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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: September 27, 1870

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Republican State Convention
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper printed an account of the Republican State Convention that met in Richmond. Three delegates from Augusta attended: Maj. John A. Harman, Jacob Weissler, and Thomas Jefferson.
(Names in announcement: Maj. John A. Harman, Jacob Weissler, Thomas Jefferson)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The State Board of Education appointed Capt. Jed Hotchkiss Augusta County School Superintendent.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Jed Hotchkiss)

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Church Dedication
(Column 01)
Summary: The new Southern Methodist Church in Mt. Crawford will be dedicated on October 23rd.
The Board of Education
(Column 01)
Summary: The Board of Education named Capt. Jed Hotchkiss County Superintendent of Augusta Schools. They also selected school trustees for the various townships. Staunton: Maj. H. M. Bell, William J. Nelson, and P. Byron Hoge. Beverly Manor: John Towberman, Col. Asher W. Harman, and Leigh R. Waddell. Pastures: B. O. Ferguson, James H. Heizer, John S. Guy. Riverheads: A. S. Turk, Capt. C. G. Merritt, William Thompson. South River: C. H. Withrow, Rev. C. Beard, Dr. J. M. Watson. Middle River: William Wilson, Kasper B. Koiner, B. J. Craig. North River: Dr. William H. Davies, Samuel Forrer, Jacob H. Plecker.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Jed Hotchkiss, Maj. H. M. Bell, William J. Nelson, P. Byron Hoge, John Towberman, Col. Asher W. Harman, Leigh R. Waddell, B. O. Ferguson, James H. Heizer, John S. Guy, A. S. Turk, Capt. C. G. Merritt, William Thompson, C. H. Withrow, Rev. C. Beard, Dr. J. M. Watson, William Wilson, Kasper B. Koiner, B. J. Craig, Dr. William H. Davies, Samuel Forrer, Jacob H. Plecker)
Hon. A. H. H. Stuart
(Column 02)
Summary: "JUSTICE" endorsed Mr. Lewis over A.H.H. Stuart for nomination as Congressmen for Augusta's district. Admitted Stuart's honesty and qualifications but claimed Lewis would better serve the district. Also called on voters not to choose their candidate based on old party loyalties because the old parties did not exist anymore.
Full Text of Article:

The distinguished gentleman whose name heads this article is no doubt the most prominent candidate for Congress before the Harrisonburg Convention on the 5th proximo. Indeed it would be very gratifying to the friends of Mr. Stuart that the nomination should be by acclamation.

Mr. S. made a spirited canvass in opposition to Mr. Lewis, and was elected by a large majority, but was deprived of his seat in Congress by the reason that he could not take the Iron-Clad Oath. We think now in common justice to him that he should receive a unanimous nomination from the Convention. He has experience. He has talents of a high order. Is a statesman of ability, though advanced in years, his intellect was never stronger. He is fully identified with the people of the district. Is a large property holder. His interests are their interests. He has but one incentive, that is to promote the welfare of an oppressed people with whom he is a common-sufferer. The writer, in ante-bellum days belonged to the Democratic party, to which Mr. S. was always opposed, and is a Democrat still, therefore we cannot be accused of political sympathy with Mr. Stuart in former years. It is true that the writer has always liked Mr. Stuart personally, and has received many acts of courtesy and friendship. We have known him for a long term of years and whilst we have as a Democrat ever contended for every inch of ground in opposition to the party with which Mr. S. has acted, we have been ready at all times to accord him the credit of being honest and consistent. But now in the South we have no organized Democratic or Whig party. Old issues between parties if no effete are dead for the present. All are merged in a common interest and common destiny to defeat Radicalism in Virginia. Old party lines have been swept away -- long cherished principles of States Rights and Constitutional liberty have been yielded up to appease an exacting and desperate foe who are our conquerors, in order to save our people from carpet-baggers and scalawags holding the offices and destroying our judiciary system and to enfranchise the best and large part of our voting population. Conciliation then and harmony in our councils are at this time imperiously demanded. The best men, too, should be selected for office regardless of former party antecedents. This is the opinion at least of


Railroad Freights
(Column 02)
Summary: S. B. P. wrote to the Richmond Whig urging the Chamber of Commerce of that city to take steps to lower freight rates on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
Origin of Article: Richmond Whig
(Column 03)
Summary: James Edwin Fretwell, infant son of William W. and Sarah Fretwell, died on September 20th. He was 2 years old.
(Names in announcement: James Edwin Fretwell, William W. Fretwell, Sarah Fretwell)
(Column 03)
Summary: Alexander Hall and George Hall, children of James and Maria Hall of Augusta, died on July 23rd and August 18th. They were three years old and 18 months old respectively.
(Names in announcement: Alexander Hall, George Hall, James Hall, Maria Hall)

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