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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: August 19, 1868

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Seymour and Blair. The Turning of the Tide! Conversions to Democracy.
(Column 07)
Summary: Article arguing that the nomination of Horatio Seymour and Frank Blair for president and vice president has galvanized Democrats and won converts to the party.
She Works for a Living
(Column 08)
Summary: Article celebrating women who work for a living. In choosing a wife, the author argues, men should "turn from the fashionable, lazy and haughty girls, and select one from those who work for a living."

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The Artful Dodger
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper attacks Republican John Cessna for lack of political principle. He had once been a temperance advocate and was asked to write a Prohibitory Liquor Law by the Pennsylvania State Temperance Convention, but refused for what the paper suggests were crass political motives.
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper denounces Republicans for destroying the public credit while enriching themselves through war profiteering.
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper suggests that if Grant is elected president, the walls of the White House should be painted red or black. Red would symbolize the blood through which Grant "waded" to get to power, and black would represent the Republican Party's African American wing.
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper argues that "war, debt and disunion are the fruits of Radical ascendancy." The editors blame Republicans for starting the Civil War, ruining the public credit, and excluding southern representatives from Congress.

-Page 03-

Democratic County Committee Meeting
(Column 01)
Summary: John R. Orr, Chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Committee, calls a meeting in the county offices.
(Names in announcement: John R. Orr, Joseph S. Loose, H. M. White, D. K. Wunderlich, James L. Reily, Alex Martin, James H. Little, Sol. Shively, Joseph C. Clugston, Daniel Palmer, Abraham Hafer, Jacob Wistar, Joseph Gilmore, John W. DeHaven, H. G. Skiles, A. J. Unger, George W. M'Cleary, W. W. Kuhn, Simon Bitner, Daniel Stake, D. B. Tenley, George W. Welsh, Jacob Elliott, John R. Orr)
Daily Prayer Meeting
(Column 01)
Summary: A Union Prayer Meeting will be held daily in the offices of the Young Men's Christian Association.
Democratic Club
(Column 01)
Summary: Greencastle has a "large and flourishing" Democratic club. "Its weekly meetings are numerously attended by enthusiastic and earnest democrats and they are working much good for the cause of constitutional government."
The Agricultural Fair Company
(Column 01)
Summary: Preparations are progressing for the Franklin County Fair. The buildings are under construction and the track has been tested. "All is activity about the grounds, about twenty to twenty-five hands being employed in the erection of the buildings, track, grading, &c. The prospects for an agricultural and mechanical exhibition, creditable alike to the company and county, are good."
The Damage Commissioners
(Column 02)
Summary: The paper defends Chambersburg from charges leveled in Greencastle that it was actually Chambersburg officials who forced an adjournment of the damage claims commission out of fear that Greencastle was outpacing the borough in number and value of claims.
Court Proceedings
(Column 02)
Summary: Proceedings of the Franklin County Court.
(Names in announcement: Ambrose Welsh, John Isenberger, Henry Null, Isaac Newman, Frank Eby, Susan Howard, William Fahnestock, William R. Sturgeon, J. J. Spessard, W. B. Raby, J. R. Smith, Peter Trexel, George Mellinger, William Hartman, George Metz, Frank Myers, Frank Jones, John Trostle, Isaac Newman, John Miller, John S. Palsgrove, George Rock, Andrew Freeman, Ferdinand Evans, Robert Ramsey, Albert Beshire, H. Wilson, Samuel E. Neikirk, George Blue, Michael Miller, William Tarner, Henry Shirk, James A. Miley, Tip Savage, W. Jones, P. D. Ostrander, Luther Benedict, Frank M. Andrews, James Alexander, John Beattey, George Mellinger, George Brown, Samuel Campbell, Sylvester D. Jones, William Fraxler, Maria Verner, William McKane, Thomas Campbell, William McCune, Obed Lowry, John F. Keller, E. P. Acker, George A. Cole, Heffelman, Rice, William Richter, Conrad Wagoner, E. J. Cox, William C. McNulty)
Full Text of Article:

The following cases were disposed of at the August term of Court held last week:

Com. vs. Ambrose Welsh--Larceny. not guilty.

Com. vs. John Isenberger--Assault and Battery. Guilty.

Com. vs. John Isenberger--Surety of the Peace. Dismissed, the Presecutrix to pay the costs.

Com. vs. John Isenberger--Assault and Battery. Guilty; Court sentenced him to one month in the county prison and costs of Prosecution.

Com. vs. John Isenberger--Surety of the Peace. Guilty.

Com. vs. Henry Null--Surety of the Peace, Plead Guilty.

Com. vs. Isaac Newman--Horse Stealing. Guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of one dollar and undergo an imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for three years.

Com. vs. Frank Eby--Surety of the Peace. Plead Guilty.

Com. vs. Susan Howard--Keeping Bawdy House. Guilty; sentenced one month in the county prison.

Com. vs. Wm. Fahnestock--Assault and Battery. Not Guilty.

Com. vs. Wm. R. Sturgeon--Assault with intent to commit a rape. Not Guilty on first count, but guilty on second count in the indictment.

Com. vs. J. J. Spessard--Furnishing Liquor to Minors. Not Guilty, and costs of Prosecution to be paid by the Prosecutors, W. B. Raby and J. R. Smith.

Com. vs. Peter Trexel--Larceny. Plead Guilty. Sentenced costs of Prosecution and to jail for one day.

Com. vs. George Mellinger--Surety of the Peace. Guilty. Sentenced to pay the costs of Prosecution, and to give security in the sum of one hundred dollars.

Com. vs. Wm. Hartman--Assault and Battery. Not Guilty.

Com. vs. Geo. Metz--Malicious mischief. Not Guilty.

Com. vs. Frank Myers--Adultery. Not Guilty.

Com. vs. Frank Jones--Assault and Surety of the Peace. Plead Guilty.

Com. vs. John Trostle--Assault and Battery. Not Guilty.

Com. vs. Isaac Newman--Horse Stealing. Guilty. Sentenced to two years to the Penitentiary.

Com. vs. John Miller--Burglary. Not Guilty.

Nolle prosequi were entered on the following cases: Com. vs. John S. Palsgrove; com. vs. George Rock; com. vs. George Rock; com. vs. Andrew Freeman; com. vs. Andrew Freeman; com. vs. Ferdinand Evans; com. vs. Robt. Ramsey, et. al; com. vs. Albert Beshire; com. vs. H. Wilson; com. vs. Samuel Neikirk; com. vs. Geo. Blue; com. vs. Michael Miller; com. vs. William Tarner; com. vs. Henry Shirk; com. vs. James A. Miley; com. vs. Tip Savage; com. vs. W. Jones; com. vs. P. D. Ostrander; com. vs. Luther Benedict, et al; com. vs. Frank M. Andrews; com. vs. James Alexander; com. vs. John Beattey.

The following cases were continued:--Com. vs. Geo. Mellinger; Com. vs George Brown et al; Com. vs. Samuel Campbell; Com. vs. Sylvester D. Jones et al; Com. vs. William Fraxler; Com. vs. Maria Verner; Com. vs. Wm. McKane; Com. vs. Thomas Campbell; Com. vs. Wm. McCune; Com. vs. Obed Lowry; Com. vs. John F. Keller; Com. vs. E. P. Acker; Com. vs. George A. Cole.

Licenses have been granted to the following persons;--Heffelman & Rice, Rest. N. W. Chamb'g; Wm. Richter, Rest. N. W. Chamb'g; Conrad Wagoner, Rest. S. W. Chamb'g; E. J. Cox, Rest. Top Cove Mountain; Wm. C. McNulty, Wholesale Liquor Store, N. W. Chambersburg.

Meeting of the Bar
(Column 02)
Summary: The members of the Franklin County Bar pass resolutions of sympathy upon news of the death of Thaddeus Stevens.
Open Air Promenade Concert
(Column 03)
Summary: An open air concert will be held on the ground of W. L. Chambers to raise money for the Franklin County Monumental Association.
(Names in announcement: W. L. Chambers)
Chambersburg Academy
(Column 03)
Summary: The Chambersburg Academy will be beginning its session soon, so parents interested in sending their sons should act quickly. The paper describes the impressive renovations to the building and the program of study designed to produce educated Christian gentlemen.
(Column 05)
Summary: Jacob Eyer and Miss Emma E. Phreaner, both of Strasburg, Franklin Co., were married on August 11th at the National Hotel in Chambersburg by the Rev. S. Barnes.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Eyer, Emma E. Phreaner, Rev. S. Barnes)
(Column 05)
Summary: John William Fisher, son of Philip and Mary Fisher, died in Chambersburg on August 16th. He was 11 months old.
(Names in announcement: John William Fisher, Philip Fisher, Mary Fisher)
(Column 05)
Summary: Martha A. Hoerner, wife of John H. Hoerner, died at the Loudon residence of her father, Peter Stenger, on August 17th. She was 24 years old.
(Names in announcement: Martha A. Hoerner, John H. Hoerner, Peter Stenger)
(Column 05)
Summary: William Edgar Sellers, son of John A. and Bella Sellers, died in St. Thomas on August 15th. He was 6 months old.
(Names in announcement: William Edgar Sellers, John A. Sellers, Bella Sellers)
(Column 05)
Summary: Adam Kadel died in Green township on August 11th. He was 60 years old.
(Names in announcement: Adam Kadel)

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