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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Virginian: May 19, 1870

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Worthy of Attention
(Column 01)
Summary: This article attacks those who waste time. In this new age, the author suggests, time is money. Southerners should behave more like their northern counterparts and not let time slip away through idleness. "We must neither waste our own," he say, "nor rob other people of theirs." Idleness is merely an old habit that must be broken, especially now that slavery is dead and there is no one to do the work.
Full Text of Article:

There are some important lessons which the Southern people have yet to learn--Among these, one of the most necessary, is, a proper appreciation of the value of time. While every body is ready to admit the truth of the abstract proportion that "time" is the most valuable of all God's gift's to man, very few act as if they thought so. Most people seem to regard time as a thing to be gotten rid of, rather than a "talent" to be improved.

In this respect there is the important difference between the people of the north and those of the south. In the north people seem to realize the fact that "time is money," while in the south it is a burden that is laid on men's shoulders. We presume the difference results mainly from the different labor systems which have prevailed in the two sections.

In the north, people had to work for themselves, while in the south, they had others to work for them. Northern people therefore studied how they could accomplish most in the least possible time, and with the least possible expenditure of effort; while the people of the south employed their efforts as to how they could amuse themselves while other people were doing their work.

The labor system of the south has now been changed. Slavery is dead. People no longer have others to work for them. They must now work for themselves, and it is time they were beginning to accommodate their habits to the new condition of things. Idleness is no longer respectable. The stay law has expired and execution now goes forth in primeval judgment against man that he shall earn his bread in the sweat of his brow!

It is hard to get rid of old habits. But we must do it. We must "realize the situation" and conform to the new condition of affairs. We must learn to work. We must set a proper estimate on the value of time.--We must neither waste our own, nor rob other people of theirs. When we have business to attend to with others we must do it promptly, and leave them to pursue their occupations.

Our people are generally too slow and "poking" in their ways of transacting business. They talk too much and sit too long. They must learn that if they have business with a merchant, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or a mechanic or a preacher, they should attend to it promptly, and give place to others who may have occasion to see them.

In this fast age "time is money" and we may with as much reason steal from a man of business his money as his time--for one is, to him as valuable as the other. Every hour of a business man's time, between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. is worth from two to five dollars according to the nature of his occupation. The man, therefore, who forcibly robs him of his time robs him of time's worth--money.

In business matters there is nothing like coming to the point at once. Talking round and round the matter in issue leads to no good end. It is always best to strike right into the joint, at once, instead of haggling all along the bone. There is philosophy even in cutting a chicken leg. We always strike for the joint in that operation. Why may we not do the same in all our business transactions!

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Public Meeting
(Column 02)
Summary: This article announces a town meeting for the purpose of nominating candidates for the upcoming election. The author lists the various offices to be filled and stresses the danger of splitting the Conservative vote. He suggests that voters yield "private disposition" to public good.
Full Text of Article:

Editor of Virginian:

Sir--At the suggestion of many fellow-townsmen, who recognize the necessity for immediate action in view of the near approach of our municipal election, the importance of the functions to be exercised by the successful candidates, and the danger to be apprehended from any division of the Conservative vote, I take the liberty of asking that you will announce through the columns of your paper that a public meeting of the voters of the town of Staunton will be held at the Court-house, on Saturday, 21st inst, at 8 o'clock P.M., for the purpose of making nominations for the offices to be filled by election on the 4th Thursday of this month.

The officers to be chosen are as follows.

A Mayor, whose term is yet to be fixed by law, and who is invested with full power to suspend or remove the other city officers, being himself the chief Executive; eleven Councilmen, to hold for one year, who have the authority to impose taxes, order levies, grant licenses and legislate almost at discretion within the Corporation jurisdiction. A Clerk of the Corporation Court, with the term of six years. An attorney for the Commonwealth, elected for two years. A city Sergeant, same term. A city Treasurer, elected for term of three years, and a Commissioner of Revenue for the Corporation.

This is peculiarly a time when the interests of our town require the best abilities we can command to be exercised to the public service, and it is to be hoped that there will be a full attendance of our people at the time mentioned, and a general disposition to yield any private preference to the general good.

Public Meeting
(Column 03)
Summary: The paper prints the proceedings of a public meeting at which candidates were selected for public office in Beverley Manor township. A committee was also appointed to encourage citizens to vote.
(Names in announcement: E. M. Cushing, Jacob Baylor, W. H. Waddell, D. S. Young, Capt. Palmer, Washington Swoope, L. R. Waddell, A. Kinney, T. P. Eskridge, A. A. McPheeters, David Doom, H. P. Dickerson, H. L. Opie, W. J. D. Bell, John Paris, John M. Kinney, St. Francis C. Roberts, James Henderson, Joseph R. Merriken, A. W. Harman, L. R. Waddell, David Hinkle, William S. Young, John A. Stuart, J. T. Little, Michael McAlear, George W. Swoope, William Bell, John Keller, Arch Kinney, Capt. Fulcher, R. Henderson, J. Meriken, Robert Bell, H. P. Dickerson, R. P. McPheeters, Calvin Swink, James Bumgardner, John Opie, Lewis Harman)
Full Text of Article:

According to notice, a meeting to nominate officers for Beverley Manor Township, was held at the Court House, May 14th.

On motion of E. M. Cushing, Jacob Baylor was appointed Chairman and H. W. Waddell, Secretary.

On motion of D. S. Young, a committee of ten--two from each precinct, was appointed to nominate suitable candidates. The Chair appointed the following: Hebron Church--Capt. Palmer and Washington Swoope. Peaco's Mill--L. R. Waddell and A. Kinney. Folly's Mill--T. P. Eskridge and A. A. McPheeters. Bolivar--David Doom and H. P. Dickerson. Sandy Hollow--H. L. Opie and W. J. D. Bell.

On motion of Washington Swoope, D. S. Young was appointed Chairman of the committee.

E. M. Cushing was offered the following resolutions which were adopted:

Resolved 1st., That in view of the importance of having the best men selected to fill the Township offices, it is necessary to secure the election of such men, that the conservative voters should act in concert and cast a united vote.

Resolved 2nd, That this meeting regards it as indispensable to secure concert of action, that we agree in advance of the report of the committee on nominations, to abide by the nominations when made, and to work for their election regardless of personal preference or prejudice.

The committee reported the following ticket:
Supervisor--John Paris
Assessor--John M. Kinney
Collector--St. Francis C. Roberts
Road Commissioner--James Henderson
Clerk--Jos. R. Merriken
Magistrates--A. W. Harman, L. R. Waddell, and David Hinkle
Constables--Wm. S. Young, John A. Stuart, and J. T. Little
Overseer of Poor--Michael McAlear--Adopted

On motion of E. M. Cushing, the Chair appointed the following committee to attend at different precincts to urge upon all, the duty of registering, and to see that they voted:

Hebron Church--Geo. W. Swoope, Wm. Bell, and John Keller. Peaco's Mill--Arch Kinney, Capt. Fulcher and R. Henderson. Bolivar--J. Meriken, Robt. Bell and David Doom. Folly's Mill--H. P. Dickerson, R. P. McPheeters and Calvin Swink. Sandy Hollow--Jas. Bumgardner, John Opie and Lewis Harman.

On motion of Capt. Bumgardner, it was

Resolved, This meeting earnestly recommend and urge all of the voters of the Township who have neglected to register, to do so without fail on the days appointed for the revision of Registration, viz: on the --- days of May, at Bolivar; and that each member of the meeting will use all his efforts to induce the voters to register.

At the suggestion of Major Christian, the Chair requested Mr. McPheeters to see the Registrar, and get him to attend one of the days appointed for the revision of registration at Peaco's Mill, instead of Bolivar.

On motion the Spectator, Vindicator and Valley Virginian were requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting.
Jacob Baylor, Chairman.
W. H. Waddell, Secretary.

To the People of Staunton and Augusta County
(Column 03)
Summary: The citizens of Fincastle in Botetourt County appeal to the citizens of Augusta for aid after a devastating fire.
(Names in announcement: William Frazier, Robert Cowan, R. W. Burke, M. G. Harman, P. B. Hoge, Nickolas K. Trout)
[No Title]
(Column 03)
Summary: Chesley Kinney assisted by Capt. John N. Clarke, secretary, chaired a meeting in Moscow of the conservatives of North River Township to nominate candidates for local office. The following were nominated: John G. Fulton for supervisor; A. J. Deakius for clerk; John H. Stover for assessor; Elisha J. Bell for collector; J. H. Ervin for road commissioner; John C. Rusmisel for overseer of the poor; J. W. Crist, Thomas S. Hogshead and R. A. Curry for justice of the peace; Jonathan M. Shipman, Jonas Lowman, and William Hizer for constable. Samuel Paul would have received nomination for collector, but it is thought he will run for county treasurer. R. M. Byers will run independently for collector.
(Names in announcement: Chesley Kinney, Capt. John N. Clarke, John G. Fulton, A. J. Deakius, John H. Stover, Elisha J. Bell, J. H. Ervin, John C. Rusmisel, J. W. Crist, Thomas S. Hogshead, R. A. Curry, Jonathan M. Shipman, Jonas Lowman, William Hizer, Samuel Paul, R. M. Byers)
For the Virginian
(Column 04)
Summary: The citizens of Pastures Township met at Churchville to nominate committees from each voting precinct who will choose candidates for local office. The committees are listed. Buffalo Gap: Joseph B. Trimble, L. Sibert, S. H. Bell, B. Crawford, Capt. J. Hoover, David Hanger. Deerfield: W. W. Newman, Konnerly Craig, J. S. Guy, C. A. McCutchen, A. K. Clayton, D. B. Taylor. Churchville: F. F. Sterritt, S. C. Wilson, J. M. Lickliter, J. M. Huff, J. B. Quidor, J. F. Keller. Lebanon: N. Rhyan, William Lange, James Cross, Thomas Cross, William Greiner, George W. Rodgers. Craigsville: R. S. Craig, L. R. Boswell, William Armstrong, William R. Wallace, William Crawford, William Kunkle.
(Names in announcement: Joseph B. Trimble, L. Sibert, S. H. Bell, B. Crawford, Capt. J. Hoover, David Hanger, W. W. Newman, Kennerly Craig, J. S. Guy, C. A. McCutchen, A. K. Clayton, D. B. Taylor, F. F. Sterritt, S. C. Wilson, J. M. Lickliter, J. M. Huff, J. B. Quidor, J. F. Keller, N. Rhyan, William Lange, James Cross, Thomas Cross, William Greiner, George W. Rodgers, R. S. Craig, L. R. Boswell, William Armstrong, William R. Wallace, William Crawford, William Kunkle, William M. Tate, H. Hoover)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The voters of South River Township held a meeting in Waynesboro to nominate candidates for local office. Dr. F. D. Dellinger chaired the meeting and Dr. J. S. Myers served as secretary. The following were recommended: Dr. T. W. Shelton for supervisor; Hugh N. Fry for clerk; J. S. Raymond for assessor; C. R. Haines for collector; Elijah Bateman for commissioner; Phillip Killian, David W. Koiner, and John Huff for overseer of the poor; Moses Alexander, C. R. Haines, and William Grooms for constable.
(Names in announcement: Dr. F. D. Dellinger, Dr. J. S. Myers, Dr. T. W. Shelton, Hugh N. Fry, J. S. Raymond, C. R. Haines, Elijah Bateman, Phillip Killian, David W. Koiner, John Huff, Moses Alexander, C. R. Haines, William Grooms)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The precinct delegates for Riverheads Township met at Broadhead School house and nominated candidates for local office. The following were chosen: M. W. D. Hogshead for supervisor; John S. McCorkle, clerk; Thomas M. Donaho, assessor; John J. Larne, collector; Col. John D. Lilley, commissioner of roads; James E. Beard, overseer of poor; William F. Smith, William T. Rush, and A. A. Sproul, Justices of Peace; J. B. Smith, W. H. Cale, William Black, constables.
(Names in announcement: M. W. D. Hogshead, John S. McCorkle, Thomas M. Donaho, John J. Larne, Col. John D. Lilley, James E. Beard, William F. Smith, William T. Rush, A. A. Sproul, J. B. Smith, W. H. Cale, William Black, F. Humphrey, R. A. McChesney)
[No Title]
(Column 04)
Summary: The voters of South River Township write Capt. John D. Brooks and express their wish that he offer himself as a candidate to replace A. B. Cochran as representative in the House of Delegates.
(Names in announcement: Capt. John D. Brooks, A. B. Cochran)

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Siberton Steel, Iron Company
(Column 01)
Summary: This article describes the Siberton iron firm that is soon to begin operation. It discusses the new furnace, roads, and houses constructed. The paper assumes a successful enterprise.
Full Text of Article:

It is the expectation of this company to commence blasting this week. Several days ago we were taken through the furnace, and shown the large amount of machinery which is operated in smelting the ore; and we must confess our astonishment at the vast amount of work that has been done. Their fire department, with five hundred feet of gum hose is far superior to that of the City, and everything about the establishment has been arranged with strict regard to convenience. A tram road, one mile and a half in length, has been constructed from the various ore banks on the mountain, to the furnace; and a large number of houses built for the accommodation of operators. We have no hesitation in giving it as our opinion that they will turn out more metal than any other iron company in the State. There is every reason to believe that the enterprise will be perfectly successful.

Memorial Celebration
(Column 01)
Summary: This announcement for the Ladies Memorial Association outlines the events and participants of an upcoming procession in honor of the Confederate dead. Included is a sentimental tribute to the "bravest and the best."
Full Text of Article:

We have been requested by the ladies of our Memorial Association, to make known their selection of Thursday, the 9th of July, as the day for the next annual observance of appropriate ceremonies at the graves of our Confederate dead. At 9 o'clock, A.M., the procession will form, in column by twos, on Main Street, the head resting at the Town hall and facing towards the Cemetry, whither it will proceed with as little delay as possible. Music will be in attendance. The schools are invited to be present, and to join the procession.

We trust all will unite in doing honor to our departed comrades. Let it never be said that their gallant deeds are fading from our memory. The survivors owe this simple tribute to our bravest and our best. The world should see that their epitaphs are written on our hearts, if not on costly monumental stone. It is fitting, too, that with each returning spring the hands of lovely maidens from every quarter of our Southern land should strew fresh flowers on the sod that covers them. Soldiers from every State where floated the Southern cross, are gathered there in the silent brotherhood of death. But keep up such gentle homage, and the spirit of true chivalry will never perish from the land.

Peoples Ticket
(Column 01)
Summary: This piece is a listing of the candidates on the ticket supported by the paper. Included is a brief comment suggesting that their election will secure what is best for the city.
Full Text of Article:

For Mayor,
Wm. H. Gorman.
For Clerk,
Jas. E. Hanger.
For Treasurer,
Maj. J.W. Newton.
For Attorney,
Col. J.M. Skinner.
For Sergeant,
Lt. A.N. Breckenridge.
For Commissioner,
Geo. H. Hudson.

The above named gentlemen are all intelligent and deserving the support of the voters of Staunton. They have the marks of their courage in the hour of danger. Vox Populi.

Ticket for City Officers.

For Mayor
N.K. Trout,
For Clerk,
Jas. F. Patterson.
Jacob T. Parent
For Treasurer,
Jno. M. Carroll.
Commissioner of Revenue,
Geo. H. Hudson,

Wm. H. German, Wm. H.H. Lynn, J.S. Lipscomb, J.L. Timberlake, Dr. B.B. Donaghe, S.A. Houshour, Jas. H. Waters, Wm. J. Nelson, R.S. Hawkins, J.W. Alby, Jno. S. Scherer, Jr.

Town Officers.

Jno. B. Evans.
Arch S. Kinney
Commonwealth's Attorney,
S. Travers Phillips.
Heber Ker.
J.T. Parent.
Commissioner of the Revenue,
Geo. H. Hudson.

1st Ward--J.H. Blackley, H.T. Bagby, W.J. Nelson, P.B. Hoge, W.B. Kayser

2nd Ward--R.G. Bickle, J.W. Crawford, J.H. Waters, Jno. W. Alby, T.A. Bledsoe.

We believe the interest of the town will be well cared for by the election of the above ticket, which will be supported by MANY VOTERS.

Public Meeting
(Column 02)
Summary: A public meeting was held at the Court House to take some action on behalf of the sufferers of the Fincastle fire. A. H. H. Stuart chaired the meeting and W. H. H. Lynn acted as secretary. A central committee was appointed to solicit donations, and a special committee formed to take other steps aimed at relief. Central Committee: William Frazier, Robert Cowan, Col. M. G. Harman, P. B. Hoge, R. W. Burke, N. K. Trout. Special Committee: Col. B. Christian, S. Travers Phillips, W. H. Sales, Maj. B. T. Bagby, S. H. Hilb.
(Names in announcement: Col. M. G. Harman, A. H. H. Stuart, W. H. H. Lynn, William Frazier, S. Travers Phillips, Col. B. Christian, R. W. Burke, Robert Cowan, P. B. Hoge, N. K. Trout, W. H. Sales, B. T. Bagby, S. H. Hilb)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The central committee appointed the following sub-committees to raise funds for the Fincastle fire sufferers. Beverly Manor Township: C. C. Francisco, Col. A. W. Harman, Jacob Baylor, W. W. Donaghe, Jr., E. L. Edmondson. Middle River Township: William Crawford, John H. Parkins, Thornton G. Stout, Thomas J. Burke, Dr. W. W. Ewing. North River Township: J. J. Cupp, N. L. Blakemore, Thomas S. Hogshead, J. H. Plecker, Samuel Forrer. South River Township: Dr. T. W. Shelton, George A. Bruce, Maj. Absalom Koiner, James W. Patrick, B. F. Cochran. The Pastures: Col. F. F. Sterritt, Brown Allen, B. O. Ferguson, Lorenzo Sibert, John S. Guy. Riverheads: A. Blauth, M. W. D. Hogshead, John J. Larew, A. St. T. Turk, William E. Logan. City of Staunton: Robert Cowan, S. H. Hilb, William A. Burke.
(Names in announcement: C. C. Francisco, Col. A. W. Harman, Jacob Baylor, W. W. DonagheJr., E. L. Edmondson, William Crawford, John H. Parkins, Thornton G. Stout, Thomas J. Burke, Dr. W. W. Ewing, J. J. Cupp, N. L. Blakemore, Thomas S. Hogshead, J. H. Plecker, Sam T. Forrer, Dr. T. W. Shelton, George A. Bruce, Maj. Absalom Koiner, James W. Patrick, B. F. Cochran, Col. F. F. Sterritt, Brown Allen, B. O. Ferguson, Lorenzo Sibert, John S. Guy, A. Blauth, M. W. D. Hogshead, John J. Larew, A. St. T. Turk, William E. Logan, Robert Cowan, S. H. Hilb, William A. Burke)
[No Title]
(Column 02)
Summary: The special committee appointed the following to canvass the African American community for aid to the Finscastle fire sufferers: Aaron Shoveler, Staunton, 1st Ward; Frank T. Ware, Staunton, 2nd Ward; Henry Norris, Beverley Manor; Joseph Black, Middle River; Joseph Sawyers, North River; Rev. Phillip Brown, The Pastures; Rev. William Claxton, and Thomas Jefferson, South River; Alexander Bumgardner, Riverheads.
(Names in announcement: Aaron Shoveler, Frank T. Ware, Henry Norris, Joseph Black, Joseph Sawyers, Rev. Phillip Brown, Rev. William Claxton, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Bumgardner)
(Column 03)
Summary: P. F. Schmitt of Staunton and Miss Maggie S. Fitzgerald of Washington were married on May 9th by the Rev. Father McCarty.
(Names in announcement: P. F. Schmitt, Maggie S. Fitzgerald, Father McCarty)
(Column 03)
Summary: Alex A. Sharp of Tennessee and Miss Catharine L. Thompson, daughter of Dorcas B. Thompson, formerly of Augusta, were married in West Virginia on May 5th by the Rev. Dr. Young.
(Names in announcement: Alex A. Sharp, Catharine L. Thompson, Dorcas B. Thompson, Rev. Dr. Young)
(Column 03)
Summary: D. A. Ott of Augusta and Miss Sue G. Moore of Fairfield were married at Fairfield on April 28th by the Rev. Harvey Gilmore.
(Names in announcement: D. A. Ott, Sue G. Moore, Rev. Harvey Gilmore)
(Column 03)
Summary: Thomas Heyden and Miss Lizzie Deffenbaugh, daughter of Lewis Deffenbaugh, all of Augusta, were married on May 10th at St. Francis Church by the Rev. Father Weed.
(Names in announcement: Thomas Heyden, Lizzie Deffenbaugh, Lewis Deffenbaugh, Rev. Father Weed)
(Column 03)
Summary: Franklin Croson and Miss Sarah M. Drawbond, both of Augusta, were married on May 12th at the residence of the bride's father near Sherando by the Rev. John N. Lockridge.
(Names in announcement: Franklin Croson, Sarah M. Drawbond, Rev. John N. Lockridge)
(Column 03)
Summary: Elizabeth Merritt, wife of John Merritt, died at Oakland, near Greenville, Augusta County, on May 2nd. She was 78 years old.
(Names in announcement: Elizabeth Merritt, John Merritt)
(Column 03)
Summary: Mrs. Sallie C. Dunlap, wife of William Bailey Dunlap and daughter of John Brown, died at the residence of her father near Swoope's Depot on April 23rd. She was 25 years old.
(Names in announcement: Sallie C. Dunlap, William Bailey Dunlap, John Brown)
(Column 03)
Summary: Mary M. Lushbaugh, wife of Adams Lushbaugh of Staunton, died at her residence on May 12th after a severe illness. She was 67 years old.
(Names in announcement: Mary M. Lushbaugh, Adams Lushbaugh)
(Column 03)
Summary: Charles A. Dunlap died at his residence in Deerfield on May 6th "after a brief illness of a few hours of epilepsey and heart disease combined." He was 56 years old.
(Names in announcement: Charles A. Dunlap)

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