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Valley of the Shadow

Waynesboro Village Record: January 16, 1863

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Description of Page: A variety of human interest stories and anecdotes as well as extracts from the sermons of two preachers, Rev. R. C. Grundy, of Kentucky, and Rev. Dr. Paxton, of Pittsburg.

-Page 02-

Personal Property for Sale
(Column 1)
Summary: An announcement that John Gilbert's property will be sold at a public sale on Jan. 29th. The auctioneer will be G. V. Mong.
(Names in announcement: John Gilbert, G. V. Mong)
The Drought
(Column 1)
Summary: With many wells failing and the water level of streams so low that millers are unable to grind, the article notes that the region is in grip of severe drought.
Election of United States Senator
(Column 1)
Summary: The Senate and House met in a joint session in Harrisburg last Tuesday and elected Charles R. Buckalew as the state's next Senator. Buckalew won the contest by a slim majority of two votes. With the exception of Mr. Laporte, the Republicans all cast their support for Simon Cameron. Laporte voted for W. D. Kelly.
Full Text of Article:

Election of U. S. Senator.--The election of Mr. Buckalew by the Legislature of Pennsylvania as U. S. Senator, over such a man as Hughs, Randall and others of like ilk, must prove gratifying to all loyalists. His election certainly affords sympathisers with treason no grounds for exultation. We doubt not some persons in this town who threw up their hats at the announcement of his election, will find that their little demonstration was premature by the time they shall have digested the following paragraph which we extract from Mr. B's address on being conducted to the Chair:

"While the heart sickens at this loss of life and expenditure of treasure, let no loyal man hesitate as to our future course. The Union should, and I trust, will be preserved. The Constitution respected and the laws enforced, at whatever expenditure of life and money; the interest involved demands the sacrifice. It should be the ardent prayer of all just men that the cause of this unhappy strife, which is plainly apparent should be stricken down. Christians, patriots and philanthropists throughout the world, will approve this course, and peace when conquered, will be perpetual. Let the administration rise to a higher appreciation of its duties to the people. Let there be no jealousies, no exhibition of party strife, no sympathy with rebels. Opposition to the constitutional authorities in this struggle to maintain and preserve the Government by all legitimate means, whether by force of arms or by proclamations calculated to weaken and destroy the power of the government, and to remove the cause of the strife forever, is little short of TREASON. Let us, then, in our action here on the question at least, as may be presented, show our devotion to the government, to the interest of our children, and to the cause of civil liberty throughout the world."

The Small Pox
(Column 1)
Summary: Several "mild" cases of small pox have been reported in Chambersburg, but, as yet, the "loathsome and terrible disease" has failed to make an appearance in Waynesboro.
Counterfeit Postage Currency
(Column 1)
Summary: It is reported that counterfeit lithographed fifty-cent postage stamps are currently circulating. The forgeries, it seems, are of a substandard quality.
(Column 1)
Summary: A notice informing readers that court will be in session next week in Chambersburg. The following men have been selected to perform jury duty: Grand Jurors, D. B. Russell, Abraham Baker, Henry Lesher, Daniel Mickley, Jacob Summers, William Slaughenhaup, and John Wishard; Traverse Jurors, Josiah Besore, John Funk of H., Daniel Garlinger, Abraham Stamy, W. S. Amberson, J. H. Gordon, William Hooflich, George Jacobs, K. Snider, and Daniel Shank.
(Names in announcement: D. B. Russelll, Russell Baker, Henry Lesher, Daniel Mickley, Jacob Summers, William Slaughenhaup, John Wishard, Josiah Besore, John Funk, Daniel Garlinger, Abraham Stamy, W. S. Amberson, J. H. Gordon, William Hooflich, George Jacobs, K. Snider, Daniel Shank)
Election of U. S. Senator
(Column 2)
Summary: Lauding the election of Buckalew as "gratifying to all loyalists," the article contends that the new Senator will not relent in prosecuting the war to its end. The piece employs an extract from Buckalew's victory speech to validate its position.
The Altar
(Column 6)
Summary: On Jan. 8th, Jacob Ditch and Susan Ripplin were married by Rev. J. F. Oiler.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Ditch, Susan Ripplin, Rev. J. F. Oiler)
The Tomb
(Column 6)
Summary: On Jan. 1st, Clare Samantha Boult, 12, died near Waynesboro.
(Names in announcement: Clare Samantha Boult)
The Tomb
(Column 6)
Summary: On Jan. 1st, Charles Henry, 21 months old, and Franklin Edward, 8 months, sons of Philip and Mary C. Wiesner, died near Waynesboro.
(Names in announcement: Charles Henry Wiesner, Franklin Edward Wiesner, Philip Wiesner, Mary C. Wiesner)

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Description of Page: This page contains advertisements.

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Description of Page: This page contains advertisements.