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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: January 27, 1869

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Trial of George Benner for the Murder of John D. Lecrone
(Column 04)
Summary: Transcript of testimony in the trial of George Benner for shooting John D. Lecrone on the Greencastle and Waynesboro road after a September 19th political rally. W. S. Stenger, F. M. Kimmell and George W. Welsh argued for the commonwealth; John Cessna, J. McD. Sharpe and Kennedy and Stewart for the defense.
(Names in announcement: George Benner, John D. Lecrone, Judge King, Furguson, Armstrong, W. S. Stenger, F. M. Kimmell, George W. Welsh, John Cessna, J. McD. Sharpe, Kennedy, Stewart, William S. Bard, George Coble, George Sprecher, Abraham Plough, William Branthaver, John B. Osbaugh, Jacob J. Miller, Jacob H. Caufman, William Nicholas, William H. Stewart, Curtis Lowry, David A. Hassler, Nicholas Bonebreak, Thomas Durborow, Jerome Beaver, John Wishert, Andrew Statler, A. F. Shafhirt, John Hassler, James M. Brown, A. A. Skinner, Daniel Keefer, John H. McLain, Joseph S. Crider, McLain Culbertson, Irwin Bennett, Samuel Sword, F. S. Gillespie, William Mish, Michael Cantner, John Gilmore, George G. Sipely, David Chamberlain, Josiah Frickas, Oliver Parker, Jacob Strickler, Jacob Rebuck, Thomas F. Cunningham, E. A. Herring, John A. Nicodemus, Daniel Lecrone, Henry Lecrone, Franklin Miller, Oliver Besore, Jacob Lecrone, Theodore Sheffler, John Gillan, Otis Nicodemus, Isaac Hennabarger, David Smith, Dr. William Wright, James T. Harris, Washington Hickman, Joseph Stevens, Thompson A. Gordon, David Hager, George H. Shough, James Shirey, Adam Miller, David Pensinger, William Mellinger, Adam Shirey, Franklin Hoffman, John S. Grove, Edgar Flemming, J. S. Kershner, J. C. Moorhead, John Hostetter, William Osbaugh, William H. Snively, Mark Wilders, Jerome Fits, Jacob Helfrick, John Carl, Henry Walters, David Mower, William H. McDowell)

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Judge of the Supreme Court
(Column 07)
Summary: Excerpt from the Harrisburg Patriot recommending J. McDowell Sharpe for Supreme Court judge.
(Names in announcement: J. McDowell Sharpe)
Let Us Have Peace
(Column 07)
Summary: The paper criticizes Grant for stating that he wishes southerners' affairs would be settled before he takes office. "He wants to 'have peace' and a fair chance to enjoy his whisky and segars."

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Missionary Anniversary
(Column 01)
Summary: Rev. R. L. Deshiel, president of Dickinson College, will speak in Chambersburg's Methodist Church, and then address the Sunday School on the subject of "Missions."
New Agricultural Paper
(Column 01)
Summary: George A. Deitz of Franklin has long run an experimental farm near Chambersburg and is now embarking on publishing an "Experimental Farm Journal."
(Names in announcement: George A. Deitz)
Local Legislation
(Column 01)
Summary: Mr. Duncan presented in the State Senate a petition of the Housom Zouaves asking that the minimum number of men required to form a militia company be dropped, and that a tax be instated of one dollar upon all those who are eligible for militia service but do not serve.
Lecture in Greenvillage
(Column 02)
Summary: Rev. Irving Magee will lecture in the Greenvillage school house on "The Records we Write." Proceeds from the 10 cent admission will go to embellish the school house grounds.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Irving Magee)
Franklin County Medical Society
(Column 02)
Summary: The physicians of Franklin County met to establish a Medical Society. Dr. A. H. Senseny was chosen president. The group will meet twice a year to discuss the state of the profession.
(Names in announcement: Dr. A. H. Senseny, Dr. J. R. Davidson, Dr. A. H. Strickler, Dr. W. H. Boyle, Dr. S. G. Lane, Dr. J. C. Richards, Dr. J. L. Suesserott, Dr. Benjamin F. Frantz, Dr. William A. Hunter, Dr. J. M. Gelwix)
Damages During the War
(Column 02)
Summary: A group of citizens of Guilford have signed a call for a convention to demand payment for damage sustained by civilians at the hands of Confederate forces during the war. "These claims ought to be paid in full. The State is able to pay them and it is a burning shame that our citizens have been left to suffer this long. A determined and united effort--no mealy-mouthed appeal for charity, but a distinct and resolute demand for justice--is what is wanted."
(Names in announcement: J. M. Cooper, Samuel Bender, Isaac Hockersmith, Jeremiah C. George, Simon Overcash, Henry Reasoner, Daniel Baldwin, Jacob Reichard, John C. Duffield, Jacob Hargelroad, William Sperner, Adam Shoemaker, Henry Hege, Jeremiah Diehl, John A. Brough, Christ. Harchelroad, M. Harchelroad, Jacob Deardorff, John Monn, Samuel Reisher, Thomas Miller, William E. Gabby, Samuel Grossman, Henry B. Heagy, Daniel McCleary, Peter Christ, George Dittman, Louis Etter, Jacob B. Hege, Joshua Bender, David Good, C. B. Hege, S. S. Ledy, Francis Werner, David Witherspoon, Adam Small, Joseph Gipe)
Court Proceedings
(Column 02)
Summary: Gives summaries of the cases tried in the county court and the verdicts reached.
(Names in announcement: William McKain, Maria Verner, Stenger, Sharpe, Obed Lowry, Caroline Spoonhour, George Benner, John Lecrone, Kimmell, Welsh, Cessna, Kennedy, Stewart, G. E. Stewart, George S. Christ, William Christ, Abraham Kieffer, Brewer, Clarke, Pritchett, Baugh, Jacob B. Cook)
Full Text of Article:

The following cases were disposed of last week in the Quarter Sessions.

Com. vs. Wm. McKain, charge of assault and battery on Maria Verner, Prosecutrix. Verdict not guilty, and Prosecutrix to pay the costs. Stenger for Com.: Sharpe for Deft.

Com. vs. Obed Lowry, charge of fornication and bastardy, Caroline Spoonhour Prosecutrix. Verdict not guilty, but Deft. to pay the costs.

In the court of Oyer and Terminer, the case of the Com. vs. George Benner, charged with the murder of John Lecrone, was begun on Wednesday morning and concluded on Sunday morning, the jury rendering a verdict of not guilty. A full report of the evidence in this case, together with the charge of the Court, will be found elsewhere in our columns. Kimmell, Welsh and Stenger for Com; Sharpe, Cessna and Kennedy & Stewart for Deft.

A considerable number of bills were found and many cases settled. Owing to the time occupied by the murder trial a great many criminal cases were continued to April Sessions.


On Monday morning of this week the Court of Common Pleas began its session for the trial of civil causes.

During the forenoon the attornies were heard on motions. The application of G. E. Stewart to keep a tavern in Dry Run was argued and considered and suspended until April Term.

The first case taken up was an action of Debt brought by George S. Christ, Executor of William Christ, against Abraham Kieffer, (of S,) as surety on a note. The Defence was notice to Plaintiff's testate to proceed against the principal and collect the money, otherwise he would not be responsible. Verdict for Defendant. Brewer and Sharpe for Plff.; Clarke and Stenger for Deft.

Pritchett, Baugh & Co. vs. Jacob B Cook et al. This is a feigned issue to try the question of the ownership of certain hides. On trial as we go to press.

Extension of the Franklin Railroad
(Column 03)
Summary: Article discussing plans to extend the Franklin Railroad to Williamsport.
Origin of Article: Hagerstown Mail
(Column 05)
Summary: F. A. Henninger and Miss Virginia Palmer, both of Chambersburg, were married on January 14th by the Rev. Irving Magee.
(Names in announcement: F. A. Henninger, Virginia Palmer, Rev. Irving Magee)
(Column 05)
Summary: Henry B. Snyder and Miss Sarah Dougherty of Franklin were married on January 19th by the Rev. B. S. Schneck.
(Names in announcement: Henry B. Snyder, Sarah Dougherty, Rev. B. S. Schneck)
(Column 05)
Summary: Mrs. Martha Tritle, wife of Philip Tritle died in Waynesboro on January 17th. She was 71 years old.
(Column 05)
Summary: John M. Cook died near Chambersburg on December 30th. He was 22 years old.
(Names in announcement: John M. Cook)
(Column 05)
Summary: Miss Mary C. Laugelis died near Roxbury on January 6th. She was 14 years old. "She was a great sufferer during the two weeks immediately preceding her death, but her bodily sufferings, intense as they were, did not prevent her from thinking of the weighty matters that concerned her soul. Just before her final dissolution, she sang the hymn commencing: 'On Jordan's stormy banks.'"
(Names in announcement: Mary C. Laugelis)

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