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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: June 16, 1869

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Murder! Murder!! Murder!!!
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper accuses Republicans of murder "by military occupation." The editors maintain that in a time of peace, there is no need to keep troops in the South.

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Sudden Death
(Column 02)
Summary: The wife of Mr. William M. Rupert, former proprietor of the Washington House, died in Hamilton after an illness of one or two days.
(Names in announcement: William M. Rupert)
Lutheran Sunday School
(Column 02)
Summary: The teachers and scholars of the Lutheran Sunday School honored their superintendent George R. Messersmith with a surprise reception.
(Names in announcement: George R. Messersmith)
The Festival of the Franklin County Horticultural Society
(Column 03)
Summary: The Franklin County Horticultural Society successfully held their first festival. The society covered Repository Hall in flowers and served fresh strawberries and cream, cakes, and other fruits. Music and addresses entertained the guests.
(Names in announcement: Maj. H. R. Hershberger, William Jacobs, George Flack, T. B. Jenkins, John Stouffer, George A. Dietz, Tobias Martin, B. L. Ryder, Dr. William H. Boyle, H. E. Hoke, Adam Stouffer, Ann Dechert, Ann Stouffer, William D. Guthrie, Mrs. Dr. Ed Culbertson, Mrs. W. H. H. McDowell, Mrs. John Linn, Mrs. C. M. Duncan, Mrs. George W. Brewer, Mrs. Samuel Myers, Mrs. William G. Reed, Miss Emma C. McCulloh, Mrs. T. B. Kennedy, Mrs. Jacob Heyser, Mrs. Mary Eyster, Mrs. William D. Guthrie, Mrs. B. F. Nead, Mrs. John P. Keefer, Mrs. D. O. Gehr, Mrs. Dr. William H. Boyle, Mrs. J. S. Nixon, Mrs. James Reside, Mrs. Nettie M. Caufman, Mrs. B. L. Ryder, Mrs. George A. Dietz, Mrs. James C. Austin, Mrs. Adam Stouffer, Mrs. Daniel Stouffer, Mrs. Amos Stouffer, W. S. Fletcher, J. Heyser, D. Watson Rowe, Mrs. W. P. Palmer, Mrs. Catharine Lindsey, E. W. Curriden, Mrs. Jacob S. Brand, Miss Mary Bard, Mrs. Annie Stoner, Col. J. G. Elder, Miss Sallie Ditzler, John Jeffries, Mrs. R. F. Sloan, Mrs. M. A. Washington, Mrs. N. Hockersmith, Mollie McCulloh, Mrs. J. W. Dehl, Miss Mary Armstrong, Mrs. William McLellan, Mrs. J. Allsion Eyster, Mrs. J. B. Mohler, Mrs. James Scott, Miss Anna Radebaugh, Mrs. Henry Gabie, Mrs. William Wallace, Mrs. A. J. White, Mrs J. L. Suesserott, B. D. Ryder, A. D. Caufman, Mrs. G. W. Brewer, John Nitterhouse, John M. Bolders, George R. Messersmith, Miss Mary E. Work, Mrs. Benjamin Chambers, Edward C. Grove, William McLenegan, Theodore McGowan)
County Treasurer
(Column 05)
Summary: Letter suggesting Hiram M. White as candidate for county treasurer.
(Column 06)
Summary: Henry Famman and Miss Elizabeth Myers, both of Franklin, were married at Chambersburg's Methodist Parsonage on June 12th by the Rev. S. Barnes.
(Names in announcement: Henry Famman, Elizabeth Myers, Rev. S. Barnes)

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