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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Virginian: May 29, 1867

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Register and Vote.
(Column 02)
Summary: This editorial urges white Virginians to register and vote for delegates to the convention. If the 'loyalists' gain control, they might never loose it.
Full Text of Article:

The respectable and patriotic portion of the people of Virginia, and of the unrepresented States generally, are very naturally [section unclear]. We shall vote for the Convention and would advise every one to do likewise, because we honestly believe it is the only avenue of escape from the unutterable horrors which brood over the future of our beloved country. But this is a question of much perplexity, and admitting of a variety of honest and intelligent differences of opinion. We do not know but that twelve months may develope the fact that we are honest in our convictions, and we cheerfully concede the same credit to those who differ with us. But as to the question of the propriety of Registration, we do not believe an intelligent man who takes the trouble to think for a moment can doubt. This is a question about which there can be but one sane opinion. It is a sacred duty of every citizen who is qualified to register and vote for the best men in the field for the Convention. We invoke our people not to forget, in the discussion of the question of Convention or no Convention, the vast, the all-importance of Registration. If you are opposed to a Convention then vote against it, but in Heaven's name, as you value your own honor and the lives and liberties of your children, do not fail to register and vote for members of the Convention.

If we fail to retain possession of the State organization now; if by a supineness which is criminal at this time, or a stupid stubbornness which is treason to the State, and our posterity, we allow the Red Strings to seize the State government, we can never reasonably expect to wrest it from them. Knaves as we know the 'loyalists' to be, they would be worse than dolts and Idiots, if having once, through the stupidity of the decent people of the State, obtained power, to allow it to pass back into our hands. The test oaths, tyranny, and loyal militia of Tennessee and West Virginia, furnish the plan, ready made to their hands, and we may rest assured they will use it. Let it be understood then fully that if we lose control of our State organization in the coming contest, we can never regain it. In conclusion, we beseech the whites of Virginia, to Register and Vote. Let our press and public speakers stop hobnobbing with the blacks. The vast majority are united we fear against us--but we have a clear majority of from twenty to thirty thousand in the State, and if they will but turn out, we will give these Red Strings such a whaling at the polls as will do more proselyting among them, than all the newspaper articles and public speeches in the world.

Lutheran Synod
(Column 03)
Summary: The fourth annual convention of the Evangelical Lutheran General Synod met in Staunton on May 23rd. The synod discussed mostly financial and educational matters.
(Names in announcement: Rev. T. W. Dosh, Rev. Rothrock, Rev. T. S. Boinest, R. G. Chisolm, Rev. A. R. Rude, Rev. J. I. Miller, Colonel Baylor, Dr. D. F. Bittle, Rev. J. D. Shirey, Rev. N. Aldrich, Rev. Dr. A. J. Fox, Rev. G. D. Bernheim, Rev. D. I. Dreher, Rev. J. G. Butler, Major J. C. Covell, Taylor, John Trout, Rev. Karicofe, Col. George Baylor, Rev. J. H. Cupp, Rev. Clarke, Rev. Bowman, Prof. Smeltzer, R. Winecoff, E. Hawkins, Schirmer, Wise, J. B. Campbell, W. B. Baker, William McCauley, Rev. D. M. Gilbert, Dr. J. P. Taylor, Rev. Caughman, Rev. J. R. Smeltzer, Rev. Bedenbaugh, Sylvester Rudolph, Rev. C. Beard)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The National Intelligencer alleges that the Radical Republicans are planning to send secret agents into the South to create disturbances and riots that will turn public opinion to their side and aid them in impeaching President Johnson. The article warns southern whites to remain calm and do nothing that can give the Radicals a political edge.
The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Valley Railroad.
(Column 06)
Summary: The stockholders of the Valley Railroad held their annual meeting on May 27 at the court house, Dr. J. A. Graham, President, presiding. They discussed the progress of the road and named Jed Hotchkiss secretary. A resolution was passed asking the county courts of the Valley to ascertain whether the people "will pay the State taxes on said Road when completed."
(Names in announcement: General John Echols, Dr. J. A. Graham, Capt. Jed Hotchkiss, Col. M. G. Harman, Boliver Christian, H. M. Bell, S. M. Yost, J. Wayt Bell, James L. Randolph, Patton, Col. Allan)

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports that a black man and a white woman were married in Winchester. "The man was a native--the woman an imported wretch, evidently from a perfumed country."
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: The following were appointed registration officers for Augusta County: George W. McCutchen, at large; Thomas Lenhay, late officer of volunteers, at large; John Yates, at large; Fred S. Turkey, first district; A. T. Nanpine, second district; George Rubush, third district; William Gibson, fourth district; Jacob Storer, fifth district; C. Baties, sixth district; Samuel Lands, seventh district; Nathan Huggin, eighth district; George Shuey, ninth district.
(Names in announcement: George W. McCutchen, Thomas Lenhay, John Yates, Fred S. Turkey, A. T. Nanpine, George Rubush, William Gibson, Jacob Storer, C. Baties, Samuel Lands, Nathan Huggin, George Shuey)
(Column 04)
Summary: Dr. St. Pierre Gibson and Miss Mary S. Wallace, both of Waynesboro' were married on May 16th by the Rev. Isaac Gibson.
(Names in announcement: Dr. St. Pierre Gibson, Mary S. Wallace, Rev. Isaac Gibson)
(Column 04)
Summary: James W. Bradford and Miss Sallie Miller were married at Orkney Springs on May 16th by the Rev. T. Briley.
(Names in announcement: James W. Bradford, Sallie Miller, Rev. T. Briley)
(Column 04)
Summary: Miss Mary F. Smith, aged 18 years, died at the residence of her mother, 2 miles from Staunton, on April 24th.
(Names in announcement: Mary F. Smith)
(Column 04)
Summary: Cicero H. Heizer, aged 20 years, died in Greenville on May 18th at the residence of his father.
(Names in announcement: Cicero H. Heizer)

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