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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: August 16, 1870

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A Word to Anti-Subscription Voters
(Column 01)
Summary: Explained the reasons why the Valley Railroad subscription went down to defeat. Though disappointed, the editor did not lose hope and believed that a lot of people who voted against the measure will have second thoughts.
Full Text of Article:

As we stated last week, the defeat of the subscription by this county of $300,000 to the capital stock of the Valley R. R. Company was due chiefly to the fact that the impression was successfully made in the Eastern portion of the county that the Shenandoah Valley R. R. would be built through that part of the county without cost to the citizens along its line. Though this was the chief cause of the defeat of the subscription to the Valley Road, it was not due wholly to that cause. Many in the county voted against the subscription because they believed that the town was allowed to vote on the question for the purpose of carrying the subscription though a majority in the county might vote against it -- that it was done on the theory that the affirmative majority in the town would exceed the negative majority in the county, and thus the subscription would be carried. Taking this view of the subject, and wishing to rebuke what they conceived to be a purpose to force the subscription, nolens volens, upon the county, quite a number, we believe, voted against the subscription, who, otherwise, would not have done so. We believe that the voters of the county, if the question be submitted to them free from "entangling alliances with the town, will vote a subscription of $200,000. What we now desire to see is a movement on the part of the voters of the county to have the question of subscribing that sum submitted to their vote. We would be especially pleased to see this movement inaugurated by those who voted against the subscription. It would present a noble spectacle, and furnish opportunity to win honor and enviable distinction which is but seldom vouchsafed. Those who are now reproached for defeating the subscription necessary to secure the other conditional subscriptions amounting to $2,900,000, and thus defeating wholly this great and valuable Railroad project, would then have the credit of securing the amount necessary to make this great improvement, and they would be hailed as public benefactors, and their praises would be on every tongue.

The Railroad men -- builders of improvements -- now value you as of little worth; but will not the stone rejected by the builders become the head of the corner? We do not despair yet of obtaining a subscription by the county to this improvement, which would be so prolific of benefits to the county. We appeal to the calm reason, the dispassionate reflection, the careful calculation, the enlightened self-interest of the voters of the county. We have great confidence in the sober second thought of our people, and believe that they will not fail to reverse the decision they recently rendered. It would be manly in them to have the independence to do so. We appeal from an excited and biased, to a calm and unprejudiced judgement.

Subscribe Stock to the Valley R. R.
(Column 01)
Summary: Called on Augusta voters to reverse the humiliation of the defeat of the Valley Railroad subscription by privately investing in the railroad. Claimed the reputation of the county could rise again if private subscription enabled the railroad to be built.
Full Text of Article:

The defeat of the subscription to the Valley R. R. is not only unfortunate on account of its jeopardizing that important enterprise, but it places Augusta county in the unenviable position of having, by her opposition, and arrays against her the opinion, prejudices and interests of all the other counties of the Valley. She thus stands in a humiliating position which she has never before occupied. A plan has been adopted to enable Augusta to make up, by private subscription, what she, in her corporate capacity, has failed to do. Many of those who voted against the tax, declared their willingness to make private subscriptions. They now have a chance to show their sincerity. The friends of the Road can at least subscribe what they would have paid in tax if the vote had been in its favor. Let all who feel able subscribe at once. The time is short. What is done must be done quickly. All subscriptions thus made must be in before the 1st of September. If you feel able and willing to subscribe anything, hunt up one of these papers and subscribe at once. There are a large number of them in circulation. Remember this opportunity to retrieve the credit of Augusta County will only add doubly to the prejudice against her, if it be lost.

Tournament and Ball
(Column 01)
Summary: A "Grand Tournament and Fancy Ball" is planned for Stribling Springs on August 18th.
(Names in announcement: Judge H. W. Sheffey, Col. C. W. Carrington, Capt. John N. Opie, Brown Allen, William Bumgardner, Col. Whittington, Judge John T. Harris, George D. Young, Col. Rudolph Turk, Maj. R. Randolph, Dr. Carter Berkeley, Capt. R. W. Lyman, Col. James H. Skinner, Capt. William H. Effinger, Maj. Marshall Hanger, M. W. D. Hogshead, Maj. James Walker)
Conservative Meeting
(Column 03)
Summary: John B. Baldwin announced that the Conservatives of Augusta County will meet on August 22nd to select superintendents for the county, townships, and wards to make up the County Committee.
(Names in announcement: John B. Baldwin)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The paper denounced any attempt to split Virginia along the old Democrat-Whig party lines. Claimed the only political effort that mattered was defeating radicalism. "Unity and energy are now wanted to disenthrall Virginia."

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. P. Fletcher, Principal, will open the second session of the Loch Willow Female School in Churchville on September 14th.
(Names in announcement: Rev. P. Fletcher)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: John R. Kurtz, "that vigilant police officer," arrested and fined a "XVth amendment" for galloping his horse through the streets.
(Names in announcement: John R. Kurtz)
White Sulphur Ball
(Column 01)
Summary: The Masquerade and Fancy Dress Ball held at White Sulphur Springs was a huge success. The proceeds from the $1 admission tickets went to help the sufferers of an accident at Jerry's Run.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Dr. Dellinger will replace M. P. Bledsoe as manager of Staunton's American Hotel.
"Death of a Railroad Man"
(Column 01)
Summary: J. Albert Hunter of Staunton died at Salt Sulphur Springs and was buried at the Episcopal Church. "Quiet in manner and prompt in the discharge of duty, the C. and O. R. R. Company has lost a faithful employee, and his brother railroad men a loved companion whose memory they will be slow to forget."
(Names in announcement: J. Albert Hunter)
Valley R. R. Stock
(Column 01)
Summary: The editor reported on several meetings held to encourage citizens to privately subscribe to the Valley Railroad. Believed a lot of people voted down the original proposal because they did not want to tax anyone against their will.
(Names in announcement: Mayor N. K. Trout, William H. Tams)
Full Text of Article:

On Thursday night last, the 11th inst., a meeting was held in the Court-House of this place -- Mayor N. K. Trout, chairman, and the editors of the town papers secretaries -- at which resolutions, offered by Wm. H. Tams, Esq., were adopted, recommending the Town Council to submit to the vote of the qualified voters of the town, the proposition to subscribe the additional sum of $50,000 to the capital stock of the Valley R. R. Company.

On the 8th inst., a similar meeting was held in Lexington which adopted a resolution to submit to the voters the question of subscribing the sum of $30,000 to the capital stock of the Valley Railroad Company.

There were some voters in the county who voted against the subscription by the county for the reason that they do not think it right for one man to vote a tax upon another against his will. This class of voters have now an opportunity to take individual stock, and we hope that many of them will avail themselves of it. Vindicate your consistency and show your faith by your works in taking individual stock as your means will justify.

(Column 02)
Summary: Dewitt C. Masters and Miss Susan Catharine Hanger, both of Augusta, were married in Churchville on August 4th by the Rev. P. Fletcher.
(Names in announcement: Dewitt C. Masters, Susan Catharine Hanger, Rev. P. Fletcher)
(Column 02)
Summary: Mrs. E. W. Michie, wife of Thomas J. Michie, died on August 15th. She was 71 years old. The funeral will be held at the Episcopal Church.
(Names in announcement: E. W. Michie, Thomas J. Michie)

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