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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Virginian: March 18, 1868

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Impeachment Proceedings
(Column 02)
Summary: Accusing the Radical Congress of trying to dominate all three branches of government, this article provides a brief update of the current impeachment proceedings on Washington. The president was summoned to appear before the bar of the Senate, at which time he demanded forty days to prepare his defense. His demands were naturally resisted by Radical "bloodhounds."
Full Text of Article:

It becomes more evident every day that the Radicals in Congress, are maturing or have matured a deliberate plan to overthrow the Executive and Judicial Departments of the Government, and having drawn all the powers of the three co-ordinated branches to themselves, establish themselves permanently in power, in defiance of the voice of the Northern people, expressed so recently at the polls, against their destructive policy. - Those sanguine persons who so fondly relied upon the decency and conservatism of Senators, sworn as jurors to try the Impeachment of the President, must have been sadly disappointed by the proceedings of that body on Friday last. On that day the President was summoned to appear before the bar of the Senate, to answer the charges against him by the House of representatives. In obedience to this command, the President, by his counsel, Messrs. Stanbery, Curtis and Nelson, entered his appearance and demanded the very reasonable time of forty days to prepare his answer and defense, to the numerous charges brought against him. This demand was of course resisted by the blood hounds, who are termed the "managers of Impeachment, on the part of the House of Representatives," and the "high court of Impeachment," after retiring for consultation, (a thing so far as we are informed, unheard of in any court here or in England,) entered the following laconic order:

"Ordered, That the respondent answer to the articles of Impeachment, on or before Monday, the 23rd day of March, instant." - So that the President is required in the greatest State trial the world has ever seen, to prepare his defense, which will most probably require the attendance of numerous witnesses from all parts of the country, in ten days, just half the time the Legislature of Virginia thought it necessary to give the debtor, on a notice to collect the interest on a debt of $100, barred by the stay law.

(Column 03)
Summary: Three men with crape over their faces entered the house of Christopher Stover on the road between Waynesboro and Greenville. They ordered a number of ladies and gentleman gathered at the Stover's for a social to keep still and proceeded to ransack the house. Mr. Stover, between 60 and 70 years of age, followed them out of the room and was fatally shot after striking one of the intruders with an axe. A guest named McCreary was also shot when he rushed to the scene.
(Names in announcement: Christopher Stover, McCreary)
A Few Words to the Colored People
(Column 04)
Summary: Urging black people not to vote, the author suggests that since freedom was won in a white man's fight, blacks, the "only winners in the game," should remain out of politics. Rather, blacks should apply themselves to their labor and understand that a vote for the Radical party will ultimately exterminate the race. Radicals are interested only in filling blacks places with free white labor.
Full Text of Article:

Last year we honestly advised the colored people not to vote; to hold aloof from all participation in the political struggles then going on. Again we repeat the advice. It was a white man's war and a white man's political fight now. You incidently [sic] made your freedom by it, and, if that's anything made, you are the only winner in the game. So let well enough alone - work hard - make yourself so useful that the country can't do without you, but avoid voting and politics. You can not effect the issue, in the long run, as you are only 3,000,000, with no increase by immigration, to 40,000,000 white men on this Continent. You can and will only be used as tools to promote the designs of "mean white men," and be made an "obstruction" to the prosperity of the whole country. If you vote for the Radicals you cannot expect us to employ you any longer than we can get other labor; and you enlist yourselves in a vile crusade against the dearest rights of your best friends - the Southern people. If you vote Conservative the Radical Yankee idea of exterminating your race, and filling your places with free white labor, will soon be carried out. You are between two fires; you are in the most helpless condition of any body of people on earth, unless you pursue the safe road - taking neither the right nor the left, neither Radical nor Conservative, but holding to what you have with content. In all kindness; as a friend of the negro race, in this place, we throw out these suggestions. They are as true as that there is a God above us and honestly told, not caring whom they may offend. You must "learn to labor and to wait," or you must perish. Choose ye!

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(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports that the wheat looks "healthy and vigorous."
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Capt. Stewart Symington of the 5th Maryland Regiment, and well known in Staunton and the Valley, has, in the paper's estimation, the best drilled militia company in Baltimore.
(Column 02)
Summary: The Rev. John L. Clark, pastor of Staunton's Episcopal Church, sent a report on the condition of his congregation to the Baltimore Episcopal Methodist. He says membership is up, the church has been carpeted, all financial demands are met and the school is flourishing.
(Names in announcement: Rev. John L. Clark)
R. R. Meeting
(Column 02)
Summary: A meeting was held at the Court House to discuss the proposal that Staunton contribute $50,000 to the proposed $300,000 county subscription to the stock of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Mayor Trout presided and several prominent citizens spoke in favor of the plan.
(Names in announcement: Mayor Trout, Richard Mauzy, Judge Sheffey, Col. J. B. Baldwin)
Officers of the Augusta County Bible Society
(Column 02)
Summary: The Augusta County Bible Society chose officers, including Judge H. W. Sheffey, president. The pastors of Staunton were made lifetime members at $15 each. $308 were raised in cash and contributions.
(Names in announcement: Judge H. W. Sheffey, Rev. J. A. Latane, Rev. W. E. Baker, Rev. J. I. Miller, Rev. J. L. Clarke, Rev. George B. Taylor, George P. Baker, J. Addison Waddell, John A. English, J. C. Wheat, Gen. John Echols, D. W. Drake, David E. Strasburg, Samuel J. Baird)
Staunton and Her Business Prospects
(Column 02)
Summary: The Moorefiled Advertiser comments on Staunton's enterprise, industry and improvement. William A. Burke is singled out for putting up a building and filling it with state of the art machinery.
(Names in announcement: William A. Burke)
(Column 02)
Summary: William P. Coyner and Miss Sarah Whitesell, both of Augusta, were married on February 25th by the Rev. Martin Garber.
(Names in announcement: William P. Coyner, Sarah Whitesell, Rev. Martin Garber)
(Column 02)
Summary: Oliver M. Humphreys and Miss Martha Bradburn, both of Augusta, were married on March 5th by the Rev. Martin Garber.
(Names in announcement: Oliver M. Humphreys, Martha Bradburn, Rev. Martin Garber)
(Column 02)
Summary: J. Alex Grove of Newtown and Miss Francis L. Denny were married at the residence of the bride's father on February 25th by the Rev. George A. Long.
(Names in announcement: J. Alex Grove, Francis L. Denny, Rev. George A. Long)

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