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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: January 12, 1859

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Description of Page: PA Governor's message.

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Description of Page: Congressional report. Right edge is torn.

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Appointment and Disappointment
(Column 1)
Summary: Discusses Fletcher's appointment as Sergeant at Arms in Harrisburg.
(Names in announcement: Josiah Fletcher, Col. A.K. McClure)
(Column 2)
Summary: Franklin County Teachers meeting about revamping curriculum etc. "Sequence of Proceedings."
(Names in announcement: P.M. Shoemaker, A.H. DeHaven, Mr. Looman, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Price, Daniel Gelman, John Armstrong, J.W. Coble, J. Montgomery, J. McD. Thompson, J.K. Shyrock, B.F. Frey)
Full Text of Article:

A number of the teachers of Franklin county met at Strasburg, December 29th, for the purpose of discussing in a practical manner the different branches of education taught in our common schools. The inclemency of the weather prevented many from attending this Convention. It however numbered some thirty five members. The following is a summary of proceedings:

Organized at eleven o'clock, A. M. P. M. Shoemaker, Chairman, and A. H. DeHaven, Secretary. Messrs. Lehman, Thomas and Pence were appointed a committee to report permanent officers. In the afternoon the following report was unanimously accepted. P. M. Shoemaker, President; Daniel Gelwix, John Armstrong and J. W. Coble, Vice Presidents; J. Montgomery and J. Mac Thomson, Secretaries. The President made some remarks, brief but pertinent, respecting the cause of education. Messrs. Thomson, Coble and Wingert were appointed a Business Committee. E. K. Lehman introduced the subject of Geography; used Pelton's Outline Maps; exercises quite sprightly; the system declared the best in use. Rev. Mr. Hanuaberry addressed the Convention on Wednesday evening His subject, "The Nature and Importance of Education," was well discussed, and elicited the profound attention of his audience. The subject of Arithmetic was taken up. Messrs. Shoemaker and Coble, instructors. On Thursday morning, Mr. J. K. Shryock addressed the Convention on the subject of English Grammar. His remarks were entirely of a practical nature, interspersed with exercises on the blackboard. In the afternoon, Mr. B. F. Frey introduced the subject of Algebra. It was quite evident he had given it much thought and study. Some difficult questions were analyzed. Mr. Shoemaker addressed the Convention on Thursday evening Subject, "What is Education; how is it to be obtained?" It was dealt with in a manner which showed the lecturer to be well posted by experience on the ways and means by which a practical education may be obtained. The subject of Vocal Music was presented by J. Mac. Thomson. On Friday evening, the subject of Arithmetic was continued by Mr. J. B. Cauffman. Messrs. Lehman, Croft and Cauffman were appointed a Committee on Resolutions. On Friday afternoon a lively discussion on the subject of Text Books occurred. A. H. DeHaven presented a system of Penmanship. The Committee on Resolutions reported the following:

Resolved. That the thanks of this institute are due, and are hereby tendered the Lutheran and German Reformed congregations, for the use of their church on this occasion.

Resolved. That the thanks of this Institute be tendered Mr. Stake for the comfortableness of the church during the Institute's sessions.

Resolved. That our thanks be tendered Messrs. Shryock, Frey and Cauffman, for the able and interesting instructions given this society, and that copies of these lectures be requested for publication.

Resolved. That our thanks be tendered the choir of Strasburg, and J. Mac. Thomson's class, for enlivening the exercises with excellent music.

Resolved. That in our opinion the County Superintendency is the right arm of the school system, and that any attempt to abolish it should be frowned upon by every friend of education.

Resolved. That we heartily approve of the course pursued by our able and worthy Superintendent, in his examination visits to schools, and in every other respect; and that, by his energy and perseverance, he has endeared himself to every friend of education, and that we will uphold and sustain him in every effort put fourth for the advancement of the glorious cause of education.

Resolved. That the thanks of this Institute are hereby tendered the citizens of Strasburg and vicinity, for encouragement given us by their presence at our meetings, and that we will ever remember their kindness with grateful hearts.

Resolved. That we believe that it is the imperative duty of every teacher to use every means in his power to fully prepare himself for the discharge of his responsible duties as a teacher; and as a means of such improvement, we believe that every teacher who possibly can, should attend the Normal School at Chambersburg, to commence about the first April next.

Resolved That the proceedings be published in the "Pennsylvania School Journal," and in the county papers.

The following letter was read, and a motion handed over for publication:

ST. THOMAS, Dec. 27, 1858.

Mr. P. M. SHOEMAKER:--Dear Sir: I am sorry to inform you that by the sudden illness of my father, I am forced to be absent from your meeting. How much I wish to be present you may imagine, as this is the first meeting for the improvement of teachers that I have been absent from since I commenced teaching in 1854; but my duty as a son to a kind parent, must forego the pleasure I had anticipated at your meeting. All I am, is owing to my attending the different kinds of educational meetings.

Respectfully yours,


On motion adjourned, to meet at St. Thomas in May.

Free Lecture
(Column 1)
Summary: Announcement of upcoming lecture before Gibson Literary Society by McCauley on Pennsylvania laws.
(Names in announcement: I.H. McCauley)
Hook and Ladder
(Column 1)
Summary: Hook and Ladder Committee has ordered an apparatus from Philadelphia.
(Names in announcement: James King, J.P. Culbertson, J.S. Nixon, Samuel Reed, Thomas Grier)
Full Text of Article:

--The Committee appointed by the Hook and Ladder Company, to purchase an apparatus, visited Philadelphia last week and succeeded in purchasing the "PROTECTION" apparatus of that city, on very reasonable terms. This apparatus is one of the very best, and the latest style the city affords. Our community will see the necessity of contributing liberally towards this enterprise. The Committee have advanced their own funds and paid for the apparatus, as it could only be purchased for cash. The money already subscribed must be immediately collected, and the following named persons are authorized to take it up as well as to solicit further aid:--James King, J. P. Culbertson, J. S. Nixon, Samuel Reed, and Thomas Grier. The apparatus will be ready to be delivered in this place about the 22 inst., and we understand the "Hope" and "Friendship" intend giving it a handsome reception.

Concert and Lecture
(Column 1)
Summary: Friends of the Public Library are planning a benefit concert and lecture by Clark, on "The Ruling Power of the Age."
West Point Cadet
(Column 1)
Summary: J.W., Wilson's son, accepted at West Point.
(Names in announcement: J.W. Reilly, Wilson Reilly)
(Column 2)
Summary: Married on December 30, 1858.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.B.C. Randolph, Samuel Miller, Jane Reed)
(Column 5)
Summary: Married on January 2, 1859.
(Names in announcement: Rev. W.B.C. Randolph, Andrew Monn, Bell Cook)
(Column 5)
Summary: Died on December 15, 1858, age 3 (John)
(Names in announcement: John Wingert, Mary Wingert)
(Column 5)
Summary: Died on December 12, age 56.
(Names in announcement: John Funk)

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Description of Page: Right edge is torn

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