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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Virginian: September 8, 1870

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Nomination for Congress
(Column 01)
Summary: This article advocates the election of A.H.H. Stuart to represent Augusta County in Congress. While he had previously been elected, he was disallowed his seat because he neither could nor would take the iron-clad oath. Now, however, his political disabilities have been removed by an act of Congress, therefore, the author states that it is Stuart's duty to attempt reelection. He hopes that the Harrison Convention delegates cast their votes for Stuart, one of the few who possess the qualifications necessary to represent the District.
(Names in announcement: A. H. H. Stuart)
Full Text of Article:

As we stated last week, the choice of Congressmen is restricted to two classes, to wit. Those who can take the iron clad oath, and those whose disabilities have been removed, and who consequently, are not required to take it. There are not, in this District at least, a great many of either class who possess the other requisite qualifications to make suitable representatives in the National Legislature. We should be represented by the very best that can be selected from the few who possess the requisite qualifications.

Without any discouragement to others in other portions of the District, we think we are justified in saying that Augusta county can present in the person of one of her sons, whose disabilities have been removed, the peer, in talents, character, public service, legislative experience, and claims to popular support, of any that can be presented by any county in the District. As the reader has no doubt anticipated, we allude to Hon. A.H.H. Stuart, who was a few years ago elected, by a triumphant majority, to represent this District in Congress, but was refused admittance because he could not and would not take the iron clad oath. This would not be required of him now, as his political disabilities have been removed by act of Congress. We suppose the delegates to the Harrisonburg Convention from this county, will vote to secure the nomination of Mr. Stuart, if he be willing to accept it. [We write in ignorance of his wishes upon this subject.] He was elected, but was prevented from serving by a cause which did him honor--it was because his sentiments were in accordance with those of the great mass of citizens of the District--because he was a true exponent of the people whom he was elected to represent. The fact that he would, in truth, represent the people of this district, was the reason why he was, by Radical policy, prevented at that time from acting as their Representative. Besides his indisputable qualifications to make an able and faithful representative, the fact that he was prevented from serving, for the reason we have stated, gives him special claims to the support of the people--such as no other in the District can present.

It seems to us that it is due to themselves that the voters of the District should re elect Mr. Stuart. The right which was wrongfully denied them, they now have an opportunity to exercise, and we think it is their duty to do so. The right to be represented in Congress by the person of their choice was then denied the voters of the District. That right, if their choice be the same, cannot be denied them now. If elected, he must be admitted, and that, too, without taking the oath. This would be a victory over the body which had violated the rights of the people of the District--"a consummation devoutly to be wished."

The above is taken from the last issue "of the Staunton Spectator, and heartily endorsed by us. We hope it may be the pleasure of the Harrisonburg Convention to do themselves the honor of nominating the honorable gentleman, who possesses, in a pre-eminent degree, all the necessary qualifications, to faithfully and efficiently represent us.

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: James M. Yates will replace Mrs. Catherine Ewing as postmaster at Long Glade, Augusta County.
(Names in announcement: James M. Yates, Catherine Ewing)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: J. T. Parent, town sergeant, arrested two African American youths for allegedly stealing a gold watch from James A. Piper.
(Names in announcement: J. T. Parent, James A. Piper)
Not Quite
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports that an African American man was arrested near Hebron Church for attempting to set fire to a straw stack. "That darkey, being tired of his freedom, is hankering after a quiet home within the walls of the penitentiary."
(Column 01)
Summary: John McNut, a stonemason at Siberton, died after suffering typhoid fever and pneumonia for three or four days. He had recently taken out a $1000 life-insurance policy with St. Louis Mutual, Capt. H. H. Peck, agent. His wife will get the money. "Could a stronger argument be presented in favor of life insurance?"
(Names in announcement: John McNut, Capt. H. H. Peck)
Address by Gen. Gordon
(Column 02)
Summary: Gen. J. B. Gordon delivered an address in Staunton on Tuesday at the M. E. Church. "The object of the address was to urge the importance of supplanting the present books, (histories, geographies, etc.) written by northern men, and of course from a northern stand-point, in use in Southern schools, with school books by our own people. A Company has been formed, the books have been written, and a considerable number already sold, and all that now remains to be done, to make the enterprise a permanent success is, for Southern men to come forward, with their characteristic liberality and sagacity as business men, and subscribe to the stock of the company." Gordon will be in Staunton for a few days taking subscriptions.
(Column 02)
Summary: Benjamin T. Stogdale and Miss Mary C. Ransbottom, both of Augusta, were married near Churchville on August 31st by the Rev. J. I. Miller.
(Names in announcement: Benjamin T. Stogdale, Mary C. Ransbottom, Rev. J. I. Miller)
(Column 02)
Summary: Nannie R. Collins, daughter of Richard and Mary Collins, died in Staunton on September 5th. She was 18 years old.
(Names in announcement: Nannie R. Collins, Mary Collins)

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