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Valley of the Shadow

Waynesboro Village Record: May 15, 1863

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Gag Rule
(Column 2)
Summary: The editorial contests the notion that the government's efforts to stamp out the spread of anti-war rhetoric is censorship, and questions whether "traitors" deserve the same protection as loyal citizens.
Origin of Article: Exchange
Full Text of Article:

"All things have an end, and thank God this gagging administration will have an end too," said a soreheaded Vallandighamer in our hearing a few days ago. "A man is not permitted to speak his sentiments; if he does attempt it, he is at once silenced by some Lincolnite," continued he. This is certainly a very grave matter. A freeman in the land of liberty, not permitted to speak his sentiments! This is horrible! but the question arises, what are the sentiments which he is not permitted to utter? If his sentiments are those of loyalty to the Constitution and laws, no man will molest him for his bold and fearless utterance of them wherever the stars and stripes float in triumph above him. No where but in the land of treason is he in danger for the avowal of such opinions. If, however, his sentiments be those of hostility to the government in her efforts to crush out this base rebellion--if they prove that he sympathizes with treason, and that his efforts are directed to the securing of a peace which would prove disgraceful to the nation and dangerous to our liberties, then the Government will 'gag' him and every loyal man will stand firmly by her in her efforts to do so. If men will disgrace themselves and posterity by becoming the apologists of traitors and tyrants, and by basely deserting the flag of their country, they cannot expect that their perfidy will be permitted to pass unrebuked, or that a loyal people will tolerate the utterance of such sentiments. We have a government which is struggling for its life against an unscrupulous and unprincipled foe, and that Government must be sustained let the cost in men and money be what it may, and all who are its enemies either openly or covertly, must be taught a lesson which they can never forget and which will serve as a warning to others who may hereafter seek to overthrow the Republic.

A gagging administration, indeed! Shall it tolerate treason without giving evidence of a desire to arrest it? Shall every disloyal tongue be permitted to spit out its venom against it with impunity? Henceforth when we hear men crying "gag," we shall set them down as traitors to their country--wretches who would willingly aid the rebel crew of the south to destroy the glorious work of our patriotic sires--who would exult over our downfall as a nation, and who would willingly become the pliant tools of that despotism which Southern traitors are now attempting to thrust upon us.

Gag a man because he denounces the Government for defending the Constitution against the attacks of traitors, thieves and scoundrels! A mild offence, indeed, for such punishment! It would be a favorite doctrine of such worthies, for the administration to sit down with folded hands, and calmly permit them to cripple our brave army in its efforts to uphold the Constitution and laws, and to save the Government from destruction. Allow them to utter their base sympathies in behalf of treason, and many a mother will mourn for the loss of her brave son; many a wife will weep for a husband that she will never see again, and many a child will be fatherless and destitute, compelled to encounter the buffetings of a friendless world. Allow those men to clamor against the cause of right, and justice and liberty, and anarchy will take the place of order, and we will have no law but the law of the bandit, and no security but our strong arm.--Exchange.

[No Title]
(Column 2)
Summary: The piece relates the story of a woman from Altoona who concealed her sex and joined the army. The woman fought in three battles before being discovered, which occurred after she sustained an injury to her arm. The wound was her second.
Origin of Article: Altoona Register

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Meeting of the Union Loyal Leagues
(Column 1)
Summary: At the last meeting of the Loyal League on Tuesday, arrangements were made to give a public reception to the soldiers of Co. E 126th Regiment P. V. upon their return home.
Still At Large
(Column 1)
Summary: Despite the existence of a "hog law," the High Constable of the Borough has failed to enforce the measure, says the article. The cause of his inaction stems from an erroneous belief that the law is unconstitutional. As a solution, the article calls for a "little 'coercion,'" if necessary, to carry out the law.
Legal Notices
(Column 1)
Summary: The editors have received word that the legislation mandating the publication of all legal matters in each counties' two largest journals has no teeth. That is, there is no penalty for failing to comply with the act.
Death of Sergeant Peters
(Column 1)
Summary: On April 30th, Sergeant John H. Peters, a member of Co. E, 126th Regiment P. V., died at Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C. Peters suffered a fatal injury during the First Battle of Fredericksburg, where he was commended and promoted for his part in the engagement. The soldier's death is particularly difficult for the editors at the Village Record because Peters worked as their apprentice prior to joining the army.
(Names in announcement: Sergeant John H Peters)
County Superintendent
(Column 1)
Summary: Last Monday, the School Directors' Convention elected Andrew McElwain, of Chambersburg, County Superintendent for a term of three years. McElwain will leave his current job as the Principal of the Public High School of Chambersburg to take the post.
(Names in announcement: Andrew McElwain)
The President's Proclamation
(Column 2)
Summary: In preparation for the enforcement of the Conscription Bill, Lincoln has issued a proclamation declaring that foreigners, who intend on becoming citizens, are not exempted from the draft if they remain in the U. S. within sixty-five days of the passage of the bill.
Another Military Arrest
(Column 2)
Summary: It is reported David Lawson, an associate of the infamous Solomon Helser, was arrested by the Provost Guard on Monday after his name appeared on some documents taken from Helser.
Origin of Article: Mercersburg Journal
The Board of Enrollment
(Column 3)
Summary: The members of the Board of Enrollment for the 16th Military District of Pennsylvania, which includes Franklin county, have received their commissions. The appointments are as follows: Capt. George Eyster, of Chambersburg, Provost Marshall for the District; Dr. R. S. Seiss, of Littlestown, Surgeon of the Board of Enrollment; and John T. McIlhenny, of Gettysburg, Commissioner of the Board of Enrollment.
(Names in announcement: Capt. George Eyster, Dr. R. S. Seiss, John T. McIlhenny)
Casualties in the 126th Regiment
(Column 5)
Summary: A list of the wounded, missing, or killed members of the 126th Pennsylvania Regiment.
(Names in announcement: Nicholas C. Trout, Simon W. Rupley, Corp. George F. Missary, M. W. Kissecker, Jason Noy, Asa Glenn, G. Burns, James O. Cleary, S. N. Salkeld, John Oliver, George Cole, James McConnell, D. L. Coyle, W. Starleper, B. Bruce, J. T. Ripple, William S. McDowell, Thomas D. Metcalf, J. Oliver Parker, J. L. Jimmerman, W. G. McCartney, J. C. Hullinger, Lewis Monath, Adam Nicklas, Upton H. Moore, Walker Shearer, John B. Hart, Andrew Holby, J. L. Shultz, John A. J. Snyder, Samuel Bonsall, William Soule, Serg. S. G. B. McCurdy, James McCartney, Corp. R. Walters, John Stouffer, John Wilson, N. M. Bowers, Calvin M. Skinner, William A. Gaston, Martin Stubbs, A. Pomeroy, Joseph Shaeffer, Samuel Lee, John Smith, Jason Williams, John H. Everett, Serg. N. H. Gibler, J. A. Still, Cornelius Brantly, M. Wilson, James Gray, Lieut. J. G. Rowe, Corp. S. K. Snively, J. C. Bemesderfer, William Rupert, John Robinson, J. A. Unger, Samuel Palmer, Jonathan Bowman, Lieut. Clay McCauley, Lieut. J. W. Fletcher, William H. Snively)
Full Text of Article:

Casualties in the 126th Regiment.--We give the following list of killed, wounded and missing of this regiment, as published in the last Repository:


Nicholas C. Trout--Comp. C.
Simon W. Rupley--Comp. K.
Corp. George F. Missavy--Comp. K.


Company B.--M. W. Kissecker, hand; Jas. Noy, arm; Asa Glenn, side; G. Burns, hand; James O. Cleary, hip; S. N. Salkeld, thigh; John Oliver, leg.

Company C.--George Cole, head; James McConnell, leg; Sergt. D. L. Coyle, shoulder; W. Starleper, thigh; B. Bruce, thigh; J. T. Ripple, knee; William S. McDowell, head; Sergt. Thos. D. Metcalf, head; Corp. J. Oliver Parker, hand; J. L. Jimmerman, arm; W. G. McCartney, leg.

Company D.--Capt. J. C. Hullinger; Lewis Monath, arm; Adam Nicklas, leg; Upton H. Moore, breast; Walker Shearer; John B. Hart; Corp. Andrew Holby; J. L. Schultz, foot and shoulder; John A. J. Snyder.

Company F.--Lieutenant Samuel Bonsall; William Soule, nose.

Company G.--Sergt. S. O. B. McCurdy, arm; James McCartney, hand; Corp. R. Walters, leg.

Company H.--John Stouffer, wrist; John Wilson, side; N. M. Bowers, leg; Calvin M. Skinner, knee; Wm. A. Gaston, thigh; Martin Stubbs, arm; Andrew A. Pomeroy, arm; Joseph Shaeffer, shoulder; Samuel Lee, shoulder; John Smith, head; Jas. Williams, arm; John H. Everett.

Company I.--Sergt. N. H. Gibler; J. A. Still; Cornelius Brantly, shoulder; M. Wilson; James Gray.

Company K.--Lieut. J. G. Rowe, head; Corp. S. K. Snively, ankle; J. C. Bemesderfer, head; William Rupert, hip; John Robinson, knee; J. A. Unger, breast; Samuel Palmer.


Jonathan Bowman, Company B.
Lieut. Clay McCauley, Company D.
Lieut. J. W. Fletcher, Company H.
Wm. H. Snively, Company K.

The Tomb
(Column 6)
Summary: On April 30th, John H. Peters, of Co. E. 126th Reg. P. V., died at Lincoln Hospital in Washington, D. C. Peters was 22 years of age.
(Names in announcement: John H. Peters)
The Tomb
(Column 6)
Summary: On May 10th, Sarah Gilbert, wife of Capt. David Gilbert, died in Boonsboro. She was 61 years old.
(Names in announcement: Sarah Gilbert, Capt. David Gilbert)
The Tomb
(Column 6)
Summary: On May 7th, Henry Myers, 74, died at Welsh Run.
(Names in announcement: Henry Myers)

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