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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: December 23, 1868

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Virginia and the Carolinas
(Column 01)
Summary: Detailed account of a trip by a group of Pennsylvanians and Marylanders through Virginia and the Carolinas.
The Democratic State Convention
(Column 04)
Summary: Calls on the Democratic state party to postpone its scheduled convention date from March 4th to a later date. Gives its reasons why, mainly because Radical legislation and Grant's policies will not have had any negative effect by March. Plus, political activity is waning and so the editors want to wait for a time when it can be reinvigorated.
Full Text of Article:

Since the November election there has been a lull in politics. The excitement that preceded it has entirely subsided and in its place we have an extraordinary indifference to political questions. This may be partly owing to the financial troubles in which the country finds itself. But it is also attributable, in some degree, to the fact that the Conservative portion of the people have resolved to be quiet for awhile and watch the course of the Radical leaders. They believe that "their strength is to sit still." This determination is likely to continue for some time to come. Not that the Democratic organization is to be broken up or not to be kept up. Not that the Democracy intend to make an inglorious retreat from the face of the foe. On the contrary, there never was a stronger determination on the part of the Conservative hosts to rally for another effort in behalf of Constitutional liberty, than there is now.

As firm believers in the success of Democratic principles and measures if affairs are properly managed, we can not see the propriety of holding the next Democratic State Convention at such an early date as the fourth of March. On the other hand we believe that such an early meeting will ruin our chance of success.

There is no necessity for disclosing our position on questions that will enter into the canvass so long before the election is to take place. We will have sufficient time, if the Convention is held in July, or August, or even the first week in September, to discuss the positions of the two parties and the qualifications of the respective nominees.

Nor is there any wisdom in holding the Convention in March. It is true that Congress will adjourn on the fourth of March, but the effects of their legislation will not have been seen. The evils that will grow out of it will not have assumed such a shape as to admit of being pressed home upon the people with most telling effect. Our Convention ought to know where to strike before it attempts to strike at all.

And then, too, General Grant will just enter upon his administration. How is the Convention to speak intelligently to the people of Pennsylvania in regard to the next President's course if it is obliged to present its platform before the inaugural address has reached it?

Let us take all the time we possibly can. And when the people of the State meet in their respective districts to select delegates, let them be careful to select men of intelligence and sound Democratic principles.--Last March the Convention suffered itself to be dragooned into the nomination of a certain candidate by a loud-mouthed military hero who went over to the enemy before the election came on. Let us be spared such mortification as this in the future.--Let the Convention be composed of men who will stand by their guns.

Let the Convention be postponed. We call upon the press of the State to consider this matter and cry aloud for a postponement of the Convention. Let us enter the next canvass with a thorough knowledge of the situation and we can elect a Democratic Governor.

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Border Damages
(Column 01)
Summary: The damage commissioners announce that all damage claims must be filed with the clerk at Harrisburg before January 15th.
(Column 01)
Summary: George S. Balsley has been appointed by C. W. Ashcom to the position of Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue for the County. "George is a clever fellow and will make an obliging and competent officer."
(Names in announcement: George S. Balsley, C. W. Ashcom)
Admitted to the Bar
(Column 01)
Summary: John Hyssong and William U. Brewer were admitted to the Franklin County Bar.
(Names in announcement: John Hyssong, William U. Brewer)
Episcopal Services
(Column 01)
Summary: A children's Christmas Eve service will be held in the lower hall of the Masonic building.
(Column 01)
Summary: Prof. Shumaker delivered a "highly instructive and entertaining" lecture on "Manliness" at Greenvillage. He has been asked to repeat it by the Young Men's Christian Association.
(Names in announcement: Prof. Shumaker)
Musical Concert
(Column 01)
Summary: The M. E. Church is planning to follow up last year's success by holding another Christmas night concert.
Gough's Lecture on Temperance in the M. E. Church
(Column 02)
Summary: Prof. Corwin V. Wilson will recite at the M. E. Church John Gough's temperance speech delivered in Exeter Hall, London. The proceeds will go to the church.
(Names in announcement: Corwin V. Wilson)
The Monumental Fair
(Column 02)
Summary: The Fair for the benefit of the Monumental Association opens tonight. The paper predicts that the extensive preparations and time of year augur well for success.
(Column 03)
Summary: The Orrstown Literary Society published resolutions of sympathy and respect upon the death of David C. Wagoner.
(Names in announcement: David C. Wagoner, David L. Powders, William C. McClelland, D. A. Orr)
(Column 04)
Summary: Thomas J. Rots of Lock Haven and Miss Josephene Kochenour of Franklin were married on December 8th by the Rev. J. A. Crawford.
(Names in announcement: Thomas J. Rots, Josephene Kochenour, Rev. J. A. Crawford)
(Column 04)
Summary: Edgar M. Flickinger of Metal and Miss Ada C. Elder of Dry Run were married on December 9th by the Rev. William A. West.
(Names in announcement: Edgar M. Flickinger, Ada C. Elder, Rev. William A. West)
(Column 04)
Summary: Ella Avery, beloved wife of John R. Avery, died near Mont Alto on December 13th. She was 26 years old.
(Names in announcement: Ella Avery, John R. Avery)
(Column 04)
Summary: Miss Emma M. Bough died near Fayetteville on December 18th. She was 15 years old.
(Names in announcement: Emma M. Bough)
(Column 04)
Summary: Miss Ann Mentzer died near Fayetteville on December 7th. She was 75 years old.
(Names in announcement: Ann Mentzer)

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