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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Spirit: June 29, 1870

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Dismiss Him at Once
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper calls for the dismissal of Government Pension Agent for Invalids. He has allegedly defrauded the government of a large sum of money.
Cheek By Jowl
(Column 02)
Summary: Notes with disgust how Cessna, one of only 24 men to do so, voted to admit a man to Congress who apparently had committed a crime. Cites this act as typical of Cessna, who has a record of ruling in favor of all Republicans. Editor is glad Cessna was in the minority on this one.
Full Text of Article:

JOHN CESSNA was one of the twenty-four who voted to admit the carpet-bagger, cadetship-broker, Whittemore, to a seat in the House of Representatives. This fellow is confessedly guilty of a crime which would consign him to the Penitentiary, if he were prosecuted for it. The House refused very properly to admit him to a seat.

Our able contemporary, the Harrisburg Morning Patriot, regards the action of the House as a gross outrage upon the right of representation, but we cannot look at it in that light. It looks to us as though the constitutional clause, giving each House the right to judge of the qualifications of its members, covers this case. Our forefathers, doubtless, would have hedged that power about with limitations, if they had foreseen or even suspected the degeneration of these times. But they did not. They left it very broad, and while we believe that in the majority of cases it has worked to the detriment of the people, in this particular case, we think it has operated for their benefit.

The re-election of this man Whittemore by an ignorant negro population, ought to fill the people of this Union with disgust at this infamous reconstruction policy. The disfranchisement of the intelligent men of the South has rendered it possible for such scalawags to be elected to prominent positions. And when elected, they can not represent the sentiment of the majority of the people of their districts. Is it not time for amnesty--an amnesty so broad and sweeping as to remove political disabilities from every man, in every State of the Union, who engaged in the rebellion? The article which we print in another column from the Philadelphia Inquirer reflects immense credit upon that paper.

Then, too, the vote which Cessna cast on the question of Whittemore's admission ought to fill the people of the Sixteenth Congressional District with disgust at their representative. He labored for months to put out that upright gentleman Henry D. Foster and put into his place the "humbuggedest" Covode, and he succeeded in the effort. He voted with the extremists of his party on the contested election cases from Louisiana--giving seats to men who had been defeated by majorities running into the thousands. But the act evincing the most reckless disregard of common decency was the vote to which we have referred, by which he sought to admit a man to a seat who would be serving a term in a penitentiary cell, if the leaders of this "party of great moral ideas" had prosecuted him as he deserved to be.

But there were only twenty-three men in the House as indifferent to their own reputation and the National honor as Cessna was, and for this there is some cause for thanks.

(Column 03)
Summary: The paper applauds the House of Representatives for voting to strike from the tariff bill a provision continuing the income tax. "Let this odious, inquisitorial tax die, never to be resurrected in republican America."

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The Medical Society of Franklin County will meet in Chambersburg on July 6th.
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Craig McDowell, son of John M. McDowell of Chambersburg, has been appointed cadet to the U. S. Naval Academy.
(Names in announcement: Craig McDowell, John M. McDowell)
Trial Sermon
(Column 01)
Summary: The Rev. Dr. Moses Kieffer preached a trial sermon at the Greencastle Reformed Church. He is hoping to receive a position there.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Dr. Moses Kieffer)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Mr. Beardslee, Singer Sewing Machine agent, will hold a public sale at the Montgomery House.
(Column 01)
Summary: Captain Robert McKibbin, U. S. Army, resigned his commission and was in Chambersburg visiting his parents. He had been stationed at Fort Laramie.
(Names in announcement: Capt. Robert McKibbin)
On a Visit
(Column 01)
Summary: The Hon. Jeremiah S. Black visited Chambersburg last week as a guest of Judge Kimmell. He then rode to his farm near Mercersburg.
Wilson Female College
(Column 02)
Summary: The board of trustees of the Wilson Female College met last week. They discussed construction of a new building on campus. It will be made of brick and cost around $10,000.They also discussed selecting a president.
(Names in announcement: Rev. I. N. Hays, William M'Lellan, T. B. Kennedy, William G. Reed, J. C. McLanahan, Albert Small)
Laying of the Corner Stone of Trinity Church
(Column 02)
Summary: The services for laying the Corner Stone of Trinity Church, Chambersburg, will be held on July 6th. A number of clergymen will deliver addresses on the occasion.
(Names in announcement: Rev. Wilbur F. Paddock, Rev. Benjamin Watson, Rev. Dr. Howe, R. A. Lamberton, Rev. Francis J. Clerc, Rev. Dr. Marsden, Rev. Joseph R. Moore, Rev. William Hobart Hare, Rev. William S. Heaton, Rev. Douglass, Rev. Orrick, Rev. Kellogg, Rev. Martin, Rev. Brown)
Scarcity of Beef Cattle
(Column 02)
Summary: The article reports that beef cattle has never been so scarce in the Cumberland Valley. Butchers are facing hard times and must charge high prices.
Prisoner Escaped
(Column 03)
Summary: John Sites was convicted of malicious mischief and assault and battery and sentenced to the County jail. He escaped in April and stole some clothing from the vicinity of Quincy. The sheriff captured him, but he escaped again. "This man should have been confined so that there would have been no chance for escape. We fear that our Sheriff is entirely too humane and allows prisoners to have too many privileges. As reckless and devilish a scapegrace as this man was shown to be on trial, ought to have received no extra favors at the hands of the Sheriff."
(Names in announcement: John Sites)
Census Appointments
(Column 03)
Summary: Lists the people appointed to take the census in different towns in Franklin County. Points out how two of them should not be eligible because they don't reside in the districts they were appointed to.
(Names in announcement: Gen. Gregory, D. F. Lesher, Capt. E. D. Reid, W. T. Graham, J. P. Study, J. F. Kurtz, Henry P. Prather, W. Lackens, Jacob Kendig, W. K. Widener)
Full Text of Article:

General Gregory has at last made his appointments for this county. Mr. D.F. Lesher has been appointed to the district composed of the North Ward and Hamilton township; Capt. E.D. Reid has received the appointment for the South Ward. This must be a mistake on the part of the Marshal. Mr. Lesher is a resident of the South Ward and Capt. Reid of the North Ward, and yet neither resides in the district to which he has been appointed. The Act of May, 1850, provides that the Marshal shall make sub-divisions or districts, but his appointees must be residents of the districts to which they are appointed.

W.T. Graham, Esq., is commissioned to take the census of St. Thomas and Peters townships; Mr. J. P. Study for Guilford and Quincy townships; Mr. J.F. Kurtz for Waynesboro' and Washington township; Mr. Henry P. Prather for Greencastle borough and Antrim township; Mr. W. Lackens for Montgomery and Warren townships; Mr. Jacob Kendig for Lurgan, Fannett and Metal townships, and Mr. W. K. Widener for Southampton, Letterkenny and Green townships.

Chambersburg Academy Exhibition
(Column 03)
Summary: The students of the Chambersburg Academy gave an exhibition in Repository Hall on Friday. 400 people attended. The evening consisted of readings and speeches. The select readings were well-delivered, but the original orations were not, even if they were well-written. The paper took issue with the content of Mr. Mendenhall's well-written, well-delivered speech that attacked the doctrines of the Catholic Church. "This might have been in place in a Protestant pulpit, but it was decidedly out of place at an Academy exhibition. Just as appropriate to the occasion, would have been a stump speech."
(Names in announcement: J. A. Case, Joseph Snively, David Nevin, Samuel B. Loose, C. A. Suesserrott, William E. Stover, D. M. Kennedy, J. M. Russell, C. B. Ludwig, J. Harper Black, George S. Hull, M. S. Duffield, S. M'Lanahan, J. W. Sears, Thomas J. Ferguson, H. G. Mendenhall, J. A. Vanderbilt, Principal Shumaker, A. Anderson, H. M. Zeller, Joseph Nevin, J. M. Linn, W. A. Dixon, T. M. Wallace, D. Z. Shook, W. C. Kreps, W. J. Boyd)
(Column 06)
Summary: George Wolf and Miss Mary E. McAfee, both of Mercersburg, were married in Chambersburg at the M. E. Parsonage on June 4th by the Rev. E. W. Kirby.
(Names in announcement: George Wolf, Mary E. McAfee, Rev. E. W. Kirby)
(Column 06)
Summary: Miss Margaret Doyle, daughter of B. J. and Elizabeth Doyle, was married in Fannett township on June 19th.
(Names in announcement: Margaret Doyle, B. J. Doyle, Elizabeth Doyle)
(Column 06)
Summary: Edward Shriver Miller, son of G. A. and Mary Emeline Miller of Chambersburg, died in Baltimore at the home of his Uncle, Dr. William Riley. He was 21 years old.
(Names in announcement: Edward Shriver Miller, G. A. Miller, Mary Emeline Miller, Dr. William Riley)

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