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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: October 21, 1868

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Public Debt Rapidly Increasing--If Radical Rule Continues, National Bankruptcy Is Inevitable
(Column 06)
Summary: Article charging that Republican financial management will bankrupt the nation.

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Our Defeat and Our Duty
(Column 01)
Summary: Admits defeat in the recent state elections. Charges that Republicans instituted vote fraud and bribery on a grand scale. Assures Democrats they still have a chance in November and not to lose heart.
Full Text of Article:

The Radicals have carried Pennsylvania. The largest vote ever cast, has been polled, and the result is a majority of less then ten thousand for the Radical candidates. It would be easy for us to show that the Democratic party is gaining ground in this State and that it is in better condition as to numbers and discipline than it has been since the beginning of the war. We might eulogize its invincible courage and unflagging energy and show that this defeat is not such a terrible shower after all.

But all this would be to no purpose now. The fact is undeniable and keeps staring us in the face, that the Radicals have won a victory, and that, unless we rise quickly from our defeat, repair our broken columns and make a grand, united effort, they will win another in November.

It is possible for the Democracy to carry Pennsylvania in November. For President, all the States hold the election on the same day. There will be no chance to repeat the importation and colonization of voters practiced on such a huge scale at the late elections. Ohio will need all her Radical voters. New York will need hers. The vote cast next month will be only that of the resident population of the State.

Besides, we suspect that money will not be as plenty. The Radicals will rely upon the moral effect of the October victory. There are no local candidates who will be willing to "bleed" largely simply for the sake of "saving the country." It will be difficult for them to raise money in such large sums as to justify them in paying ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five dollars per head for voters. And these men who were bought at the late election will demand pay again as the consideration of their votes for Grant. If they do not get it, they will vote the Democratic ticket through spite. There is no disguising the fact that the election last week was carried by the corrupt use of money. The week prior to the election, the Democratic leaders in every County of the State found that money was being freely used to buy votes. A systematic plan was adopted by which a certain number of votes was purchased for a certain amount of money. In each election district, a few bar-room politicians were employed to canvass the district, find out the needy and tempt them to sell their votes. If they were willing to barter their votes, the "greenbacks" were paid down immediately, and the bargain closed, except when the parties were of such a character that they could not be trusted to perform their part of the agreement. In such cases the money was withheld until the ballot was deposited in the box.

Again, a great many fraudulent votes were cast. The National Convention of the "Boys in Blue" held in Philadelphia a short time before the election, left a large number of carpet-baggers in the city who were fraudulently assessed and permitted to vote. These men were from States in which no elections were held and from which, they could, of course, be conveniently spared.

On the other hand, the full strength of the Democratic party was not developed. Our forces were not as thoroughly organized as the Radical forces. Many of our men did not go to the polls who were entitled to vote, and many went and were not prepared to vote on account of neglect in relation to the assessment.

Democrats, get ready for the contest again. Do not be discouraged.

There are no local candidates in the field who will furnish the Radical leaders with piles of money with which to corrupt electors.

The Radicals will rely to a great extent upon the effect of their late victory and trust to it to win the next.

The men who were imported into the State will be needed at home. All the foreign carpet-baggers left the State the morning after the election, leaving their board bills to be paid by the Radical State Central Committee. This illegal vote will be lopped off.

Democrats, you have made a grand reconnaissance in force. You have not only ascertained the strong points of the enemy but you have also discovered your own weak points.

There are men who are not assessed. Have them assessed.

There are men who were not at the polls. Bring them to the polls.

There are able men who are wanting in zeal. Stimulate them to action. Let the Democracy labor to poll a larger vote in November than they did in October. Let no Democrat who voted on the 13th instant, fail to vote on the 3d day of next month. Let there be a movement along the whole line. Let "the voice of an invincible courage" go up from solid Democratic ranks. Let us present an unbroken front to the foe and labor from the rising to the setting of the sun, and victory will yet be ours.

John Cessna
(Column 02)
Summary: Continues its earlier attacks against Republican Congressional nominee Cessna. Declares the paper is not afraid of him and will continue to criticize him. Disgusted that he was elected when four of the five counties of the district voted against him.
Full Text of Article:

Elated by the success of his unscrupulous efforts to crowd out the gentlemen who had the boldness to enter into a contest with him for the Radical nomination for Congress, John Cessna opened the campaign by a speech in the Court House at this place which was designed to "cow down" some of his political opponents, and especially the editors of the Valley Spirit. Accustomed to confuse and alarm timid witnesses in court by his unearthly screaming, he imagined he could drive us from our guns by a furious assault at the opening of the contest. He had beaten Col. Weistling by the strategy he knows so well how to practice, and he would silence our battery by a sudden and terrific charge. He had carried the county over a political friend, and he would wrest it by main force from his political opponents. He blackguarded us to an extent which he supposed would be sufficient to deter us from opposing him very vigorously; but to make assurance doubly sure, he gave public notice in his speech that if we did not "let up" on him he would come back in a few weeks and make our last end worse than our first. Those who heard him supposed that he had exhausted his vocabulary of billingsgate, but he gave them to understand that his resources were inexhaustible, and that he could and would surpass anything they had heard even from him.

There were not a few among his hearers who thought he was barking up the wrong tree when he attempted to frighten the Valley Spirit. Little John himself probably came to the same frame of mind soon afterward. The next issue of the paper must have convinced him that we were not badly frightened, and he must have come to the conclusion that it would not pay to abuse us further, for he did not venture upon a second assault upon us. Dropping his abuse of us he took to bragging about himself. When in this county he bragged that he would gain largely in Bedford and when in Bedford he bragged that he would carry Franklin. He declared that he would not take his seat in Congress if he did not come within one hundred of carrying Bedford county, even though elected by the District, and the lowest majority he would agree to for himself in Franklin was 250. Meantime the Valley Spirit kept pegging away at him, and exposing the arts by which he had attempted to obtain Democratic nominations, and the shameless devices by which he had succeeded in obtaining Republican nominations over the head of men better entitled to them than himself.

We have good reason to be satisfied with the result of the fight Mr. Cessna forced upon us. Instead of a majority of 250 for him, as he claimed, we have given 211 against him. No other man of the whole thirteen on his ticket succeeded in running as low as he did. A race-horse running so far behind the whole field would be declared distanced and be ruled out as unworthy to run another heat. A candidate for the highest office on the ticket, and having consequently all the force of party influence in his favor, he is beaten 211, whilst the candidate for the lowest and least important office on the ticket with him is elected by 49. How much do the Radicals of this county think they gained by running the renegade Cessna instead of the consistent Republican Col. Weistling?

Four of the five counties composing this Congressional District have declared by decided majorities that they do not want John Cessna to represent them. The fifth has declared in his favor by a majority exceeding the total majority given against him in the others, thus electing him. The counties voting against him had a population of 95,999 by the census of 1860. The one voting for him had 26,778. He will represent, therefore, a little over one-fifth of the whole population of the District. This will entitle him to the distinction of being the Rump Member of the Rump Congress--the Tail End of the Tail End of Radical Creation.

The Result In Franklin County
(Column 02)
Summary: Lists the names of men who were elected in local elections, mostly Republicans. Claims that despite the outcome, the Radicals only polled a tiny majority of the total vote and that Democrats would gain a majority next time. Also accuses the Republicans of bribery and vote fraud again.
Full Text of Article:

The majority for the Radical State ticket in this County is forty-three. The Radical candidates for Sheriff, Commissioner, Surveyor and Auditor are elected by majorities ranging from forty-nine to one hundred and nineteen. W.S. Stenger, Esq., Democratic candidate for District Attorney is elected by a majority of one hundred and ninety, and Jacob R. Smith, Democratic candidate for Director of the Poor, is elected by a majority of thirty-nine. In our Legislative District, composed of Franklin and Perry, Captain John H. Walker, Radical, of Franklin, and Mr. John Shively, Democrat, of Perry, are elected.

Adams and Franklin together have sent Calvin M. Duncan, Esq., to the State Senate by a majority of two hundred and fifty-nine, to occupy the seat from which he was fraudulently ejected three years ago to give place to McConaughy.

The result in Franklin County ought to be very encouraging to the Democrats. The Radicals have always claimed that on a full vote, this County belongs to them by from three to four hundred majority. Two years ago upon an aggregate vote of 8405 the majority for Geary was 193.

This year, upon an aggregate vote of 8614, the largest ever cast, the majority for Hartranft is only 43. This vote establishes the fact beyond doubt that in all ordinary elections, Franklin County will give a Democratic majority. At the late election local causes operated to bring out a class of voters who will not go to the polls next month. Opposition to the Road Law brought out men who would not have come out at all if that question had not been before the people. Once at the polls, they were persuaded to vote the Radical ticket.

We have no hesitation in expressing our opinion that at least one hundred men were bought in this County to vote the Radical ticket. Some were paid five, some ten, some fifteen, some twenty and a few twenty-five dollars apiece. In this Borough we know the names of men who have hitherto acted with the Democrats, who voted the Radical ticket at the late election, and as a consideration therefor, received ten, fifteen and twenty dollars from certain gentlemen whom we could also name. We gave place last week to a letter from Col. McClure in relation to the reception and disbursement of money for election purposes. We do not dispute the statements in his letter, but we know that soon after his arrival here, money became a great deal plentier in the hands of our Radical friends than it was before.

And yet, notwithstanding this lavish use of money by the Radicals here, they have only succeeded in carrying the County on the fullest vote ever polled, by a majority of forty-three. Democrats, gird on your armor. Let us carry Franklin County for Seymour and Blair in November.

Life Insurance
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper explains the procedures and benefits of the National Life Insurance Company, chartered by Congress.
Gains and Losses in the State
(Column 03)
Summary: Reports on the results of state wide elections for Congress and the Legislature. Also gives the number of Democrats and Republicans in the next Legislature.
Full Text of Article:

The Democrats gain three Congressmen in the State--Moffet in the Third District, Philadelphia, in place of Myers; Reading in the Fifth District, Philadelphia, in place of Taylor, and Foster in the 21st District in place of Covode.

We also gain two Senators--Duncan in this District in place of McConaughy and Turner in Luzerne county in place of Shoemaker.

The next Legislature will stand as follows: Senate, Radicals 18, Democrats 15. House, Radicals 61, Democrats 39. We lose a member in the 18th District, Philadelphia, one in this District, one in the Huntingdon District, one in the Westmoreland District, and three in the Lycoming District--making a loss of seven Democrats in the House.

That "Thrashing"
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper refutes Republican charges that Cessna thrashed Kimmell in debates at Waynesboro, Bloody Run, and Schellsburg. The results of the election in Washington Township show that Kimmell gained support at Cessna's expense. The Republican majority there stood at 78, but Cessna beat Kimmell by only 57 .
Look at the Figures
(Column 03)
Summary: Compares 1868 with 1866 election results to show that Republican majorities are dropping.
Full Text of Article:

In 1866, the 16th Congressional District, composed of Adams, Bedford, Franklin, Fulton and Somerset gave Wm. H. Koontz for Congress a majority of 650. This year, it gives John Cessna 144.

In 1866 it gave John W. Geary for Governor a majority of 756.

This year it gives the Radical State ticket a majority of 342.

Keep the Democratic ball rolling.

Official Majorities for Congress
(Column 03)
Summary: Tallies the results for the Congressional contest between Cessna and Kimmell.
Full Text of Article:

The majorities in the several Counties composing the 16th Congressional District as shown by the official vote are as follows:

Cessna(R.) Kimmell(D.) Adams 344 Bedford 326 Franklin 211 Fulton 320 Somerset 1345 Total 1345 1201

Majority for Cessna 144.

Official Legislative Vote
(Column 03)
Summary: Tallies the results for elections for the Assembly from Franklin and Perry counties.
Full Text of Article:

The Official vote for members of the Assembly is as follows:

Walker, Shelbly, Winger, Shively Franklin 4335 4308 4314 4279 Perry 2563 2514 2525 2580 Total 6898 6822 6839 6859

Captain John H. Walker (Rad.) of this county and John Shively (Dem.) of Perry are thus elected to the Assembly.

Heavy Blowing
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper calls on Cessna to respect his pre-election boast that he would not take his seat if Judge Kimmell got more than a 100 vote majority in Bedford County. He actually received a majority of 326.
In A Hurry
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper reports a rumor that on the day after the election John Cessna, thinking himself beaten, immediately wrote a letter to contest the election results.
Official Vote for Senator
(Column 03)
Summary: Tallies the results from Adams and Franklin counties for Senator.
Letter From Louisiana
(Column 04)
Summary: Prints another letter from J.B. Matthews condemning the present condition of reconstruction in Louisiana. Mainly concentrates on the deprived rights of white men at the expense of favoring black southerners. Insists African Americans and carpetbaggers don't represent the true spirit of the state and constantly moans the loss of liberty for the state's white population.
Full Text of Article:

September 29th, 1868

Editors of Valley Spirit: In my last letter I addressed my friends and acquaintances in Path Valley, Amberson's Valley, and about Bossart's mill, and endeavored to show that the South need no reconstruction laws. I now propose to show how those laws work. In the first place three-fourths of the white men are excluded from the polls and from the right to hold any office. Under the operation of these laws, a few white men in the South, (one in a hundred of the resident population being those who were opposed to secession, and commonly called union men,) aided by a board of registration and by bureau officials, acting under the prestige of drum, fife and bayonets, registered the negroes as voters, using their influence with the negroes to prejudice them against the whites in the South and in favor of "Massa Lincum," intending through these negroes to put and keep themselves in power and office and have a fine time of it generally. Accordingly they elected a large majority of Radicals to a convention to form a State Constitution; that is, one man in a hundred (and some of them non resident adventurers) elected the said members of the State Convention; because negroes voted whatever ticket was given them by those who had thus practised on their credulity and gained their confidence. The negroes had no understanding whatever of what they were doing. They did not know what a constitution meant any more than dumb animals. Perhaps one in a thousand, having more intelligence than the mass, had a vague idea of it, but the whole operation was a farce, and the members elected did not represent one in a hundred of the people. This convention was composed of some dozen or more of unprincipled white men and a few conservative white men, and the balance were negroes, who had been plantation slaves, who could not read, nor understand anything of what the provisions of a State constitution mean, being mostly as stolid and stupid as mere animals. Now it is evident from these facts that the present radical constitution of Louisiana was not adopted by a hundredth part of the white citizens of the State, nor was it adopted by one in a thousand of the negroes, because they literally did not know what they were doing.

The constitution thus adopted by said bogus convention provided, in substance, that all citizens of this State in the late "so-called" rebellion, shall be prohibited from voting or holding office, unless they acknowledge that the late rebellion was morally and politically wrong; and that they regret any aid and comfort they may have given it, and sign a certificate stating these facts and have the same recorded in the archives of the State and published in the State paper.

The operation, therefore, of the reconstruction laws, is to take the control of the State government out of the hands of the intelligent, influential white people, and [line cut off] unprincipled white men and non residents, who came here to appropriate the offices of the government, and plunder the people, and who have no real interest in the government and welfare of the State. These reconstruction laws have imposed on us a constitution which compels nearly all the white men of intelligence and influence to be disfranchised and excluded from office or degrade themselves by signing and publishing a certificate which would prove themselves to have been criminals or fools. By the same constitution white men are taxed to support the education of negro children and are forced to have their own children attend the public schools with the negroes or support private schools at their own additional expense which is unjust and unequal "taxation without representation!"

Therefore the Constitution and Laws of Louisiana are not made by the people of Louisiana, but have been dictated by people of other States--by Sumner, Stevens, Phillips and others--not in a spirit of liberty and enlightened Statesmanship, but in a spirit of oppression and revenge, with the view of keeping a party in power; a party that pretends to act in an enlightened, christian spirit, yet this same party takes from the white man the right of franchise and gives it to the negro; a party that appoints a Bureau to take care of the negro's affairs, yet by enfranchising him they deem him fit to make a constitution and laws, for brave, enlightened white men! But white men who dared complain of this outrage upon the rights of those who were once free men, are at once denounced as disloyal men. Loyal and disloyal! How stupidly these words are uttered and how little understood. to be loyal in a political sense is to be attached to the principles of the government. And who are more attached to the principles of the government than the Southern people? Who have ever been taught more impressively the value of the principles of American liberty? Who ought to appreciate liberty higher than those who, having once enjoyed it, are afterwards deprived of it. And who are more disloyal than the men who violated the principle of the right of suffrage; who embody ex post facto penalties and disabilities in constitutions, who impose taxation without representation? Who are more disloyal than the men who do these things in order to secure political power, and by caressing the negro for his vote and by disabling the white man from voting, show their motives to be corrupt and tyrannical?

"Well, but then Rebels deserve to be deprived of the right of suffrage as a punishment for their rebellion," some have said. This is the dictate of revenge. Because, either the Southern men committed treason or they did not. If they did, the laws of the United States prescribe a very different punishment, and there is no authority for inflicting any other. If they did not commit treason, as Thad. Stevens has admitted they did not, no crime or offence has been committed and no punishment is due; therefore, whether we committed treason or not, we ought not to be punished by being disfranchised.

As I have shown in my former letter, there is no excuse for depriving the white men of the South of their rights, as there is no probability of any other attempt at Secession, and as the Southern white people have more interest in government and more capacity to attend to the affairs of government than the negro, they feel keenly this outrage on them; and these disabilities imposed on them are as broad and palpable a violation of the declaration of independence as ever negro slavery was, about which those same radicals were so long and so much exercised. J.B. MATTHEWS.

Address of the Democratic State Committee
(Column 05)
Summary: Letter from the Democratic State Committee admitting defeat in the local elections but attributes it to the massive frauds perpetrated by Radicals. Urges Democrats not to lose heart and to vote in November for Seymour so Radicalism can still be dealt a fatal blow.
Full Text of Article:

901 and 903 Arch Street,


You have fought a good fight.

You have polled a larger vote than ever before; have reduced the Radical majority of 1866 by nearly one-half, and have proven the immortality of your principles and the vitality of your organization.

Radicalism has carried the State by means of the grossest outrages; by openly and corruptly buying thousands of voters; by driving from the polls foreign-born citizens regularly naturalized many years since; by rejecting the votes of thousands who were legally made citizens in the Court of Nisi Prius; by violating and trampling upon the seal of that Court--a recognized symbol of the law; by deterring legal voters from approaching the polls through threatening penalties for imaginary offences; and by despotic and unscrupulous use of power by election offices in Radical Districts.

Under the specious charge of fraud upon your part, Radicalism has perpetrated the vilest frauds. Thousands of voters have been colonized, paupers assessed and voted, repeaters hired and voted five times in Radical precincts, returns of election altered and manipulated to suit their own purposes, and fraudulent naturalization papers issued by the ream.

In the contest just closed you have learned their capacity for violence and wrong, you have tested the strength of their organization and discovered the weak points in your own.

With the experience thus gained in the school of adversity, we will go forward to victory.

The enemy are yet to be taught that outrage and fraud, violence and wrong cannot be perpetrated with impunity; they have yet to learn that you are neither dismayed nor demoralized, and that in pursuit of the right you know no such word as fail.

Arouse the people once more for the conflict. Bring to the polls every Democratic vote. For right and justice give back right and justice. For outrage and wrong return the full measure of swift retribution.

The work to be done is no holiday sport. It is the last battle for the salvation of the Republic, the preservation of the Constitution and the supremacy of your race.

Work and fight as men engaged in such a cause should work and fight.

By order of the Democratic State Committee.


The Pennsylvania Election
(Column 05)
Summary: Results of elections in Pennsylvania resulting in a 9,850 vote majority for the Republican candidate Hartranft over the Democrat Boyle. Franklin is currently showing 43 votes for Hartranft and none for Boyle.
Franklin County Official
(Column 06)
Summary: Lists full returns for all local elections in Franklin County.
Full Text of Article:

The following is the official vote as counted by the Return Judges for the several election districts of this county.

DISTRICTS. Hartranft for Aud. Gen. Boyle for Aud. Gen. Campbell for Sur. Gen. Ent for Sur. Gen. Cessna for Congress Kimmell for Congress Antrim 570 517 570 517 569 520 Chamb'g, N.W. 400 253 400 253 372 274 Chamb'g, S.W. 285 281 286 281 278 286 Concord 30 108 30 108 28 110 Dry Run 117 118 117 118 119 117 Fayetteville 252 235 252 235 249 236 Greenvillage 213 113 213 113 208 123 Guilford 220 212 220 212 218 216 Hamilton 128 186 128 186 127 189 Letterkenny 173 240 173 240 172 242 Lurgan 99 153 99 153 100 154 Loudon 95 131 95 131 94 130 Metal 146 120 146 120 144 121 Montgomery 243 194 242 194 239 196 Orrstown 88 150 88 150 88 148 Peters 159 73 159 73 158 74 Quincy 258 323 258 323 193 390 Southampton 60 86 60 86 65 81 Sulphur Spring 32 42 32 42 32 42 St. Thomas 166 225 165 224 166 225 Washington 387 309 387 309 375 318 Warren 59 61 59 61 59 61 Welsh Run 141 148 141 148 139 150 Total 4321 4278 4316 4277 4192 4403 DISTRICTS. Dixon for Senator Duncan for Senator Shelbly for Assembly Walker for Assembly Winger for Assembly Shively for Assembly Antrim 570 519 561 566 527 520 Chamb'g, N.W. 387 263 898 399 255 254 Chamb'g, S.W. 286 299 286 286 280 280 Concord 30 108 30 31 108 106 Dry Run 118 118 118 122 118 114 Fayetteville 244 246 252 254 238 236 Greenvillage 212 120 214 215 118 117 Guilford 222 212 223 223 211 212 Hamilton 129 187 129 129 187 187 Letterkenny 176 228 173 174 241 240 Lurgan 98 156 100 100 154 154 Loudon 101 124 95 95 131 131 Metal 146 119 145 156 119 110 Montgomery 260 177 240 242 197 145 Orrstown 88 149 88 88 150 150 Peters 164 68 159 160 73 72 Quincy 254 332 327 328 328 327 Southampton 60 86 60 60 86 86 Sulphur Spring 32 42 32 33 42 42 St. Thomas 195 198 167 168 224 225 Washington 380 315 382 381 314 313 Warren 59 61 59 59 61 61 Welsh Run 141 148 138 139 152 148 Total 4352 4265 4308 4335 4314 4279 DISTRICTS. Fletcher for Sheriff Zollinger for Sheriff Hays for D. Att'y Stenger for D. Att'y Lehman for Comm'r McAllen for Comm'r Antrim 566 522 568 521 569 520 Chamb'g, N.W. 419 228 369 276 394 258 Chamb'g, S.W. 289 276 280 286 288 278 Concord 31 107 30 108 30 106 Dry Run 120 116 118 118 116 120 Fayetteville 250 239 254 236 256 234 Greenvillage 214 118 215 117 215 117 Guilford 224 210 223 211 223 211 Hamilton 130 186 129 186 130 185 Letterkenny 136 274 172 241 212 196 Lurgan 99 155 100 154 103 151 Loudon 93 132 91 135 95 131 Metal 146 119 145 120 122 143 Montgomery 268 174 238 200 248 195 Orrstown 84 154 90 148 89 148 Peters 163 69 158 74 161 71 Quincy 263 324 194 392 260 326 Southampton 60 86 60 86 60 86 Sulphur Spring 31 42 62 42 32 42 St. Thomas 167 225 167 225 165 225 Washington 382 313 377 315 382 312 Warren 59 61 59 61 59 61 Welsh Run 142 147 141 148 143 146 Total 4336 4277 4210 4400 4352 4262 DISTRICTS. Bowman for Dir. Poor Smith for Dir. Poor Kuhn for Surveyor Auld for Surveyor Winger for Auditor McKinstry for Auditor Antrim 529 560 568 521 572 516 Chamb'g, N.W. 399 254 383 265 393 354 Chamb'g, S.W. 282 280 284 282 268 279 Concord 30 108 30 108 30 108 Dry Run 119 117 119 117 119 117 Fayetteville 257 233 255 236 254 238 Greenvillage 213 119 213 119 214 118 Guilford 223 210 229 204 223 211 Hamilton 129 186 126 190 129 187 Letterkenny 171 242 176 234 172 242 Lurgan 160 154 101 153 100 154 Loudon 95 131 95 130 95 131 Metal 146 119 146 119 146 119 Montgomery 250 168 245 192 238 197 Orrstown 83 154 89 149 88 150 Peters 160 72 163 69 159 72 Quincy 258 327 260 326 258 327 Southampton 60 86 65 81 60 86 Sulphur Spring 32 42 32 42 32 42 St. Thomas 167 226 172 220 167 224 Washington 383 312 382 313 382 313 Warren 59 61 59 60 59 60 Welsh Run 143 146 140 147 149 137 Total 4287 4326 4332 4277 4331 4282 DISTRICTS For Road Law Against Road Law Rowe for Add. Law J. Baer for Add. Law J. Astrim 79 457 598 492 Chamb'g N.W. 47 28 410 213 Chamb'g S.W. 0 9 288 277 Concord 30 38 31 106 Dry Run 7 212 119 117 Fayetteville 23 337 254 234 Greenvillage 71 183 213 119 Guilford 58 236 222 211 Hamilton 2 227 127 184 Letterkenny 32 257 179 289 Lurgan 8 225 100 154 Loudon 9 167 94 132 Metal 21 197 145 116 Montgomery 82 161 243 189 Orrstown 31 176 88 143 Peters 47 120 159 73 Quincy 91 360 256 324 Southampton 25 102 60 86 Sulphur Springs 38 34 32 42 St. Thomas 20 316 166 223 Washington 28 320 374 317 Warren 3 111 58 62 Welsh Run 18 250 143 146 Total 766 4518 4353 4254


Auditor General

Hartranft 4,321 Boyle 4,278 Hartranft's maj 43


Campbell 4,319 Ent 4,277 Campbell's maj 42


Cessna 4,192 Kimmell 4,463 Kimmell's maj 211


Dixon 4,352 Duncan 4,255 Dixon's maj 87


Walker 4,335 Shelbly 4,308 Winger 4,314 Shively 4,279

Walker over Winger 21, over Shively 56; Winger over Shelbly 6; Shelbly over Shively 29.


Fletcher 4,336 Zollinger 4,277 Fletcher's maj 59


Hays 4,210 Stenger 4,400 Stenger's maj 190


Lehman 4,352 M'Allen 4,262 Lehman's maj 90


Bowman 4,287 Smith 4,326 Smith's maj 39


Kuhn 4,332 Auld 4,277 Kuhn's maj 55


Winger 4,331 M'Einstry 4,282 Winger's maj 49


For 776 Against 4,518 Majority against 3,742


Rowe 4,353 Baer 4,234 Rowe's maj 119

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Disgraceful Proceedings
(Column 01)
Summary: Condemns the recent mob-like activity of a Republican meeting, which nearly ended in violence.
Full Text of Article:

At the Radical meeting in Funkstown, there was a torch light procession. They carried torches and stones and when they came to the house of Mr. Jacob Bricker, they threw stones and struck Mrs. Bricker and her child. As they came down street they met Mehlfelt in front of Crome's Hotel. One ran his light right under Mehlfelt's nose and also into Crome's face. Mehlfelt and Crome picked up stones to defend themselves and then the excitement began. Some yelled that the house should be burned. The wildest confusion and greatest alarm prevailed. The excitement was only quelled by the interference of Mr. A.S. Monn who, although a Radical himself, was determined not to allow the peace and order of the town to be disturbed. The whole proceeding was most disgraceful to the Radical party.

Female College
(Column 01)
Summary: The trustees of the proposed Female College met at Greencastle and adjourned again without deciding upon a location for the institution. At this point, Greencastle has offered $20,000 to have it built there, and Chambersburg $19,000 to have it located in the city. The paper believes that a pledge of $23,000 will secure the school for Chambersburg, and urges the citizens to raise the last $4,000. The editors argue that the 300-500 students would bring in $75,000 to $100,000 annually and stimulate business, raise property values, and make Chambersburg "one of the most conspicuous inland points in the Union."
(Column 04)
Summary: David D. Wolf of Cumberland County and Mrs. Mary E. Brown of Franklin were married at the Chambersburg residence of Jacob Wolf by the Rev. S. Barnes.
(Names in announcement: David D. Wolf, Mary E. Brown, Rev. S. Barnes)
(Column 04)
Summary: Benjamin Raefsnider and Miss Anna E. Raeder, both of Franklin, were married in Chambersburg on October 13th by the Rev. P. S. Davis.
(Names in announcement: Benjamin Raefsnider, Anna E. Raeder, Rev. P. S. Davis)
(Column 04)
Summary: Philip Byers and Miss Jane Ann Brenfman, both of Strasburg, were married on October 13th by the Rev. J. Keller Miller.
(Names in announcement: Philip Byers, Jane Ann Brenfman, Rev. J. Keller Miller)
(Column 04)
Summary: John Parshal Nesbit of Spring Run and Miss Margaret E. Geddes of Fannettsburg were married on October 14th by the Rev. J. Smith Gordon.
(Names in announcement: John Parshal Nesbit, Margaret E. Geddes, Rev. J. Smith Gordon)
(Column 04)
Summary: William Cowan died at the residence of his brother at Cowan's Gap. He was 63 years old.
(Names in announcement: William Cowan)
(Column 04)
Summary: Mrs. Mary Bard died in Hamilton on October 1st. She was 79 years old. "She was from an early period in life a member of the United Brethren Church, and she died in the hope of a blissful resurrection."
(Names in announcement: Mary Bard)
(Column 04)
Summary: Rev. H. Y. Humelbaugh, pastor of the Church of the United Brethren, died in Chambersburg on October 13th. He was 54 years old. "The deceased was an earnest and successful laborer in the vineyard of the Lord, and his death is lamented by all with whom he was acquainted. The dying sayings of this man of God will live longer after his form shall have mouldered into dust. To one of his physicians he said: 'O doctor, what a beautiful land lies just before my eyes. O King of Terrors! End of Time! O, all is bright! I'm almost home.'"
(Names in announcement: Rev. H. Y. Humelbaugh)

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