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Valley of the Shadow

Staunton Spectator: October 04, 1870

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Precinct Committees of the Augusta Memorial Association for the Confederate Dead
(Column 04)
Summary: Bolivar Christian sent out a circular listing the members of local committees for the Memorial Association in each town of Augusta county.
Full Text of Article:

STAUNTON -- WARD NO. 1 -- John S. Moorman, Wm. L. Bumgardner, Mrs. Capt. D. McCoy, Miss Avery Covell, Miss Eleanor Baylor.

STAUNTON -- WARD NO. 2 -- Capt. R. H. May, James Ker, mrs Josie Eyster, miss Fannie Skinner, miss Florence Phillips.

SANDY HOLLOW -- Capt. L. Harman, H. L. Opie, mrs Wm Donaghe, mrs J N Opie, miss Lorena Williams.

BOLIVAR. -- Jos Merriken, Geo R Bell, miss Hattie McGuffin, miss Nannie Bell, miss Katie Smith.

PEACO'S MILL. -- E M Cushing, David Speck, miss Sallie Kinney, miss Sallie S Henderson, miss Eliza Shuey.

FOLLY. -- Col Jas C Cochran, W Harvey Marshall, mrs Mary Lewis, miss Sallie Gilkerson, miss Bettie Eskridge.

HEBRON. -- Geo H Eidson, Alpheus Cook, mrs Rev D B Ewing, miss Emma V Taylor, mrs G W Swoope.

GREENSVILLE. -- Dr Wm Gillum, John B Smith, miss Mary Smith, miss Augusta Bumgardner, miss Lizzie Pilson.

MIDDLEBROOK. -- M W D Hogshead, Jas W McCorkle, mrs Sallie Junkel, mrs George Rusmisel, miss Maggie McCutchen.

NEWPORT. -- Dr Chas Berry, Thomas M Smiley, miss Lorena McChesney, miss Lucy Turk, miss Ellen Steele.

MIDWAY.-- Nelson Bell Jr., John H Rush, miss Betty Henry, miss Willie Pinkerton, miss Florence McGuffin.

WAYNESBORO'. -- Artemus Patterson, J P Smith, mrs Geo A Bruce, miss E Withrow, mrs Sallie McGuire.

FISHERSVILLE. -- Capt. F. Bateman, John E Hamilton, mrs Virginia Hamilton, miss Jennie Bell, miss Bettie Caldwell.

BARTERBROOK. -- A G Christian, Dr T W Shelton, mrs Martha Doid, miss Ophelia Wilson, miss Emma Moffett.

SHERANDO. -- Clinton Hall, Daniel Heiserman, mrs J M Lewis, mrs David G Hyden, miss Mary Coiner.

NEW HOPE. -- Capt Chas Grattan, Dr B F Walker, miss Lucy Stout, miss Lucy Waddell, mrs Lizzie Hinton.

MT SIDNEY. -- Capt Thos J Burke, C S Roller, miss Sadie Crawford, miss Jennie McCue, mrs Mary Wilson.

VERONA. -- Wm H Moorman, Ed Crawford, miss Mollie Gilkeson, miss Sallie Crawford, miss E W Edmondson.

MT MERIDIAN. -- Capt Tom McClung, J D Craig, miss Cornelia Patterson, miss Hanna Walker, miss Laura Boone.

RED MILLS. -- Sinclair Keiner, Wm Hanger, miss Catharine Yount, miss Hetty J Barnhart, miss Barbara Baylor.

MT SOLON. -- Col J M McCue, Capt E L Curtis, mrs Maggie T Lockridge, miss Bettie Forrer, mrs Robt Kyle.

SPRING HILL. -- Wm H Gamble, Dr Van Lear, miss Mary Plecker, miss Lizzie Herring, miss Fanny Bell.

PARNASSUS. -- Ad Cochran, Robt Byers, miss Lizzie Kinne, miss Mary Hamrick, miss Lucy Blair.

SANGERSVILLE. -- J W Crist, N L Blakemore, miss Mary S Gregory, mrs Dr Wm Davis, miss Ann L Humbert.

CENTREVILE. -- Clement Fulton, H V Bell, mrs Dr J M Trevy, miss Mody Fulton, miss Sallie Wheeler.

CHURCHVILLE. -- Capt Joseph A Wilson, Lit Waddell, mrs Wm H Bell, miss Rebecca Sterrett, miss Jennie Stover.

BUFFALO GAP. -- Dr James F Tate, Magnus S Cease, mrs Saml H Bell, miss Ada Sibert, miss Florence Lightner.

CRAIGSVILLE. -- Dr D Bashaw, Robt S Craig, miss Josephine Hedge, miss Mary Thomas, miss Amanda Woodward.

DEERFIELD. -- David V Taylor, John S Guy, miss Agnes Montgomery, miss Nannie McCutchen, miss Mary Montgomery.

LEBANON SPRINGS. - Thos H Cross, Frank E Irvine, miss Jennie Lange, miss Belle Pauly, miss Susan Rhyan.

(Circulars will be sent to each Committee defining its duties.)


Chairman, Ex. Com.


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County Conservative Ticket
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper endorsed the following candidates for the conservative ticket in the November 8th elections: Charles T. Cochran for treasurer, William A. Burnett for county clerk, Joseph N. Ryan for circuit clerk, James Bumgardner, Jr., for commonwealth's attorney, George W. Fauber for superintendent of the poor, William L. Mowry for sheriff, and Col. John D. Lilley for surveyor.
(Names in announcement: Charles T. Cochran, William A. Burnett, Joseph N. Ryan, James BumgardnerJr., George W. Fauber, William L. Mowry, Col. John D. Lilley)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Advertised a daily stage line between Staunton and Harrisonburg.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Dr. S. F. Coyner, formerly of Staunton, has been appointed Clinical Assistant at Washington University.
(Names in announcement: Dr. S. F. Coyner)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The ladies of Staunton Southern Methodist congregation will have dinner and refreshment tables at the fair grounds during the Augusta County Fair.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Prof. Scharf will deliver the inaugural reading of the course at Mt. Vernon Forge. On the 12th, Sheridan's "grand old Comedy the Rivals" will be performed, with admissions at $1.00 apiece.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Scharf)
Grand Tournament
(Column 01)
Summary: The knights of Augusta and adjacent counties were invited to participate in a Grand Challenge Tournament held on the last day of the fair. Prizes included a fine saddle-horse and equipments.
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper reprinted a warning against allowing personal feuds to stand in the way of Conservative unity in the upcoming elections. "This is no time for divisions among ourselves."
(Column 03)
Summary: Thomas Shafer and Miss Laura Gibbs, both of Staunton, were married on September 21st at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. Mr. Williams.
(Names in announcement: Thomas Shafer, Laura Gibbs, Rev. Williams)
(Column 03)
Summary: Charles A. Gladke of Staunton and Miss Rosetta Rosenbaum, daughter of Henry Rosenbaum of Washington, were married on September 17th at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. Isaac Stempel.
(Names in announcement: Charles A. Gladke, Rosetta Rosenbaum, Henry Rosenbaum, Rev. Isaac Stempel)
(Column 03)
Summary: Loretta Julie Gorman, daughter of W. H. and J. C. Gorman, died on September 15th. She was 4 months old.
(Names in announcement: Loretta Julie Gorman, W. H. Gorman, J. C. Gorman)

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