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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Virginian: August 25, 1870

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(Column 01)
Summary: The members of the A. M. E. Church are remodeling and enlarging their place of worship.
Public Meeting
(Column 01)
Summary: This article lists the several resolutions concerning Virginia's Conservative party that were resolved at a recent public meeting. Also, the article lists the recently elected officers including the County Superintendent and Ward and Township Superintendents.
(Names in announcement: Col. George Baylor, Dr. George S. Walker, Col. John B. Baldwin, Maj. J. Marshall Hanger, Col. Bolivar Christian, Col. M. G. Harman, Jacob Baylor, William F. Smith, George A. Bruce, Capt. Charles S. Grattan, J. G. Fulton, Maj. William M. Tate, William A. Burke)
Full Text of Article:

In pursuance of the call of the County Superintendent published last week, a meeting for the purpose of electing County, township and Ward Superintendents was held in the Court-house on Monday, the 22nd instant. On motion Col. Geo. Baylor was called to the Chair, and Dr. Geo. S. Walker was elected secretary.

On motion of Col. Jno. B. Baldwin, the following resolutions were adopted unanimously:

1. resolved, The Conservatives of Augusta county accept the plan of party organization recommended by the Conservative members of the Virginia Legislature, and recognize the State Central Committee appointed by them as the authorized representatives of the Conservative party of Virginia.

2. That in conformity to the plan of organization, and in pursuance of the notice published in the county newspapers this meeting will now proceed to select a Superintendent for the county, one for each Township, and one for each Ward of the town of Staunton to constitute together the county committee.

3. That the County Committee shall have the exclusive authority to call County, Township or Ward Conventions, and to prescribe in advance the mode of selecting delegates, and the scale of voting in such Convention.

On motion of Maj. J. Marshall Hanger, Col. Jno. B. Baldwin was unanimously re-elected Superintendent of the County.

The following Ward and Township Superintendents were then elected.

Staunton Ward No. 1 Col. Bolivar Christian.
Staunton Ward No. 2, Col. M.G. Harman.
Beverly Manor Township, Jacob Baylor, Esq.
Riverheads Township, Wm. F. Smith, Esq.
South River Township, Geo. A. Bruce, Esq.
Middle River Township, Capt. Chas. S. Grattan
North River Township, J.G. Fulton, Esq.
Pastures Township, Maj. Wm. M. Tate.

On motion of Wm. A. Burke, the meeting resolved to recommended that a District Convention be held in Harrisonburg on Wednesday, the 5th day of October, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Congress.

On motion, the meeting adjourned.
GEO. BAYLOR, President.
Geo. S. Walker, Secretary.

For the Virginian
(Column 01)
Summary: The friends of the Valley Railroad held a meeting in Moscow. Jacob Shreckhise served as chair and P. Herring as secretary. Committees were appointed to solicit subscriptions to the road. The meeting demanded, however, that the road be built via Bridgewater and Long Glade.
(Names in announcement: Jacob Shreckhise, P. Herring, J. W. D. Allemong, T. Shumate, Hugh Barter, William Howell, R. H. Dadley, Hiram Coffman, W. H. Rhodes, Daniel Bowman, E. J. Armstrong, Capt. J. G. Riley, Solomon Garber, Dr. J. G. Minor, Dr. J. B. Trevey, T. J. White, Sam Farrer, William Davis, Nath. Blakemore, Henry Phillips, D. N. Vanlear, R. P. Eubank, N. J. Buck, Maj. J. M. McCue, J. F. Davis, J. C. Rusmisel, A. A. Crawford, Hugh Barter, R. H. Dudley, J. G. Fulton, J. H. Ervin, Hiram Coffman, William Howell, Jacob Shreckhise, William Gambill, J. H. Plecker, C. Kinney, Thomas Hogshead, S. A. Hamrick, A. Anderson, J. Shutterly, Col. William A. Bell)
County Treasury
(Column 02)
Summary: "South River Township" writes to recommend W. H. H. Lynn for the office of County Treasury. "His practical and fine business turn gave the suggestions for many of the forms upon which the taxes of the Confederacy were collected. He possesses, in an eminent degree, all the requisites for a popular and efficient officer."
(Names in announcement: W. H. H. Lynn)

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