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Staunton Spectator: September 20, 1870

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Extracts from the Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Augusta Memorial Association for the Confederate Dead, Sept. 10th, 1870
(Column 02)
Summary: Editor reported on the actions of the Committee of the Augusta Memorial Association. Printed in detail the constitution they adopted and the provisions taken to care for the graves of the Confederate dead.
(Names in announcement: Mrs. Robert Cowan, Capt. J. H. Waters, Capt. James Bumgardner, Capt. J. N. Opie, S. Travers Phillips, Col. B. Christian)
Full Text of Article:

The following resolution was unanimously adopted as the first action of the Committee:

Resolved, That the thanks of the relatives and friends of the Confederate dead, who lie in Thornrose Cemetery, are due to Mrs. Robert Cowan individually, and as President of the Augusta Ladies' Memorial Association, for her untiring zeal and unselfish devotion in the cause of protecting, caring for, and consecrating the graves of the fallen Soldiers of the South; and this Committee trusts that her health and life may long be preserved, and thus her efforts in this holy cause be long continued."

A Constitution prepared by order of the meeting in June last, was adopted as follows:


The name of this Association shall be, The Augusta Memorial Association for the Confederate Dead.


The object of this Association shall be the preservation, care and annual decoration of the graves of Confederate dead, who are interred in Thornrose Cemetery, and other localities in Augusta County.


The members of this Association shall consist of all persons, not deserters from the Confederate army, who shall contribute annually the sum of fifty cents for the purposes of the Association.


Honorary members of the Association shall consist of all persons who shall contribute the sum of five dollars for the purpose of the Association.


The officers of the Association shall be a President in Staunton, and one Vice President in each Township of the County, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected by the Association at each annual meeting, convened for the purpose of decorating the graves of the Confederate dead; their duties shall be such as are appropriate to their respective offices, and as may be specified by the By-Laws of the Association.


There shall be an Executive Committee of its Association, consisting of five members, inclusive of the Presidents of the Association,, who shall be ex officio a member thereof, to be chosen by the Association at each annual meeting thereof, and of whom three shall be a quorum for the transaction of business. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to transact the current business of the Association, to determine and direct all the operations of the Association in reference to the graves of the Confederate dead, to make all contracts in regard thereto, to control all the expenditures of the Association, and upon whose draft all the moneys of the Association shall be paid by the Treasurer, and to whom the Treasurer of the Association shall report the condition of the Finances of the Association whenever required to do so by said Committee. Said Committee shall have power to draft by-laws for their government, to appoint Sub-committees, and shall appoint a Secretary, and keep a record of all their acts and resolutions, and shall meet whenever required so to do by the President of the COmmittees. The Executive Committees shall make a report of their transactions to each annual meeting of the Association.


The Association shall meet yearly at a place to be designated by the President on the 9th of June, as the annual "Memorial Day" of the Association, to decorate the graves of the Confederate dead and to transact appropriate business.

The President of the Association assisted by the Executive Committee shall prescribe the ceremonies of the Memorial Day, provide for the delivery of such addresses as may be proper, and give sufficient previous notice thereof by publications in the newspapers of the County.

The President and Vice Presidents shall be ex-officio Marshalls of the Day.


The annual contribution shall be expended under the directions of the Executive Committee, in keeping in repair the graves of the Confederate dead in Augusta. The fund arising from the contributions of honorary members, may be invested in a permanent fund or otherwise as the Association may determine.


The Secretary shall inscribe the names of the members of the Association in a well bound book for preservation, and the roll of members shall be published annually in the papers of Augusta, under the direction of the President.

Upon motion it was Resolved, That each Vice President now in office (together with the Committees to be hereafter published) shall proceed without delay to enroll members of the Association, and that a meeting of all the members be held at the County Fair on the second day in Gatherem Hall to perfect the organization of the Association in all respects; also

Resolved, That a member of the Executive Committee be assigned to each Township, to select therefrom Sub-committees of two gentlemen and three ladies at each precinct to collect contributions and to obtain members for the Association.

Under this resolution the following appointments were made, viz:

Staunton and Beverly Manor, -- Capt. J. H. Waters

Riverheads. -- Capt. James Bumgardner

Middle River. -- Capt. J. N. Opie

North River and Pastures. -- S. Travers Phillips.

South River. -- Col. B. Christian.

Resolved, That the Secretary request the papers of Staunton to publish from the minutes extracts for general circulation in the County.

The name of the Sub-committees will be published next week.


Chm'n Ex. Com.


Hon. A. H. H. Stuart
(Column 03)
Summary: Article attesting to widespread support for A. H. H. Stuart as candidate for the Congressional District that included Augusta.
(Names in announcement: A. H. H. Stuart)

-Page 03-

Precinct Meetings
(Column 01)
Summary: John B. Baldwin, County Superintendent, called on all voters from precincts who failed to hold primary meetings to come together on September 24th to appoint delegates to the county convention.
(Names in announcement: John B. Baldwin)
Staunton Delegates to County Convention
(Column 01)
Summary: Reported on the meetings held in Staunton for choosing delegates to the County Convention and the people chosen from both wards. Each delegate did not receive any binding instructions and so could act on their own in selecting candidates.
(Names in announcement: William G. Sterrett, Bolivar Christian, Richard H. Fisher, H. M. Bell, M. G. Harman, J. M. Hardy, John B. Baldwin, William A. Burke, M. H. Effinger, S. Travers Phillips, M. G. Harman, P. H. Trout, W. H. H. Lynn, S. H. Hilb, A. S. Lara, R. G. Bickle)
Full Text of Article:

At eight o'clock on Saturday night last, Wards No. 1 and 2 of Staunton, held meetings, respectively, at the Court-house and at the Town Hall to elect three delegates each to the County Convention.

Ward No. 1 elected Wm. G. Sterrett, Bolivar Christian and Richard H. Fisher, and declined to instruct them with reference to securing the nomination of any particular individual, and also declined to recommend particular individuals to them to be elected delegates to the Congressional Convention -- leaving the delegates chosen free and untrammeled to act in accordance with the dictates of their own sound judgment and discretion.

Ward No. 2 elected H. M. Bell, M. G. Harman and J. M. Hardy delegates to the County Convention, and also recommended them to vote in that Convention for the following delegates and alternates to the Congressional Convention:

Delegates, Alternates, John B. Baldwin, P. H. Trout, Wm. A. Burke, W. H. Lynn, M. H. Effinger, S. H. Hilb, S. Travers Phillips, A. S. Lara, M. G. Harman, R. G. Bickle,
Railroad Subscription by Staunton
(Column 01)
Summary: Commented on the approval by voters of $150,000 in stock to the Valley Railroad, carried by a near unanimous vote.
Full Text of Article:

Some time since Staunton voted almost unanimously in favor of the subscription of $100,000 to the capital stock of the Valley Railroad Company. On Saturday last, she voted an additional subscription of $50,000 -- thus making her subscription of stock to that Company the considerable sum of $150,000. The vote of Saturday last resulted as follows:

For subscription.....................................286.

Against subscription.................................90.

Total vote.............................................376

Affirmative majority, 196. With 90 negative votes, only 135 affirmative votes were required to carry the requisite three-fifths majority, but as 286 affirmative votes were cast, there were 151 more affirmative votes than were necessary, and it would have required 101 more negative votes to have defeated the subscription. If 191 negative votes had been cast, it would have required 287 affirmative votes to have obtained the requisite three-fifths majority, whereas only 286 were cast.

There was no excitement, as none doubted that the subscription would be carried, and the vote was consequently small. Less than half of the voters in the city voted at this election.

Delegates to the County Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: Delegates to the County Convention were selected at recent meetings. New Hope: S. B. Finley, Charles Grattan, Dr. Gillespie. Mt. Sidney: William Crawford, Thomas Burke, Charles Roller. Bolivar: A. W. Harman, Joseph Merickan, S. Croft. Hebron: Jacob Baylor, St. F. C. Roberts, J. T. Mitchell. Barterbrook: A. G. Christian, William A. Abney, H. G. Guthrie. Fishersville: David S. Bell, P. T. Burkholder, William Caldwell. Buffalo Gap: William M. Tate, Baxter Crawford, Lorenzo Sibert.
(Names in announcement: S. B. Finley, Charles Grattan, Dr. Gillespie, William Crawford, Thomas Burke, Charles Roller, A. W. Harman, Joseph Merickan, S. Croft, Jacob Baylor, St. F. C. Roberts, J. T. Mitchell, A. G. Christian, William A. Abney, H. G. Guthrie, David S. Bell, P. T. Burkholder, William Caldwell, William M. Tate, Baxter Crawford, Lorenzo Sibert)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: "AN OLD WHIG" suggested that no candidate for Congress should receive the endorsement of Conservative voters unless he fully repudiated all Republican policies. In reply, a follow-up letter supported A.H.H. Stuart and assured voters that he opposed all aspects of the Republican party.
Full Text of Article:

We have at least three candidates for Congress in this District, and it is necessary to an intelligent choice between them, that the relation each of them proposes to sustain to the only two parties at this time dividing the people, should be unequivocally stated. It is my clear conviction that no man ought to receive the support of the anti-Republican voters of this district, unless he distinctly announces himself uncompromisingly opposed to "Republicanism" in all its phases and degrees. -- And as the only mode in which successful opposition to that corrupt and unscrupulous party, which has for years controlled the Federal Government to the ruin of the country, is possible, is by a hearty and earnest co-operation with the National Democratic party, it would be suicidal to send a Representative to Congress upon any other basis.

I hope therefore we will have an early and unmistakable declaration from all the candidates upon this vital matter.


September 15th, 1870.

We feel warranted in saying that Mr. Stuart is uncompromisingly opposed to the whole policy of centralization, usurpation, corruption and oppression, practised by the Radical party in regard to the Southern States, and that he will cordially co-operate with any party, and employ any and every honorable means to defeat radicalism in all its forms and phases. He has no sympathy with modern republicanism as represented either by Underwood & Co., or by Rives and McKenzie.

(Column 03)
Summary: Daniel T. Scrogham and Miss Elizabeth F. Humbert, both of Augusta, were married on September 8th by the Rev. Martin Garber.
(Names in announcement: Daniel T. Scrogham, Elizabeth F. Humbert, Rev. Martin Garber)
(Column 03)
Summary: Henry S. Keneday and Lucy C. Rhinehart, daughter of Oliver Rhinehart, all of New Hope, were married on September 14th by the Rev. John H. Wolfe.
(Names in announcement: Henry S. Keneday, Lucy C. Rhinehart, Oliver Rhinehart, Rev. John H. Wolfe)
(Column 03)
Summary: William Yarbrough died in New Hope on September 4th. He was 81 years old.
(Names in announcement: William Yarbrough)
(Column 03)
Summary: Miss Lucy A. Edmondson died near Staunton at the residence of her brother, E. L. Edmondson, on August 24th. She was 35 years old.
(Names in announcement: Lucy A. Edmondson, E. L. Edmondson)

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