations for the purpose of bringing to the polls every man in the Commonwealth, who is qualified as an elector, at this crisis in our history. We are confronted by an organization perfect in its drill and discipline, and if the Anglo-Saxon element is to retain its fair share of political power, it must display that energy and courage which have heretofore marked that race from the days of Hastings down to Appomattox Court House. We are called upon now to fight a battle in which we have at stake as much as was lost at either of the fights to which we have alluded. If we are beaten through our own neglect of the plain duty before us, then we shall deserve all that may befall us."

[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Reports that Wendell Phillips recently told a meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society that the country could not survive the election of General Grant or Sherman and that he would not "'feel satisfied with the efforts of the Radicals until the name of a black man has been placed upon the ballot for Vice-President.'"
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Argues that Northern business interests will soon turn against Reconstruction because of the instability caused by the "political agitations" of the Radicals.
Origin of Article: Lynchburg News
Full Text of Article:

The Lynchburg News says that the desperate expedients to which the Radicals unhesitatingly resort to postpone the rapidly approaching day of retribution, afford cheering augury of the speedy disintegration of that party. There is a manifest inclination on the part of the more discreet and business portion of the Northern discreet and business portion of the Northern people to put a stop to the political agitations which so harass an distract the country, and which are telling with fearful import on the financial and business circles. Revenue receipts daily falling off, production diminishing, industry paralyzed, population starving, farms and plantations growing up in jungle, mobs and violence-all these are the fruits of Radical supremacy, and the substantial businessmen of the North will soon perceive that the only means left of averting the threatened catastrophe, is to depose from power, a party which has evinced so little capacity, statesmanship and patriotism.

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Claims that almost all religious conventions in the South have expressed a desire to aid "in the intellectual, moral, and christian education of the colored people" and also that "every where a spirit of kindness towards the colored race has been exhibited in every possible way."
Full Text of Article:

At all, or nearly all, the councils, conventions, associations, convocations and meetings of the reorganized religious societies, of the different denominations of christians, in the Southern States, resolutions in favor of aiding the intellectual, moral, and christian education of the colored people, have been adopted was great unanimity. Every where a spirit of kindness towards the colored race has been exhibited in every possible way.

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Local News--Staunton Lyceum
(Column 01)
Summary: The Staunton Lyceum met on Monday night and discussed the question, "Is a general free-school system desirable in Virginia?" After debate, the question was decided in the negative by a vote of twelve to two.
(Names in announcement: F. M. Young, Prof. J. H. Hewitt, Powell Harrison, Prof. Jed. Hotchkiss, Leonidas Points, Capt. Jas. Bumgardner, Dr. C. R. Harris, Col. Bolivar Christian)
Full Text of Article:

On Monday night, the 27th ult., the following question was discussed in the Staunton Lyceum: "Is a general free-school system desirable in Virginia?"

It was discussed by the following members:--In the affirmative, F. M. Young, Esq., Prof J. H. Hewitt, Powell Harrison, Esq., and Prof. Jed. Hotchkiss; in the negative, Mr. Leonidas Points, Capt. Jas. Bumgardner and Dr. C. R. Harris.

The vote depended upon the question stood: Affirmative, two; negative, twelve.

The question to be discussed next Monday night, the 10th inst., reads as follows: "Do inventions improve the conditions of the laboring classes?" Dr. C. R. Harris will open the debate in the affirmative, and Col. Bolivar Christian in the negative.

Local News--Queen of May
(Column 01)
Summary: The youngest class of the Augusta Female Seminary held a May party last Friday, including a procession, addresses, and songs.
(Names in announcement: Mary Julia Baldwin)
Full Text of Article:

The little girls of the primary department of the Augusta Female Seminary-Miss Mary Julia Baldwin, Principal-had a May party, on last Friday evening, which was attended by a large number of persons, both old and young. This occasion afforded a large amount of enjoyment to all the young ladies who participated, and the visitors and older persons were most highly entertained, and gratified at the happy sight of witnessing the little ones enjoying themselves so finely. The young ladies, dressed in white and garlanded with flowers, marched from their school-room-the tallest in front-to a most beautiful arbor, erected in the back yard of the Seminary, where the ceremonies of crowning the queen took place. The exercises consisted of a number of addresses made and songs sung by the children, after which they repaired to a table in front of the church, which was bountifully supplied with refreshments and good things generally, where the children feasted luxuriously on sweet things, which ended the ceremonies of the occasion. "Long live the queen!"

Local News--Commencement Exercises
(Column 02)
Summary: Commencement exercises at the Wesleyan Female Institute will begin on June 20th with an address by Rev. William Munsey.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Wm. E. Munsey, Rev. Wm. A. Harris, Leonidas Points, Prof. Hewitt, Dr. C. R. Harris)
Full Text of Article:

We invite attention to the announcement of commencement exercises of the Wesleyan Female Institute, commencing on the 20th, and concluding on the 25th inst. The programme indicates that the occasion will be one of unusual interest and will afford a literary entertainment equal to the reputation of the principal and his able corps of assistants.

It will be seen that the Rev. Wm. E. Munsey will make the commencement address; this, of itself, will add a rare attraction. To hear this distinguished and unrivalled pulpit orator-the greatest intellectual genius of the present day-will amply repay all who attend these exercises. Though commencing under the most unfavorable circumstances, yet this institution has been conducted, during the past session, with marked ability and success.

The Rev. Wm A. Harris, is now at the head of this institution, has been a most successful President of some of the most distinguished female colleges in the South. Aided by Prof. Leoniadas Points, and accomplished scholar, a graduate of the University of Va., Prof. Hewitt, graduate of West Point, long known as a successful teacher of music; Dr. C. R. Harris in the chair of Physiology, and y other competent assistants, we can reasonably anticipate a bright and prosperous future for the Wesleyan Female Institute.

Local News
(Column 02)
Summary: Offers a brief summary of activity in the County Court during the past week.
(Names in announcement: Wm. Landes, Geo. C. Burner, Geo. Cochran, Wm. S. Baber, Silas H. Walker, Courtney A. Roler, Wm. Shirey, Jno. C. Mowry, Lilly, Hogshead, Pilson, Turke, Chesley Kinney, Jno. Kinney, J. S. Byers, J. N. Bruffy, A. Faucet, Chesley Kinney, R. S. Harnsbarger, Daniel Pannel, Saml. Jackson, Richard Taylor Smith, Martin Hill, R. G. Bickle, H. H. Peck, B. F. Points, Wm. G. Sterrett)
Full Text of Article:

In the County Court last week a number of Deeds, Inventories and Appraisements of estates, Settlement of estates and last Wills and Testaments were admitted to record.

Wm. Landes, geo. C. Burner, Geo. Cochran, Wm. S. Barber, Silas H. Walker, Courtney A. Roler, Wm. Shirey and Jno. C. Mowry were appointed overseers of roads in their several precincts.

Road Commissioners Lilly, Hogshead, Pilson and Turke were appointed to re-allot hands and titheables for the various precincts in the county.

A number of petitions for opening and closing roads were received and referred to one or more road commissioners for action and report.

The Court ordered that the road near Stribling Springs, as petitioned by Chelsey Kinney Esq., be re-opened.

Judge Jno. Kinney was allowed $90 land damages for road established on his land, on petition of J. S. Byers and others.

A. Faucet was allowed $40 and J. N. Bruffy $25 land damages for opening of road.

An appropriation of $90 was made to Jno. S. Byers for repairing public road in his precinct.

An appropriation of $70 was made to re-build a bridge over mill race near R. S. Harnsbarger's mill.

COMMONWEALTH vs Daniel Pannel, for assault and battery. Jury assessed his amercement at $5 and costs.

COMMONWEALTH vs Saml. Jackson (colored) indicted for petit larceny--quashed.

COMMONWEALTH vs Richard Taylor Smith (colored) indicted for felony. Examination waived and remanded to Circuit Court for trial.

COMMONWEALTH vs Martin Hill (colored) for petit larceny. Jury brought in verdict of guilty and court sentenced him to 60 days imprisonment in county jail.

Messrs. R. G. Bickle, H. H. Peck, B. F. Points and Wm. G. Sterrett were appointed an Auditing Committee, and all claims against the county must be presented on or before the third Monday of this month.

An order was issued summoning justices to lay the county levy and to select ten men as directors of the Augusta Agricultural Fair, under a late act of assembly.

Other unimportant business was transacted and Court adjourned on last Saturday.

(Column 05)
Summary: J. Marshall McCue, of Augusta, and Mattie J. McCue, of Nelson county, were married in Afton on May 28 by Rev. W. S. Dinwiddie.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W. S. Dinwiddie, Maj. J. Marshall McCue, Mattie J. McCue, James W. McCue)
(Column 05)
Summary: Lizzie Wine and Daniel Whitmer were married at the residence of the bride's father on May 23 by Fev. A. A. P. Neel.
(Names in announcement: Rev. A. A. P. Neel, Daniel A. Whitmer, Lizzie J. Wine)
(Column 05)
Summary: Letitia Hess and James Huntley were married on February 4 by Rev. H. Getzendanner.
(Names in announcement: Rev. H. Getzendanner, James Huntley, Letitia Hess)
(Column 05)
Summary: Susan Brewer died suddenly of apoplexy at Samuel Wilson's home, near Churchville, on May 26.
(Names in announcement: Samuel P. Wilson, Susan Brewer)

-Page 04-

The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Valley Railroad
(Column 03)
Summary: Outlines the proceedings of the recent stockholder meeting of the Valley Railroad, in which a stockholder from Rockbridge challenged other counties to follow his county's leadership in financing the enterprise.
(Names in announcement: Gen. John Echols, Dr. J. A. Graham, Capt. Jed. Hotchkiss, Col. M. G. Harman, Bolivar Christian, S. M. Yost, H. M. Bell, J. Wayt Bell, Col. Allan)
Full Text of Article:

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Valley Railroad, was held at the Court-House on Monday, May 27, 1867.

On motion of General Echols, Dr. Graham of Rockbridge, was called to the Chair, and Capt. Jed Hotchkiss, of Staunton, appointed Secretary.

Col. M. G. Harman then submitted his report as President of the Company, which, on motion of Bolivar Christian, Esq., was referred to a Committee of five to be appointed by the Chair. Messrs. Christian, Yost, Echols, H. M. Bell and J. Wayt Bell were named as the Committee.

While this Committee was preparing its report, on motion, the Secretary read to the meeting the report of James L. Randolph, Chief Engineer of the Balt. & O. R. R., on the survey made under his direction of the V. R. R. Company.

The Committee to whom the report of the President was referred, have had the same under consideration, and respectfully recommend that the same be approved and accepted.

That authority be given as asked, as the President and Directors may think best.

That the amendments of the Charter made at the last session of the Legislature be accepted.

Respectfully, Submitted,






On motion the report of the Committee was received and unanimously adopted.

Major s. M. Yost moved that the present officers of the V. R. R. Co. be re-elected, this motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

Col. M. G. Harman then made some remarks upon the present prospects of the road, and gave his reasons for anticipating its early completion.

Bolivar Christian, Esq., made some remarks upon what had been accomplished, and complimented the President for his successful management in securing charters and amendments for the ultimate benefit of the Valley Railroad.

Mr. Patton, of Rockbridge, made some remarks, saying that his county had complied with every requisition that had been made upon it. It had been asked to subscribe a certain amount of stock by its citizens, and it had furnished it; to subscribe $100,000 as a Company, and it had subscribed it, and now it was ready to do more, if necessary. He claimed that Rockbridge was the banner county in this movement, and only asked that other counties should follow her leadership.

On motion of Col. Allan the following resolution was adopted:--

Resolved, That the President and Directors and the Valley Railroad be requested to ask the County Courts of the different counties through which the Road passes to submit the question to the people of said counties, "whether they will pay the State taxes on said Road when completed?"

On motion of Mr. Patton the meeting adjourned sine die.

J. A. GRAHAM, President.


Trailer: J. A. Graham, Jed. Hotchkiss