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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: July 6, 1869

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To the Voters of Augusta
(Column 01)
Summary: Made one last appeal before the election to get Augusta voters to work hard to elect Conservative men to office and save the state from ruin.
Full Text of Article:

As this issue can reach but comparatively few of our subscribers before the election will be over, we have deemed it useless to devote much of our space this week to subjects connected with the election, as to the great majority, it would be like firing a volley after the battle was over. To such as may receive it today before they vote, we would say:

Do your whole duty to-day in aid of the rescue of your dear mother, Virginia, from woes unnumbered. Devote this day energetically to the salvation of the State. Labor from sunrise till the going down thereof. See that all your neighbors vote. Have them brought to the polls. Furnish the conveyances necessary to get the aged and crippled to the polls.

Weary not in well-doing--your reward will be great. Victory is within your reach--be sure to grasp it. This day will decide the fate of Virginia for weal or for woe. Acquit yourselves like men--highminded men, who know their rights, and, knowing, dare maintain.

It is for you to determine this day whether you will be freemen or slaves. If we must drink of the bitter draught of defeat, let not the responsibility rest upon the Conservatives of noble old Augusta. Make her the banner county of the State.

Work like beavers to-day, and then, whatever may be the result of the election, you can enjoy the gratifying consciousness that you have performed your duty. Vote and work to-day, and rest tomorrow with the consciousness of duty faithfully performed.

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper declares that "the whites will be the friends of such colored men as will vote the conservative ticket."
Radical County Ticket
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper corrected the reported radical county ticket. The nominees are: Major John Yates for State Senate, and A. T. Maupin, John H. Kerlin, and Henry Eakle for House of Delegates. The Rev. E. P. Phelps will not run, and asserts that his name was floated without his permission.
(Names in announcement: Maj. John Yates, A. T. Maupin, John H. Kerlin, Henry Eakle, Rev. E. P. Phelps)
Proficients and Graduates
(Column 01)
Summary: A list of Augusta citizens who received certificates of proficiency or graduation from the University of Virginia.
(Names in announcement: Pleasant H. Clarke, Benjamin T. Hodge, George L. Cook, M. Conrad Hildebrand, S. Travers Phillips, A. S. Mauzy)
Maupin, Van Wyck, and Sheffey
(Column 01)
Summary: The late Staunton Postmaster, A. T. Maupin, along with Van Wyck, a "radical emissary" from New York, spoke at the Court House on behalf of the Republican ticket. Judge Sheffey immediately took the stand and rebutted their arguments.
(Names in announcement: A. T. Maupin, Sheffey)
Virginia Female Institute
(Column 02)
Summary: The Virginia Female Institute celebrated their commencement exercises with musical performances and speeches.
(Names in announcement: Prof. E. L. Ide, Yancey, Belle Kirk, R. P. Kinney, Lizzie Radford, S. Thatcher, V. L. Hansbrough, Upshur, M. A. Leavell, Lina Lowry, S. A. Roller, R. P. Kinney, G. S. Shackelford, M. P. Walker, Perkins, Nelson, Lockwood, Elia Paul, E. M. Pritchard, H. W. Sheffey, Pendleton, Phillips, E. M. Jenkins, J. A. Birchett, L. W. Pendleton, L. G. Hansbrough, Ada Robson, Nettie B. Stribling, Amelia B. Haile, Carrie Willingham, V. C. Clyce, Maggie Sheffey, Mollie Stringfellow, Josie Cowan, Sallie P. Upsher, Gussie C. Finlayson, M. L. Yancey, Lizzie M. Dawson, M. P. Walker, Mattie E. Nelson, Fannie S. Trout)
Final Exercises of Eastwood School
(Column 02)
Summary: The Eastwood School, Prof. Pike Powers, principal, celebrated their closing exercises.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Pike Powers, Person McCay, Bland Massie, M. S. Crain, S. H. Reese, R. G. Rennolds, R. B. Mathews, R. P. Bell, W. H. Boaz, J. M. Williams, S. M. Williams, Thomas Taylor)
(Column 04)
Summary: J. Hatch Stover and Miss M. E. McNair were married at the bride's residence on June 22nd by the Rev. R. C. Walker.
(Names in announcement: J. Hatch Stover, M. E. McNair, Rev. R. C. Walker)

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