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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: March 28, 1860

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-Page 04-

Naturalized Citizen
(Column 03)
Summary: Points out to German and Irish voters that Mr. Curtin, Republican candidate for governor, was a former Know Nothing.
Union Meeting in Mississippi
(Column 04)
Summary: Reports on a union meeting in Mississippi that was well attended and enthusiastic.
For the Spirit
(Column 05)
Summary: Letter describing the hanging of Hazlett and Stephens, members of John Brown's raiding party, in Charleston, Virginia.
Trailer: Oglethorpe
A brother of Hazlett...
(Column 06)
Summary: Report of Hazlett's brother appealing to members of Congress to pardon his brother for his role in the John Brown raid.

-Page 06-

Description of Page: Advertisements

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Description of Page: Advertisements

-Page 08-

Description of Page: Market information from Chambersburg, Baltimore, and Philadelphia; legal notices.

List of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 05)
Summary: List of Grand Jurors for court on April 9.
(Names in announcement: John Bell, Simon Bitner, George Betz, Samuel Cauffman, John Dehaven, William Flickinger, Josiah Fickes, Samuel FrederickJr., John Gilbert, Martin Heintzelman, Abraham Hess, Peter Hosler, Levi Hurst, Addison Imbrick, George Jacobs, James Kirkpatrick, Jacob Noffsker, Jacob Lehman, John Lesher, Daniel Monn, Joseph Ripple, Hiram Snyder, Melcher Snively, Samuel West)
List of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 05)
Summary: List of Traverse Jurors for the first week of April 9 court.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Adams, S.O. BrownJr., Samuel Bear, Edmund Culbertson, Joseph Cramer, Jacob Chuffman, Anthony Clippinger, John Cook, Hartman Dickout, Imes Dougal, Jacob Deardorff, Michael Deihl, Wm. Flemming, Alexander Gordon, John Harris, John Heintzelman, John Humphrey, David Keller, John Krymer, John Kennedy, John Keefer, Joseph Krebs, Jacob Lesher, Cornelius Loudebaugh, John Miller, Daniel Myers, Frederick Mish, Samuel McElhair, Samuel Ott, Benjamin Rosenberry, Joseph Rebok, Sam'l Rider, Sam'l Radebaugh, A.S. McCulloh, Benjamin Snively, Christian Stouffer, Adam Small, John Sellers, J.S. Skinner, Allen Smith, S.B. Snively, Elia Troxel, Isaac Wingert, Wm. Wallace, Frederick Walk, Wm. Wilson, Peter Witmore)
List of Grand and Traverse Jurors
(Column 05)
Summary: List of Traverse Jurors for the second week of April 9 court.
(Names in announcement: Wm. Angle, Jacob Butterbaugh, Henry Besore, Joseph Bosserman, Andrew Banker, Jacob Carbaugh, George Coble, Samuel Coble, Benjamin Chambers, Peter Dull, Lewis Deatrich, David Divelbees, John Dehaven, John Ditch, Alex Diehl, Notley Easton, Jacob Eberly, Wm. Foreman, Joseph Fry, Samuel Frederick, Frederick Foreman, Charles Gillan, Michael Gordon, Lawrence Hammond, John Hawbecker, Abraham Hurst, Charles Hock, George Harbaugh, Jacob Keggerels, John Johnson, Samuel Lehman, Daniel Logan, John Myers, John McDowell, George Miller, Wm. McDowell, Wm. Martin, Joseph Negly, David Over, Thomas Pomroy, Joseph Phinicle, Wm. Ramer, Hugh Smith, Henry Summers, Joseph Strawbridge, Daniel Shock, Greenberry Witmore, John Wallace)
Notice... licenses
(Column 06)
Summary: List of applications for hotel and liquor licenses in Franklin County.
(Names in announcement: John Reilly, Peter Harincher, Margaretta Montgomery, A.J. Brand, John Fisher, Margaret Beaver, George Dittman, John Dittman, Jacob Brown, Benjamin Kuhn, Christian Peiffer, John Brown, Daniel Miller, Wm. Lupert, John Spidle, Adam Kadel, John Baker, Andrew Shank, John Kuhn, George Anderson, Aaron Beck, Henry Middour, Hugh Sibbet, Francis Bowden, Luther Kurtz, Henry Rhelmond, D.H. Funk, Joseph Hollar, Francis Northcraft, Thomas Pauling, Jacob Brumbaugh, Jacob Elliott, John Murphy, James Mullen, John Mullen, Joseph Allen, Charles Gillan, John Tankereley, John Gordon, Samuel Filson, Eunion Elliott, Jeremiah Burke, James Richardson, Jeremiah Zollinger, Aaron Reigner, Abraham Keefer, David Gover, J. Jones, Enoch Skinner, Jacob Keggerweis, Benjamin Crourse, Gideon Hockman, Samuel Foreman, James Jenkins, Benjamin Culbertson, John Wynkoop, William Bard, Henry Myers, Martin Shoemaker, A.R. Hurst, Michael Geiselman, Thomas Grover)
List of Causes for Trial
(Column 06)
Summary: List of court cases for April term.
(Names in announcement: Wm. McLellan, William Dean, Jeremiah George, Emanuel Croaland, C.T. Maclay, George Immell, Peter Cook, Samuel Thompson, Daniel DechartJr., George Corwell, John Reasner, Jacob Bricker, John Clippinger, Jacob Brown, William Phillippy, Abraham Shettner, Williams Sellers, Henry Davis, Henry Funk, David Smith, William McLellan, Christopher Laydig, Michael Fyrock, John Strine, Daniel Trestle, George Ettner, Peter Reed, Samuel Dysert, William McGrath, Samuel Wolfe, Margaret McNutty, Jacob Garver, David Stouffer)