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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: May 24, 1870

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Colonel John Brown Baldwin
(Column 05)
Summary: The paper printed a laudatory biography of Col. John B. Baldwin. "Among the many that the Valley of Virginia has contributed to swell the roster of our State's eminent men, there is no one probably who is more universally respected, or who has a stronger hold upon the hearts of the people of his section than the subject of this sketch."

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The editor complained that two African-Americans from South Carolina threatened a hotel proprietor in Baltimore with legal redress when he refused to serve them. "This is the way the world now moves under radical rule. White people in several States must be excluded from the ballot box, but no negroes must be excluded from hotels, or schools, or theatres without severe penalties of the law are enforced upon the offenders."
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Reported that "quite a number of colored conservatives" participated in Richmond elections.
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Accused Congress in harsh words for seeking to establish a tyranny, and appealed to conservatives to unite and force them out of power.
Full Text of Article:

No man of ordinary perception and reflection can doubt that our institutions are undergoing a gradual and radical change. No one but an idiot imagines that the Constitution of the United States is aught but a dead letter, an exanimate form, and that the only Supreme law of the land is the will of Congress. No one but a blind man fails to see that the checks and balances adopted by the founders of the Government for the preservation of our political equilibrium are all destroyed, and the executive and Judiciary department absorbed by Congressional oligarchy. The only hope of the country is a union of all conservative men, whether Democrats or Republicans, to wrest the Government from the hands which now hold the reins, and which are bent on turning the car of liberty into a Juggernaut of Despotism, crushing beneath its ponderous wheels the last vestiges of free institutions.

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The Baltimore Sun claimed that the Republicans planned to appeal to Congress for a "supplemental reconstruction" of Virginia because of alleged abuses of Freedmen.
Full Text of Article:

The Washington correspondent of the Baltimore Sun says: Advices from radical sources in Virginia indicate that the republicans of that State intend to make an appeal to Congress for a supplemental reconstruction, on the ground that the conservatives are inciting outrages against the Freedmen, and are endeavoring to keep the colored republicans away from the registration now going on all over the State. -- It is possible that this is a mere threat, but the dissatisfaction of the Virginia radicals at the conservative course of Gov. Walker is known to be strong enough for them to appeal to Congress to remand Virginia to the condition of Georgia. Congress, however, declined to interfere in the Richmond mayoralty contest, and it is somewhat doubtful if it would heed a demand for interference with the general condition of affairs."

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper called attention to a report in the New York Times on the "Opportunity of Virginia." A railroad and land company backed by English capitalists were interested in buying and settling cheap, unoccupied Virginia land. Also, a British Emigration Company has been founded in London to entice a large number of English farmers and German peasants to settle the lands.
The Relief Fund
(Column 02)
Summary: The Rev. James Ockmay, pastor of Staunton's African American John Wesley M. E. Church, sent $12.00 to Richmond to aid the sufferers of the recent accident in the capital. The congregation sent prayers to accompany their admittedly small offering.
(Names in announcement: Rev. James Ockmay)
Origin of Article: Whig

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The registration totals in South River Township stood at 570 whites and 221 blacks.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Registration totals in Middle River Township totaled 625 whites and 125 blacks.
"Ladies Festival"
(Column 01)
Summary: The ladies of the Presbyterian Church will hold their annual festival in the Town Hall beginning May 31st. They will host a dinner on June 1st between 1:00 and 3:00.
Information Wanted
(Column 01)
Summary: Winny Washington, formerly Winny Redget, a local black woman, asked for information about her children, whom she had not seen since the war. Their names are: Rozetta, William, James, Sarah, Ellen, Nancy, and Evalina Redget.
(Names in announcement: Winny Washington, Rozetta Redget, William Redget, James Redget, Sarah Redget, Ellen Redget, Nancy Redget, Evalina Redget)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The City Registration Books closed on Tuesday. 269 whites and 141 blacks registered in Ward 1, and 251 whites and 182 blacks in Ward 2. The books will open again for amendments and corrections to the list.
The Valley Musical Association
(Column 01)
Summary: The association met at Bethel Church in Augusta and held a three day rehearsal and closed concert. A delighted audience attended.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Evans)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Prof. Henry Scharf and Prof. E. Louis Ide agreed to a request from the committee that they hold a joint dramatic reading and concert in order to aid the sufferers of the Fincastle fire. Proceeds will go to the victims.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Henry Scharf, Prof. E. Louis Ide, Bolivar Christian, R. T. Phillips, S. H. Hilb)
Primary Election
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper urged conservatives to come to the polls for the primary election.
Memorial Day
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper called on Staunton's citizens to turn out in large numbers on June 9th to honor the Confederate dead. "The expense of keeping these humble graves in decent appearance has so far been met by the labor of the ladies." Voluntary contributions will be accepted.
To the Voters of the Town of Staunton
(Column 02)
Summary: "Tax Payers" argued in favor of the independent ticket for county offices, and then listed their candidates.
Full Text of Article:

Gentlemen: -- In presenting to you this morning a ticket in opposition to the Court-house meeting, we offer a few facts for your consideration. We do not seek office by dividing the races. We desire and recommend that the colored voter act independently and intelligently, and vote for the best and most suitable men to fill the offices. Then there will be peace and harmony, and our town continue to improve and prosper; but as long as this strife between the races is kept up there will be no peace, no prosperity -- especially as this is a local election.

If the gentlemen who originated the meeting at the Court-house had been moved by a patriotic desire to promote the best interest of the town, and not by a selfish, vindictive spirit to tyrannize over others, why did they not invite the voters to vote for whom they pleased at the primary election, and let it be declared that the highest candidates should be the choice of the people to be voted for on the day of election? This would have been just and fair to all parties. But a few gentlemen undertake to say who shall administer the affairs of 800 legal voters of the town of Staunton and tell you that you must vote for their choice or not vote at all. Can it be that you are willing to submit to such dictation? We are not -- and beg leave to submit to you an independent ticket, and give you an opportunity to say who you will have to serve you -- a right denied you by the Court-house meeting.

We call upon the masses of voters to brake loose from this despotism. Have minds of your own and vote as you please, and let consequences take care of themselves. With this brief statement we submit this independent ticket to the voters and to no secret leagues, and we mean to contest every inch of ground, step by step, and leave the consequences where they justly belong -- at the door of the gentlemen who originated the Court-house meeting.




For Mayor,


For Clerk,


For Attorney,


For Sergeant,


For Treasurer,


Commissioner of the Revenue,


For Councilmen,

Ward No. 1, Ward No. 2,

B. T. Bugby, Alex H. Fultz

Wm. B. Kayser Jos. Earman,

John F. Beard, Robt. G. Bickle,

James A. Piper, H. A. Glen,

George F. Elick

[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: Local Conservatives met at the Court-house and selected a list of candidates to be voted upon in a primary election. The winners of that election will then run in the municipal elections.
(Names in announcement: William J. Nelson, P. B. Hoge, Gen. John Echols, Col. M. G. Harman, R. W. Burke, R. H. Fislier, S. H. Hilb, W. H. H. Lynn, George C. Bunch, John B. SchererJr., William C. Eskridge, Gen. John Echols, John B. Hoge, William Frazier, C. D. McCoy, Ro. Cowan, Richard W. Hardy, A. Grubert, J. Wayne Spitler, William G. Sterrett, William H. Tams, H. H. Michie, P. H. Trout, Col. John B. Baldwin, N. K. Trout, Waldo M. Allen, J. F. Patterson, A. S. Kinney, S. Travers Phillips, Becell Berkeley, John M. Carroll, Heber Ker, Jacob T. Parrent, George H. Hudson, William H. H. Lynn, S. A. Houshour, John B. SchererJr., Thomas A. Bledsoe, R. H. Catlett, W. A. Burke, W. H. Sale, F. M. Young, William L. Lushbaugh, William S. McChesney, C. T. Cochran, William H. Gorman, William J. Nelson, Robert G. Bickle, J. H. Waters, Robert Cowan, John M. Hardy, B. B. Donaghe, W. L. Balthis, James W. Crawford, R. H. Fisher, William G. Sterrett, Joseph N. Ryan, John Donovan, B. F. Points, E. W. Burke, John K. Woods, William J. Nelson, P. B. Hoge)
Full Text of Article:

At a meeting of the citizens held at the Courthouse, on Thursday evening, May 19th, 1870, Wm. J. Nelson, Esq., was called to the Chair and P. B. Hoge appointed Secretary.

General John Echols stated the object of the meeting to be, to nominate municipal officers.

Upon consideration of the fact that sufficient notice of this meeting had not been given, on motion of Col. M. G. Harman the meeting adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock, on next Saturday night, to take into consideration the propriety of nominating a conservative ticket for town officers:

WM. J. NELSON, President.

P. B. Hoge, Secretary.

SATURDAY, May 21, 8 o'clock, P. M.

Pursuant to the adjournment the citizens met at the Court-house, President Nelson in the Chair.

On motion of Gen. John Echols, the Chair was authorized to appoint a committee of twenty-one from all professions and trades in the city, to recommend suitable officers for the town and report to this meeting, whereupon the following committee was appointed:

Col. John B. Baldwin, Col. M. G. Harman, R. W. Burke, R. H. Fislier, S. H. Hilb, W. H. H. Lynn, George C. Bunch, John B. Scherer, Jr., Wm. C. Eskridge, Gen. John Echols, John B. Hoge, Wm. Frazier, C. D. McCoy, Ro. Cowan, Richard W. Hardy, A. Grubert, J. Wayne Spitler, Wm. G. Sterrett, Wm. H. Tams, H. H. Michie and P. H. Trout.

On motion of Col. John B. Baldwin,

Resolved, That this meeting is recognized as having authority to select candidates for the town officers, at the coming election, and that all those present agree to be bound by its action.

Resolved, That the committee appointed to select candidates for town officers, nominate two for each office, to be voted for at a primary election to be held by the Conservative party, on next Tuesday, and that the one receiving the highest vote for each office be declared the nominee of the Conservative party and be supported as such at the election on Thursday night.

The committee reported the following ticket, to be voted for at the primary election.

For Mayor,

N. K. Trout Waldo M. Allen.

For Clerk

J. F. Patterson, A. S. Kinney.

Commonwealth's Attorney

S. Travers Phillips Becell Berkley


John M. Carroll, Heber Ker.

Sergeant -- Jacob T. Parrent.

Com'r of Revenue -- Geo. H. Hudson.

For Common Council.

Wm. H. H. Lynn Wm H. Gorman,

S. A. Houshour, Wm. J. Nelson,

John B. Scherer, Jr., Robt. G. Dickie,

Thos. A. Bledsoe, J. H. Waters,

R. H. Oatlets, Robert Cowan,

W. A. Burke, John M. Hardy,

W. H. Sale, B. B. Donaghe,

F. M. Young, W. L. Balthis,

Wm. L. Lushbaugh, Jas. W. Crawford,

Wm. S. McChesney, S. H. Hill,

C. T. Cochran, R. H. Wisher,

Judges of Election

Ward No. 1. Ward No. 2

Wm. G. Sterrett, B. F. Points,

Jos. N. Ryan, R. W. Burke,

John Donovan, John K. Woods,

On motion of Maj. Jed Hotchkiss the report of the committee was received and adopted.

On motion the meeting was adjourned.

WM. J. NELSON, Pres.,

P. B. HOGE, Secretary.

(Column 04)
Summary: John B. Shultz and Mary J. Thornton, both of Augusta, were married near Arbor Hill by the Rev. A. A. Bushong.
(Names in announcement: John B. Shultz, Mary J. Thornton, Rev. A. A. Bushong)
(Column 04)
Summary: J. W. Burton and Miss M. M. Fauver were married on May 19th by the Rev. R. C. Walker.
(Names in announcement: J. W. Burton, M. M. Fauver, Rev. R. C. Walker)
(Column 04)
Summary: Francis Desales Gorman, infant son of W. H. and Julia Gorman, died in Staunton on May 18th.
(Names in announcement: Francis Desales Gorman, W. H. Gorman, Julia Gorman)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mrs. Letty Freeman, widow of Richard Freeman, died near Hermitage on May 17th. She was 84 years old. "She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and an amiable and devoted christian."
(Names in announcement: Letty Freeman, Richard Freeman)
(Column 04)
Summary: John Bare died near Greenville at age 70. "Mr. Bare was a quiet, industrious, honest and benevolent member of society and for thirty-seven years a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church."
(Names in announcement: John Bare)
(Column 04)
Summary: Cyrus J. Farrow, infant son of Franklin Farrow, died near Salem Church. He was 1 year old. "The death of this much loved child was the more painful to its kind parents because of its great suffering before it expired."
(Names in announcement: Cyrus J. Farrow, Franklin Farrow)

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