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Valley of the Shadow

Valley Virginian: September 15, 1870

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Congressional Convention
(Column 01)
Summary: The members of the conservative party in the congressional district including Augusta will meet in Harrisburg on October 5th to select a candidate for congress. Each county and city will be entitled to a delegate and a vote for every 100 registered voters. John B. Baldwin and James H. Williams issued the notice.
(Names in announcement: John B. Baldwin, James H. Williams)
Interesting Correspondence
(Column 02)
Summary: This article is a reproduction of a correspondence between a group of prominent Virginians and A.H.H. Stuart. The group, writing as one voice, request that Stuart announce his candidacy as Virginia's representative. Stuart replies that if it were the wish of the majority of citizens, he would oblige. As part of his response, Stuart lists the various policies he would support including the removal of all disabilities, reform of public services, and a sound national currency.
(Names in announcement: A. H. H. Stuart, William Milnes, Joseph A. Waddell, John Paris, L. R. Waddell, D. S. Young, C. T. Cochran, Robert Cowan, William Crawford, G. K. Harper, Davis A. Kayser, M. A. Bright, W. C. Eskridge, Alex H. Sitlington, H. M. Bell, J. Wayt, A. F. Kinney, Thomas A. Bledsoe, M. Harvey Effinger, H. L. Gallagher, Robert G. Bickle, O. C. Morris, Thornton Berry, David S. Bell, William S. McChesney, P. O. Palmer, Z. D. Shafer, H. A. Glenn, John Echols, John A. Bickle, Y. M. Bickle, P. B. Hoge, William B. Kayser, William G. Sterrett, George Baylor, R. H. May, A. D. W. Reed, A. Gardner, Logan J. Maupin, D. R. Williams, Joseph W. Earman, James BumgardnerJr., James F. Patterson, J. A. Gilkeson, G. W. McClure, A. T. Gilkeson, Theo Gamble, James H. Blackley, P. N. Powell, F. M. Young, A. Hoge, William Frazier, C. W. S. Turner, C. C. Francisco, John B. Evans, B. F. Points, Thomas J. Michie, John B. English, John B. Hoge, Taylor G. Hoge, George H. Eyster, John A. Patterson, Lewis Whitmer, Thomas P. Wilson, S. Travers Phillips, D. F. Cremmer, John H. Parkins, Thomas C. Elder, James E. Taylor, E. T. Kinney, James Ker, A. M. Fauntleroy, H. H. Peck, B. A. Bagby, J. Alex Waddell, T. W. Shelton, George Harlan)
Full Text of Article:

Hon. A.H.H. Stuart

Dear Sir--Our present most estimable Representative in Congress, Hon Wm. Milnes, having announced his determination not again, under any circumstances, to be a candidate for election, and being impressed as we are, with the conviction of the great importance to the District to have its Representative in the next Congress, a gentlemen of the largest experience in public affairs, and of the most comprehensive and statesman views of the proper policy of our Government in the future, we respectfully, but earnestly, request us to announce you as a candidate for election to a seat in the next House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, subject to the decision of the District Convention proposed to be held in Harrisonburg on the 5th proximo.
We are, very respectfully,
Your obedient servants,
Jos A Waddell,
Jos W Earman,
John Paris,
Jas Bumgardner, Jr.,
L R Waddell,
James F Patterson,
D S Young, J A Gilkeson,
C T Cochran, G W McClure,
Robt Cowan, A T Gilkeson,
Wm Crawford,
Theo Gamble,
G K Harper,
James A Blackley,
Davis A Kayser,
P N Powell,
M A Bright,
F M Young,
W C Eskridge,
A Hoge,
Alex H Sitlington,
Wm Frazier,
H M Bell,
C W S Turner,
J Wayt,
C C Francisco,
A F Kinney,
John B Evans,
Thos A Bledsoe,
B F Points,
M Harvey Effinger,
Thos J Michie,
H L Gallagher,
Jno A English,
Robert G Bickle,
Jno B Hoge,
O C Morris,
Taylor G Hoge,
Thorton Berry,
Geo H Eyster,
David S Bell,
Jno A Patterson,
Wm S McChesney,
Lewis Whitmer,
P O Palmer,
Thos P Wilson,
Z D Shafer,
S Travers Phillips,
H A Glenn,
D F Cemmer,
John Echols,
Jno H Parkins,
Jno A & Y M Bickle,
Thos C Elder,
P B Hoge & Bro.,
Jas E Taylor,
Wm B Kayser,
F T Kinney,
Wm G Sterrett,
James Ker,
George Baylor,
A M Fauntleroy,
R H May,
H H Peck,
A D W Reed,
B A Bagby,
A Gardner,
J Alex Waddell,
Logan A Maupin,
T W Shelton,
D R Williams,
George Harlan,
Staunton, Sept. 12th, 1870.

Messrs. Jos. A Waddell, John Paris, Leigh R Waddell, D.S. Young, C.T. Cochran and others:

Gentleman--I have had the honor to receive your favor on the 9th instant, in which you request me to allow you to announce me as a candidate for election to a seat in the next House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, subject to the decision of the District Convention, proposed to be held in Harrisonburg, on the 5th proximo.

In reply, I beg to say, that if it shall be ascertained that your invitation is in harmony with the general wish of the people of the District, I will not feel at liberty to withhold such service as I may be able to render.

In the fall of 1865, I was elected by a District, composed in a large part, of the Counties which constitute the present District, to a seat in the House of Representatives, but was not allowed to qualify. Since that time, my political disabilities, under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, have been removed, by act of Congress, and in the event of my election now, there would be no legal obstacle to my taking my seat.

It may be proper to add that if the voters of the District should honor me with their suffrages, I should labor assiduously to accomplish the following, among other important objects:

1. The immediate removal of all disabilities, resulting from the civil war, and the restoration of harmony and fraternal fellowship between all sections of the country, which the abuses and usurpations of partisan power have hitherto tended to prevent.

A tariff for revenue, to cover the expenses of an economical administration, and to meet the just obligations of the Government, as opposed to the existing system of exorbitant protection for special monopolies, and undisguised partially for favored interests.

3. Reduction of the present odious and oppressive scale of taxation, both as applied to imports and internal revenue.

4. Rigid economy in every department of the Government, and retrenchment of expenses.

5. Reform of the public services in all its branches, civil military and naval.

6. A sound National Currency, equally distributed among the States, and protected against speculation.

7. The rights of intelligent labor against all selfish combinations to degrade and deprecate it.

8. Legislation by which the public lands will be received for actual settlers and as a resource of national credit, in opposition to the Radical policy of enormous grants to speculators and corrupt schemes of approximation for the benefit of one portion of the country at the expense of the other.

9. Aid from the Government of the U.S. in the most available form, to complete the line of Water Communication between the Chesapeake and Ohio.

10. Strict and impartial neutrality in the contests between other nations, cultivating friendship with all and entangling alliances with none.

In conclusion, Gentlemen, I pray you to accept my profound acknowledgements for the confidence which you have shown to me, and for the very flattering terms in which you have been pleased to convey your invitation.
Very respectfully,
Your ob't servant,
Alex H.H. Stuart

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[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: Maj. H. M. Bell has been appointed a proxy for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
(Names in announcement: Maj. H. M. Bell)
[No Title]
(Column 01)
Summary: The paper reports that the Shenandoah Valley Railroad was commenced near Front Royal. Lt. Gov. Mayre broke ground with the first shovel of earth. A large number of people attended.
(Column 02)
Summary: John L. Patterson and Miss Emma A. Overholt, both of Augusta, were married near Waynesboro on September 4th by the Rev. James E. Seneker.
(Names in announcement: John L. Patterson, Emma A. Overholt, Rev. James E. Seneker)
(Column 02)
Summary: John Bush died at his residence in Deerfield on September 7th. He was 87 years old.
(Names in announcement: John Bush)
(Column 02)
Summary: Augustus F. T. Myers, infant son of Samuel K. and Geraldine F. Myers, died on Christian's Creek, Augusta County, on September 4th. He was 4 months old.
(Names in announcement: Augustus F. T. Myers, Samuel K. Myers, Geraldine F. Myers)
(Column 02)
Summary: Daniel Fall died near Churchville on August 29th of an obstructed artery. He was 52 years old.
(Names in announcement: Daniel Fall)

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